Cemetery Records in Greene County

There is a wealth of information to be found in the old cemeteries that are located throughout Greene County. Unfortunately, time has not been very kind to many of the sites. Headstones have been vandalized, acid rain has destroyed many of the stones and others have just disappeared. In addition, many sites are marked with fieldstones, that leave no identifying information of the inhabitant of the grave.

To aid the researcher, cemeteries are listed under current Township borders. In addition, source material is identified under the Cemetery heading. Personal transcriptions in 1999 may differ markedly from those in 1932, simply because stones have been damaged or lost over time. You may wish to seek verifying data, as information on the headstones has been known to be incorrect, when compared with birth and death certificates. In addition, bear in mind that when a marker states "To the memory of", it is quite possible that the individual is not buried in that cemetery

It is estimated that there are between 300 and 400 different gravesites, varying in number from one inhabitant to many thousands in Greene County. This site will be updated frequently, so return often. 


A consort is a woman who died before her husband, leaving him a widower. 
A relict is a woman whose husband died before her, leaving her a widow. 


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