Carson City & Indian Village

A Replica of a Real Wild West Town
Where the East meets the West

A major entertainment draw in the 1960's and 70's in Greene County.
It was modeled after the Wild West and featured Indians, Cowboys and hold ups!

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


                                                                      Carson City Poster                                                    Be a Deputy Sheriff for the day!                                                                                Remember your Day





Chief Iron Horse and Family in the 1960's.

Kurt Stock and Chief Iron Horse. Kurt loved the old westerns.

Carson City Postcards

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf



The Sheriff is tracking down Black Bart!


The saloon featured 3 shows daily with CanCan girls, dancing and other professional entertainers. Miss Kitty and the CanCan girls!


Billy the Kid receives his punishment at the dunking pond, results of a Court Decision.    The Indian Village at Carson City.



Carson City Brochure

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


From the collection of Mignon Matthews



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