Census Records of Greene County

Censuses were taken both federally and by the State. Federal records for Greene County exist from 1800 to 1920, with the exception of 1890. The 1890 records were destroyed by fire in the national repository. The 1890 Census for Veterans records have survived as they were stored in a different building at the time of the fire. State records also exist and were often taken at the midpoint between federal censuses (years ending in "5") and are available in many locations, including the NYS Library in Albany, the NYSHA Research Library in Cooperstown, the Vedder Research Library in Coxsackie, Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, Columbia Co. and the Greene County Courthouse in Catskill.

The first Federal census for the United States was taken in 1790. At that time the inhabitants of what was to become Greene County, belonged to Albany Co or Ulster Co.

Attempts will be made to post transcriptions of censuses over time and will be posted here under the township and then by year.

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