East Kill Valley Genealogy

A Record of the Burials in Two Catskill
Mountain Graveyards

Genealogical Information from 1620 to 1964

Olive Newell Woodworth

Daughter of the American Revolution
On-Ti-Ora Chapter, Catskill, New York


 Copyright by Olive Newell Woodworth
And Hassie Fuller Lane

Greene & Ulster Printing Co., Inc., Catskill, N. Y.

 Presented here by permission of the On-Ti-Ora Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin


Many people have been of help to me in compiling this collection of genealogy and I wish to acknowledge gratefully the contributions of the following:

Mr. Charles L. Ryder, owner and publisher of the Windham Journal, for the use of old volumes of the publication for searching, and his assistants in the newspaper office for their kindness; Mrs. Lindsay B. Chalmers, Chairman of Genealogical Records, ON_TI_ORA Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Catskill, New York, for the use of genealogical records, her collection of Catskill Mountain Cemetery records, and her copy of the Centennial of the old First Congregational Church, Windham, New York, 1803-1903, as well as for her advice and assistance; Mrs. Mabel Parker Smith, Greene County Historian and receptionist at Bronck House Museum, West Coxsackie, New York, for access to the Museum’s genealogical files and for her helpful interest; Mrs. George Irish, Hensonville, New York, for the use of our grandmother’s scrapbooks and of her copy of the Genealogy of the Newcomb Family; Mr. Burdette E. Woodworth, Colonie, New York, for the use of Recollections of Deacon Lemuel Hitchcock, Jr., and Mrs. Estelle M. Woodworth, whose eighty-eight years, more than sixty of them lived in East Jewett; and excellent memory have been of invaluable aid. 

I am indebted to the following in New York State for furnishing genealogical information: Miss Christina Wessel, Catskill; Dr. Lemuel W. Woodworth, Troy; Mrs. Marvin Howard, Lexington; Mrs. Kenneth Hill, Cornwallville; Mrs. Ada Woodworth Walsh, Albany; Mr. Alanson Kirk, Beacon; Mrs. Joseph Armstrong, West Coxsackie; Mrs. Willis Dunham, Mrs. Martin Garvey, Miss Leona Chase, Hensonville; and Mrs. Harold Mallory, Mrs. Merritt Delong, and Mr. George Woodworth, East Jewett; also Mr. Floyd W. Hough, Woodstock, Virginia; Mrs. Lucius J. Woodworth, Sarasota, Florida; Mr. Charles Fagan III, Pittsburgh, Pa.; and, finally, Mrs. James L. Lane, Temple, Texas, not only for her contribution of genealogical information about the Fuller family but for the typing and retyping of the many pages of this record, arrangement of material, and her generous help in all its preparation. Without her the work could never have been completed.

                                                                                              Olive Newell Woodworth

Hensonville, New York
October, 1964.

East Kill Valley Genealogy

The people buried in the East Jewett graveyard were, with a few exceptions, residents of the Town of Jewett, New York, and nearby communities during all or part of their lives. They were the pioneers and sons and daughters of pioneers who settled in the East Kill Valley in the 1790’s and early 1800’s and whose descendants are now scattered throughout the length and breadth of our land.

The larger graveyard is at the rear of the Methodist Church, on land given for the purpose by Lemuel and Lydia Woodworth in 1835; the small, older one is in a farm field about a mile west of the church.  In this record, the arrangement of names is by the position of the gravestones, the Roman numerals designating more or less regular rows of stones, the Arabic numerals the individual graves in each row.  Names in the older cemetery have the letters O. C. and one number.

Unless otherwise indicated all places mentioned are in New York State.

 I.                    ANN, wife of JOHN S. BEACH                 d. 19 Oct 1859, aged 43 years.

She was the dau. of Christopher Drum, Town of Windham, and a sister of Eliza, d. 8 May 1882, aged 68, wife (perhaps second) of John Henson, and of George Drum. John S. Beach d. 27 Dec. 1887, aged 71, East Jewett;  Mary b. 1832; Selden b.1832, and Gilbert b. 1833 d. 1920 were children of Lauren b. in Conn. d. 22 Feb. 1875, aged 83, Hensonville, and Avis (Crocker) Beach;  grandchildren of Adnah d. 14 Apr. 1844, aged 82, a soldier of the Revolution [Jewett Cemetery] and a pioneer settler in the Town of Jewett; and descendants of John Beach who, with his brothers Thomas and Richard, came from England about 1643 and settled in New Haven, Conn.  Children of John S. and Ann (Drum) Beach were: Romaine b. 1842 who at one time lived in White Haven, Pa., later in Lynn Co., Minn., served in Civil War; (2) Harrison b. 1844 who after the death of his wife, aged 18, and child in 1875, lived out his life as a hermit in the mountains near Hensonville, d. after 1925. His wife was Ophelia Cook, dau. of Amos and Jane, sister of Ellsworth, Norris, Franklin. (3) Elbert B. b. 1845, served in Civil War, lived in Gloversville;  (4) LeGrand b. 1851, who was in Dakota Territory in 1874  d. in St. Louis, Mo., 7 Jul. 1889; (5) Selden b. 1854, who lived in New Britain, Conn.

On 21 Nov. 1861, John S. Beach m. Jane H., dau. of Samuel Atwater, Windham, who d. 7 Jun. 1895, aged 68. They had (1) Mary, who d. unm. 27 Jan.1881, aged 18; (2) Charles A., who was b. 21 Sep 1864 d. 26 Sep. 1911, m. Clara Barnum b. 7 Jun. 1859 d. 25 Feb. 1940, no children;  (3) Arthur Edwin, who m. 31 Oct 1888, Windham, Julia, dau. of  Ira and Julia (Scoville) Thompson, had dau. Florence, d unm., and Ethel, who m. Frank Keller, Windham, no children and (4) Carrie, who m. Frank Barclay of Jewett, no children.

Gilbert Beach’s children were (1) Lillie K., who m. 13 Oct 1875, Dr. Nelson Griffin b. in East Jewett; (2) Etta, who m. 15 Feb. 1881, Tremaine Bloodgood, son of Jason (See III 5), had daus, Alice, who d. unm., and  Madge, who m. Ellry A. Van Slyke, no children; (3) Georgia, who m. Dayton O. Slater (See II 4) only child, Gertrude, d. aged 2 yrs.; and (4) Nancy A., who m. George Ferris, of Hunter, moved to Springfield, Mass., where she d. about 1920. Children were Katherine, who m. Lynn Rohrbaugh, had three daus., res. Delaware, Ohio; and Seymour, res. Philadelphia, Pa., and near Camden, N. J.

I  2  Z. P. NORTHROP       d. 30 May 1887, aged 47 yrs. 10 mo.

His wife was Martha Van Valkenburgh. Children were: (1) John 1858-1941 m. 6 Oct.     1891 Mary Matthews, 1869-1911, had twins b. 1 Jul. 1892, Elizabeth, who d. unm., 1924, and Elmer who m. Mabel Merwin; Hazel, who m. Darwin Delong (See O. C. 13); and John, who d. unm; (2) Elizabeth, d. y. who m. John Winchell; (3) Evan, who m. 1893, Windham, Mary Delong, dau. of Reuben Jr. (See O. C. 12), had: Gertrude M. (I 3), Myrtle I. (I 4), Mildred who m. Harold Mallory, son of Manly and Ella (Joslin) Mallory (See II 3), and Milton, who m. Ruth Wilson of East Jewett.

I   3   GERTRUDE M. NORTHROP         b. 4 Jun. 1894, d. 2 Oct 1899

I   4   MYRTLE I. NORTHROP         b. 3 Jan. 1896, d. 31 Oct. 1899

Daus. of Evan and Mary (Delong) Northrop, d. of diphtheria.

I   5   ROBERT H. DISTIN        d. 9 Jan. 1863, aged 9 mo. 18d

  Son of Henry S. and Margaret A. (Whitney) Distin.

I  6    HENRY S. DISTIN  b. 8 Mar. 1822  d. 25 Feb. 1910

Margaret A. Whitney, his wife, b. 9 Jan. 1835  d. 28 Dec. 1898

He served in Civil War, was a brother of (1) Roxa I. (IV 5), (2) Matilda, who m. Robert Winter (X 3), d. 22 Jun. 1880; (3) Harriet (VI 2) who m. Moses Winter (VI 1); (4) Ransom b. 1811 d. 12 Oct 1896, whose wife Catherine Hermance, b. 1816, and children were: William E. b. 1835, George b. 1837, Alice B. 1839, Harriet b. 1843, Elen b. 1845, Matilda b. 1847, and John Ogden b. 1849; (5) Sylvester b. 1812, whose wife was Lucilla ________, dau. Mary b. 1847; (6) George and (7) William—all children of William who d. 1829, aged 40, and Electa (Wolcott) Distin b. 22 Aug. 1785  d. 10 May 1859, both of early Jewett families. William who d. 1829, may well have been the son of Joseph, a Revolutionary soldier who m. dau. of Amos Parker, Sr., (of Wallingford, Conn.?) and settled in Conn. After his death, his widow and children came to Jewett, NY to live. His dau. Martha married Luther Pond.

Children of Henry S. and Margaret A. (Whitney) Distin were: (1) Charles who stayed on the home farm in East Jewett for many years, then moved with his family—Ethel, Lilly, Grace, Russell, George, and others—to Conn.; (2) Frank who m. 8 Jun. 1882 Annie McKirdy, moved to New Britain, Conn., 1894; (3) Melvin who d. 12 Feb. 1885, aged 30; (4) Bertha who m. 4 Jul 1885, Lyman, son of Oliver Peck; (5) Lizzie who m. Daniel Radcliff; (6) Henry who m. 1 Jan. 1887, Satie, dau. of Chauncey and Mary (Lane) Lord of East Jewett, where he lived most of his life, had: Floyd, Leslie, Margaret, who m. Arthur, son of Herbert and Celia (Showers) Woodworth (VII 3) and adopted son of Ella and George Naylor (VII 9); and (7) Frederick who moved to Conn.

II   1   ABNER CHASE d. 25 Sep. 1850, aged 1 yr. 11 mo. 6 d.

II   2   SAPHRONA E. CHASE  d. 7 Jan. 1862, aged 16 yrs. 7 m. 5 d. 

Children of Laura Orinda, dau. of Abner and Betsey S. (Judson) Woodworth, b. 7 Apr. 1822  d. 2 Jun 1906, and Albert Chase who were m. 1 Sep 1844 in East Jewett.  Albert Chase b. 4 Jan. 1819 Jewett d. 13 Oct 1902 Hensonville, was son of Ira (Benjamin) (Death certif. says Ira, obituary Benjamin), grandson of Zephaniah, a soldier of the Revolution, early settler and storekeeper in Jewett, b. at Edgarton, Martha’s Vineyard, 14 Mar. 1748, and of Abigail (Skiff) Chase; and a descendant of Thomas, native of England, who settled in Hampton, N. H. in 1636, and m. Elizabeth Philbrick [Vedder p. 104] 

Besides Abner and Saphrona E., Laura O. and Albert Chase had: (1) Lydia who d. 31 Mar. 1880, aged 37, m. Cyrus Bloodgood, son of Jason (See III 5); (2) Emory A.  b. 31 Aug. 1854 Hensonville d. 25 Jun. 1921 Catskill who m. 30 Jun. 1885 at Lexington, Mary Elizabeth Churchill; prominent Catskill lawyer, served 24 yrs. A member of the higher courts of N.Y. State, at death was Judge of the Court of Appeals. Children were: Jessie b. 18 Jan. 1887 d. 1952 who m. 1st James Lewis Malcolm, 2d Frank P. Graves then N. Y. State Comm. of Education, no children; and Albert Woodworth who d. 13 Jun. 1962 m. Alma W. Peterson d. 1956, no children. (3) Demont L. b. 4 Mar. 1860 Hensonville d. 19 Aug 1935 Hensonville who m. 16 Nov. 1881 Windham, Josephine A. Osborn b. 23 Nov. 1860 Windham, had Leona unm., and Elbert O. b. 7 Sep. 1893 d. 10 Feb. 1941 who m. Dorothy Winchell, grand dau. of Sylvester and Harriet (Winter) Winchell (See IX 1), and had a son, Elbert O. 

Scattered information on CHASE family may be found in Bronck House Museum. 

II   3   PLYNIA MEAD, wife of AUSTIN MALLORY  1825-1898

    He was born William Austin (II 4), she was Mary Plynia, sister of Jefferson who m. 10 Apr. 1865 Ellen Distin d. 22 Sep ___ aged 78, and of Lucinda Mead whose parents were Eli and Judah (Jenkins) Mead. Children of William Austin and May Plynia Mallory were: (1) Cyrus b. 7 Nov. 1847 d. 16 Mar 1920, Jewett, who m. 20 Dec. 1868 Emma Simmons b. 28 May 1853 at Norton Hill, d. 28 Aug. 1923  dau. of William and Maria (Garrison) (b. in Holland) Simmons.  Their children were: Bertha who d. 21 Sept. 1875, aged 4 yrs. 10 mo.; Anna Janette b. 18 Jan 187? who m. 2 Nov. 1893 in Jewett, Gamelia W. Howard, 1866-1957; Manly b. 11 May 1876 d. 25 Jul. 1962 who m. 1st. Ella Joslin d. 28 Nov 1905, aged 28, and had Harold who m. Mildred Northrop (See I  2) and Irene who m. Valentine Morrow; and 2d. Grace Dunham Chatfield; Rose b. 18 Jul. 1879 who m. Alexander Coons, no children; Eugene b. 18 June 1885  d. 7 May 1944 who served as a private in U. S. Army, W. W. I.; Inez b. 18 Oct 1887 who m. Charles Phelps; Irving b. 18 Apr. 1889 who m. 7 May 1909 Maggie Persons; and Marguerite who m. Merritt Delong, grandson of Reuben (O. C. 12)

(2)    Harriet, 1848-1906, who m. James Newkirk b. 1846.

(3)    Eugene (II 5).

(4)    Monroe b. 1853.

(5)    Adeline b. 1854 who m. ____Tyler.

(6)    Julia who m. Burzilla Barber.

(7)    Lafayette who m. Minerva Crandell.


II 4   WILLIAM MALLORY  d. 20 Dec. 1861, aged 42 yrs. 8 mo. 18d.

         He was William Austin, husband of Mary Plynia Mead  (II  2).

II  5   EUGENE MALLORY,  son of William and Mary Mallory, d. 17 Feb. 1865, Aged 14 yrs. 11 mo. 25 d.

II  6   FRANKIE SMITH,  son of W. H. and J. E. Smith, d. 18 Jul. 1887, aged 5 yrs.

III  1  ABNER WOODWORTH  d. 16 Jun. 1875, aged 78 yrs.

          Betsey S. (Sophrona Elizabeth) Judson, his wife, b. 4 Jul. 1797 d. 23 Mar. 1847.

          Lemuel J.  d. 10 Jun. 1847, aged 21 yrs.

          Eliza Artman (2d. wife of Abner) d. 20 Jan. 1875, aged 73 yrs.

Abner was the eldest son of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1), his wife, Betsey S., was the dau. of Dr. Lemuel and Ruth A. (Beach) Judson (III 2). Their children, all b. in East Jewett, were: (1) Laura Orinda (See II 2); Lemuel J. (as indicated) who d. unm.; (3) Buell L. (III 5); (4) Lucius Abner b. 18 Jan. 1832 d. 20 Dec. 1915 at Hunter, who m. 1st Mar. 1883 Sarah Idella Hitchcock (III 3), 2d. Mary Ransom, 1858-1896, had dau. Ada Clair b. 29 Apr. 1894 at Hunter, who m. 30 Nov. 1918, Plainfield, N. J., William Madison Walsh and had William Madison Jr. and Mary Elizabeth; (5) Loren (III 6); and (6) Lucinda E. b. 23 Jul 1839 m. Dr. Joel Mead (see VII 6).

Abner’s 2d. wife, Eliza Artman (no children), was the dau. of John Justus Artman b. in Goodlingsburg, Germany, d. 12 Feb. 1838, in Jewett, who came to America with Burgoyne’s troops, was captured by Indians and forced to run the gauntlet.  He escaped without injury, later enlisted in the American service where he remained till the war closed.  In 1782 he m. Elizabeth Perry d. 1796, of Dutchess Co., and shortly afterward came into the Catskills and settled in Jewett.   Second wife Irving Gass b. 13 Oct. 1762 in Annon, Dumphries, Scotland, d. Dec. 1818 in Jewett, was probably the dau. of William Gass, first settler in Jewett in 1783. Sons of John Justus Artman were Lester and Justus, a Methodist minister, b. 10 Jul 1804  d. 17 Mar. 1889 m. Harriet Burgess b. 23 Aug. 1827  d. 30 Mar. 1904; son Rev. Charles Artman was at one time a member of North Western Iowa Conference. [Prattsville District Register].


          d. 28 Feb. 1867, aged 91 yrs. 5 mo. 2 d.

Dr. Lemuel Judson is probably buried here too, for he d. in East Jewett at the age of 82. He was said to have been a relative of Adoniram Judson, Baptist missionary to Burma, first to go from America into the foreign field, first to translate the Bible into Burmese.  The doctor’s family came from New Haven, Conn., settled  in Durham, later moved to the Town of Windham which then included the present Town of Jewett. Children of Ruth and Lemuel Judson were: (1) Clarissa who m. Albert Parsons; (2) Beach who m. Polly Shufelt; (3) Anna M. (VII 2); and (4) Julia who m. 6 Mar. 1839 Daniel Williams, lived in Elkhorn, Wisc., had children Elbert J., who lived in Stockton, Kansas; Laura A. (Mrs. I. E. Weaver) who lived in Tibbets (Wisc.?); Daniel J. who lived in Lauderdale (Wisc.?) ; and Chester B.

III  3  DELL S. (Sarah Idella Hitchcock) wife of LUCIUS A. WOODWORTH

         b. 15 May 1847  d. 1 Nov. 1884.

Previously m. to Joseph Northrup who d. 1874, sister of Charlotte E. Hitchcock, wife of Lemuel Hiram Woodworth  (See IV 4). Her great-grandfather, Lemuel d. 16 May 1862, aged 75, son of Jason and Lydia (Cook) Hitchcock, emigrated with his family of eight from Cheshire, Conn. to Durham, N. Y.  He had served as first lieutenant for seven years during the Revolutionary War, was paid in Continental money which left him a poor man. For some years after the Government made regular discharged soldiers pensioners, he received a pension; but after he had paid for his farm and felt himself able to feed and clothe his family without help, he signed off his pension rights because “his beloved country was in debt and in need of all her income.”  He later moved his family over the mountain to Big Hollow (now Maplecrest) so that he might bring up his children “in the wilderness, apart from Sabbath breakers with loose habits and principles.”

     For Lucius A. Woodworth see (III 1).


            d. 22 Jul 1875, aged 2 yrs. 3 mo. 4 d.

  III   5   BUELL WOODWORTH   b. 29 Jan. 1831 d. 18 May 1899, aged 69

             Phoebe M. Newcomb, his wife, b. 27 Aug. 1833, d. 18 Dec. 1915

 Son of Abner (III 1) b. 13 Mr. 1830, East Jewett, christened Leander Buel m. 8 Dec. 1859 Phoebe M. Newcomb, Hensonville. Her mother was Catherine, dau. of Stephen and Betsey (Boomhourd) Jones b. at Durham 1 Apr. 1817 d. 29 Mar 1844 who m. 22 Sep. 1832, Austin C. Newcomb (descended from Abner, Joseph, Thomas, Hezekiah, Simon, Andrew, Andrew) b. in Tolland Conn., 6 Nov. 1808. Her great-grandfather, Capt. Asahel Jones b. in Hackettstown, N. J. in 1753, was a soldier of the Revolution and commanded N. J. troops [Beers Hist. p. 268], settled in Durham in 1788.  Her Newcomb ancestor, Hezekiah, b. in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., 1693-4, moved to Lebanon, Conn., where he m. 14 Nov. 1716 Jerusha Bradford, great-grand dau. of William Bradford of the Mayflower and Governor of Plymouth Colony for many years [Newcomb Gen.].

 Children of Buell and Phoebe Woodworth were: (1) Frank Newcomb b. 18 Jun. 1865 d. 20 Aug. 1932 in East Jewett, who m. 23 Oct. 1887, in Jewett, Minnie Frances Peck, dau. of Dorlon A., son of Philander and Caroline  (Rowley) Peck, and Julia Elizabeth (Newell) Peck.  Julia Elizabeth Newell b. 28 Mar. 1840 m. 25 Oct 1864, was dau. of Andrus b. 14 Mar. 1798, and Julia (Bushnell) Newell of Westbrook, Conn., and grand dau. of John Newell b. 15 Jan. 1753, in Southington, Conn. who m. 23 Feb. 1775, Sybil Andrus b. 13 Aug 1755 d. 5 Dec. 1833. John Newell was a soldier of the Revolution at three different periods and was with Gen. Gates at the surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at Ticonderoga.  He was the first militia captain of the Town, signed a petition with other inhabitants of Southington, Conn., showing formation of a military company [Newell Gen.]. [Established for D. A. R. membership].  Frank and Minnie Woodworth had daus. Laura Elizabeth b. 14 Aug. 1890  d. 22 Mar. 1955, New York City, and Olive Newell b. 28 Sep. 1896, both unm.  On 1 Feb. 1919, Frank N. m. Estella M. Woodworth dau. of Lemuel Hiram (See IV 4).


 (2) Kate b. 13 Dec. 1866  d. 23 Apr. 1935 who m. 29 Jun. 1887, in East Jewett, Isaac L. Bloodgood b. 20 May 1855 in Jewett d. 28 Sep. 1938, Hensonville, son of Jason and Lucinda (Coe) Bloodgood. Lucinda Coe was the dau. of Justus Coe, pioneer settler in Jewett, and grand dau. of Oliver Coe, b. 3 Sep. 1738, Torrington, Conn. who m. Mary Azard b. 7 Oct. 1761. Oliver Coe was a soldier of the Revolution [Established for D. A. R. membership] serving in Capt. Sedgwick’s Company, Col. Hinman’s Regt., in Gen. Montgomery’s expedition against Quebec. On his way home he was taken ill with camp fever and d. 31 Dec. 1775 at Winchester, Conn., leaving his widow with 6 children: Abner b. 12 Apr. 1763 who m. Mary Ledyard; Oliver b. 7 Nov. 1764 who m. Sarah Marshall; Mary  b. 2 Sep. 1766 d. 13 Sep 1766; Justus b. 1. Sep. 1767 who m. Ruth Bailey; Mary  b. Dec 1769 who m. Abraham_____, M. D.; Job b. 22 Apr. 1772 who m. Lois Richard ; and James  b. 5 May 1774 who m. Anna Beach.

(3) Laura C. (III  4);

(4) Abner Buell  b. 10 Mar. 1879 who m. 21 Oct. 1909 at Jewett Hazel Dell Beers  b. 22 Aug. 1881, d. 16 Jun 1967, dau. of Julian and Florence (dau. of Ezra, grand dau. of Jesse Barker) Beers.  Dau. Doris Mae b. 25 Jul. 1916 m. 22 Jun. 1940, at Hensonville, Herbert Hitchcock b. 12 May 1914  d. 18 Apr. 1963, son of Alfred Dwight and Margaret (McGlashen) Hitchcock and descendant of Lemuel Hitchcock (See III 3), had Joann Margaret, graduate of Oswego State College, and Dwight; and Buell Leander b. 28 Sep. 1919 who m. 7 Apr. 1946 at Hingham, Mass., Mae Richards and had Ronald Buell and Wayne.

III   6    LOREN E. WOODWORTH   3 Oct. 1834 - 9 Aug. 1885

Son of Abner (III 1) m. 10 Nov. 1863, Hensonville, Eleanor Dederick d. 6 Apr. 1895, Sherman Texas.

III   7   GARDA ZOE FARKASCH  1875 – 1931

Born in Austria, she came to America with her family as a young girl, lived and worked in New York City.  About 1896 she spent a vacation at David Woodworth’s (VI 4) in East Jewett, fell in love with the valley and its people, and for the rest of her life came back often to visit.  When she died in an automobile accident, her family thought it fitting she be buried in the community she had loved so well.  Unmarried.  She had a bro., Oscar, who had a son, Maurice; a sister, Martha, who m. Carl Taylor 15 Jan. 1923 and lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and a sister, Erica.

IV   1  LEMUEL WOODWORTH  b. 1773  d. 1845 (birth date on stone incorrect - should read 1772 d. 14 May 1845)

     Lydia Winter, his wife,  b. 1773  d. 1845. (She was born 30 Oct 1773, d. 16 Oct. 1845)

“They were lovely and pleasant in this life and in their death they were not divided.”

(On the stone placed by their grand dau., Emma (Woodworth) Winser, after the original one was broken.)

They were married 11 Feb 1795.

Born in Lebanon, Conn., he was the son of Lemuel b. 25 Jun. 1735, Lebanon, Conn., d. 15 Aug. 1804 Fenner, Madison Co., who m. 10 Oct. 1757 at Lebanon, Elizabeth Hunt   d. 29 Nov. 1794  dau. of Thomas and Mary (Smith) Hunt of Norwich, Conn., and descended from Joseph, Joseph, Joseph and Walter who came from Kent Co., England, about 1633 and settled in Scituate, Mass. For the Lineage of Elizabeth Hunt see Wyman's "The Hunt Family"


In 1806 Lemuel and Lydia, with her bro. and his sister, Matthew, b. 25 May 1801, d. 2 Sept. 1816, and Anna (Woodworth) Winter (O. C. 1, 2) and their families, came from Scott’s Patent, in Schoharie Co. or nearby in Albany Co. and settled in East Jewett, then called East Kill, where they remained for the rest of their lives.  Their children were: (1) Hannah (See O. C. 6); (2) Matthew who d. 1816;  (3) Abner (III 1); (4) Lydia (IV 3); (5) David (See O. C. 4); (6) Alanson (VII 3); (7) Nancy (See O. C. 6); (8) Hiram W. (IV 4); (9) Lemuel (VI 1); and (10) Sallie (V 4). 

IV   2  OLIVER T. FULLER  d. 3 Jun. 1852, aged 62

      “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” 


       b. 1799 prob. Schoharie Co. d. 4 Jul. 1882, Pittsfield, Mass. Aged 82 yrs. 9 mos. 11da.

There is no stone but no doubt she is buried by the side of her husband, Oliver T. Fuller, as her death certificate states that burial was in East Jewett, N. Y.

Oliver T. Fuller and Lydia Woodworth were m. 31 Dec. 1819 at Hunter (Now East Jewett).  At present nothing is known of his antecedents although considerable checking has been done in Conn. as death certificates of several of his daughters indicate that he was born in Conn. One in particular pinpointed Salisbury, Conn., and a check there shows the birth of an Olive Fuller b. there 10 Oct 1786 to Eleazer and Hannah (Larribee) Fuller of the line of Amos, Benjamin and Robert Fuller of Salem, Mass.  So far, there is no proof that this is the Oliver T. Fuller who first appeared in Greene Co., N. Y. in the 1820 census, and died there in 1852.  Some time after that Lydia (Woodworth) Fuller and her minor children moved to Pittsfield, Mass. Oliver T. and Lydia  (Woodworth) Fuller had: (1) Sarah Eliza  b. 1821 (1850 census –29)  d. unm. 12 Mar. 1884 Pittsfield, Mass., and is buried at Canaan, Columbia C., N. Y.;  (2) Juliette b. 1822  (1850 census-28) m. Joshua Dakin who was b. at Austerlitz.  They had at least two ch.; Otis R. Dakin b. 1854 at Austerlitz d. 26 Feb. 1898 at Pittsfield, Mass., and is buried there; Florence L. Dakin b. 1858 at Austerlitz d. 8 May 1877 at Pittsfield, Mass. and buried at Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y.; (2) Lydia Ann b. 13 Feb. 1824  d. 10 Dec. 1896, Cairo, m. 14 Nov. 1844 Frederick L. Schermerhorn  b. 16 Nov. 1816  d. 30 Nov 1892 s. of John and Sally (Barringer) Schermerhorn.  Frederick L. and Lydia Ann (Fuller) Schermerhorn had: Sarah Adelia b. 1846 Cairo, d. unm.; Oliver T.  b. 1849, Cairo, m. 23 Dec. 1871 Adeline Webber b. 1852 dau. of William Webber of Coxsackie, and had: Maggie V. C.  b. 1877, Estella Pearl b. 1879 m. 1st 8 Nov 1899 Geo. Olmsted by whom she had  s. Richard, 2d. Geo. B. Austin; Mary D. b. 1863 who m. Henry Duncan 29 Dec. 1887 and they had: Geo. L., Harlan P., Van Cott b. 1898 d. 12 Jan. 1963 m. Helen Mercier, Helena, who m. Alexander Wiltse, Sr. May D. Schermerhorn was an adopted niece.

(4)   Daniel William Fuller b. 5 Mar. 1830 at Hunter (1850 census-20) m. 16 Dec. 1852, East Kill, Catharine Marcia Gray  b. 11 Apr. 1832 Tannersville  dau. of Ezra B. and Percy (Richards) Chaffee Gray (widow of Geo. L. Chaffee) of Clarksfield, Ohio, formerly of Tannersville. Their two oldest children were born in N. Y., perhaps in Sullivan County as they were said to have been with her sister, Mrs. Simpson, in Mongaup Valley, after which


they next appeared in the 1860 census at Ocquawka, Henderson Co., Ill. Daniel William Fuller was in the Civil War, enlisting on 24 May 1861 and was in Co. F, 16th Inft. Regt. Ill. Volunteers.  He received a medical discharge on 26 Mar. 1863 at St. Louis, Mo. Apparently this family was in Aledo, Mercer Co., Ill., through 1869 as their last child was born there.  They were in DeWitt, Arkansas Co., Arkansas, in 1876, at Taylor, Williamson Co., Texas in 1892, and at Tichnor, Ark., where he d. 15 May 1893 and is buried in Malcomb Cemetery there.  His widow. Catharine Marcia (Gray) Fuller d. 9 Nov. 1907 at San Angelo, Texas, and is buried in Malcomb Cemetery, Tichnor, Ark. They had: 

Ezra Burch  b. 16 Jan. 1854 in N. Y. m. Ada Stites 16 Jul 1876, and he d. 20 Dec. 1924 at Seymour, Texas.

Lillian Adell b. 25 Dec. 1855 in N. Y.  m. James Tunis Stites, and d. 11 Jul. 1931 at San Angelo, Texas.

Frank Emerson b. 12 Apr. 1858 in Iowa (1860 Illinois census) m. Margaret Caroline Howell  18 Oct. 1885, Travis Co., Texas.  They had: George Edwin b. 1 Nov. 1886 at Gillett, Ark.  d. 13 May 1960 at Floydada, Texas, buried Ralls Cemetery, Ralls, Texas, m. Lena Leona Calhoun at Holland (Hackberry), Texas, on 29 Nov. 1906, and they had:

Charles Edwin b. 6 Sep 1907 at Prairie Dell, Texas, m. Ada Loraine Blohm;

Hassie Olivia b. 6 Jul 1909 at Holland, Texas, m. 25 Dec. 1929 at Marlin, Texas, James Lavelle Lane, and they had: Kathryn Olivia b. 18 Nov. 1942  d. 19 Nov 1942, Temple, Texas; Mary Louise Lane b. 26 Jul. 1944, Temple, Texas, m. John Allen Roop of Peru, Indiana, 3 Aug. 1962 at Temple Texas, and they had Marie Kathryn b. 16 Apr. 1963 at Temple, Texas; James Lavelle Lane, Jr. b. 24 Jun. 1946 at Temple, Texas.

Lena Lois Fuller b. 28 Mar. 1911 at Belton, Texas, m. Arthur Wilson Younts;

Georgia Christine Fuller b. 19 Jan. 1914  m. Olan Ray Poteet;

Margaret Ophelia Fuller b. 5 Apr. 1919  at Salado, Texas, m. Silas Tom Wheeler.

Doris Nell Fuller b. 29 Nov. 1922 at Temple, Texas,   m. 1st Charles Wiseman, 2d Byron Bill Galloway.

Mildred Iona Fuller   b. 11 Jul. 1924, at Temple, Texas,   m. 1st Scott Oats, 2d Clyde N. Foster.

Frank Emerson  b. 27 Apr. 1888  at Bastrop, Texas,  d. 12 Aug. 1934  m. Millie Melvina Moore;

Jesse Croom  b. 20 Jan. 1890 at Bastrop, Texas,  d. 4 Sep. 1964,  m. Ora Pueblo Towzen;

Gertrude (Gertie)  b. 19 Feb. 1892  d 1957 m. Bud Haney;

John O.  b. 13 May 1894 at Holland, Texas, m. Mattie Mira Isbell;

Lillie Mae  b. 27 Jul 1897  m. Jackson Lee (Jack) Moore; 

Will D.  b. 22 Jul. 1899  m. 1st Cora Alice Hall, 2d Mrs. Avis Boatright;

Claude E.  b. 4 Oct 1901  d. 11 Jun.  1960 m. Zelma Holcomb;

Margaret Bell (Maggie) b. 11 Apr. 1903 m. Jesse Don Whitehurst;

Ura Edwin   b. 30 Oct. 1905  m. Mattie Theo Blanton;

Dollie b. 20 Nov. 1907  d. y.;

Christine  b. 18 Nov 1910  d. y.;

Jimmie Arthur b. 26 Sep. 1911 m. Irene Hughie Gordon.


Daniel William Fuller (4) children con’td: Daniel William b. 27 Mar. 1860 in Illinois (1860 Illinois census) m. Minerva Alice Howell. He d. 9 Dec. 1920 at Austin, Texas, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery there;

Ida May Fuller  b. 21 Mar. 1864  m. 1 Jan 1886 Charley Barney Wheeler of Arkansas. She d. 13 Sep. 1934, and is buried in Malcomb Cemetery, Tichnor, Arkansas.

Charles Ellsworth  b. 31 Oct. 1866  m. Martha Ann Landon on 26 Nov. 1890.  He d. 10 Dec. 1919, and is buried at Oakland Cemetery at DeValls Bluff, Ark.;

George Edgar  b. 10 Mar. 1869  m. Alice Esperen Moore Sep. 1891. He d. 4 Mar. 1959 at San Antonio, Texas, and is buried at Waxachachie, Texas.

(5)        Mary W. Fuller  b. 1833  (1850 census-17)  m. E. A. Beach  28 Feb. 1858 of Taylor’s Falls, Minn.,  (formerly of Jewett)  at Pittsfield, Mass. By Rev. A. R. Robertson;

  (6)        Malissa C. Fuller  b. 1838 (1850 census-12)  m. 13 Feb. 1859  Geo. B. Lea of Pittsfield,
           Mass.  by Rev. Mr. Starks;

  (7)        Catharine R.  b. 1841 (1850 census-9)  m. 23 Oct. 1861 Geo. L. Beebe of Pittsfield, Mass.
           by Rev. Mr. Yates.  She spent her married life in Red Rock, Dutchess Co., N. Y.  Had
           two sons: Arthur M. and Charles.  Charles married and had two sons, one named
           Richard.  She d. 3 Nov. 1925 at Pittsfield, Mass.  and is buried at Canaan, Columbia Co.,
           N. Y.

(8)        Rosalie (Alice) b. 1844 (1850 census-6) d. unm.  21 May 1919 at Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. and is buried there.

IV  4   HIRAM W. WOODWORTH  b. 13 Jan. 1811 and d. 12 Jun. 1858

IV  5   ROXA I. DISTIN,  wife of Hiram W. Woodworth

            b. 7 Aug. 1818  d. 13 Dec. 1898

Hiram W., son of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1) m. Roxa Ives Distin 18 Oct. 1836 (See I 6 for Distin).  Their children, all b. in East Jewett, were: (1) William Sylvester b. 25 Jan. 1839. During Civil War he served in Co. I, 80th Regt. of N.Y. Volunteers, 20th N. Y. S. M. from 1 Oct. 1861 until 17 Mar. 1862, when he was discharged at Upton’s Hill, Va., for disability.  On 13 Feb. 1867, at Lexington, he m. Adaline Moore b. 1846  d. 1912, d. at Cornwallville Jan. 1921. Their children were: Hiram Samuel b. 17 Apr. 1869, Lexington, d. 1 Jul. 1954, Hensonville, who m. 1st Maude Mabel Jennings d. 11 Jun. 1899, no children, and 2d. at Long Branch, N. J. 19 Oct 1902, Louise Mary Bock  b. 14 Jun. 1874, Kiel, Germany. Their children were: Milton Bock who m. Hannah Ruth Wheat and had: Alta May who m. Dabney N. Miller, and William who m. Dorothy A. Ward; and Buelah Amelia who m. 1st. George William Borthwick and had William Woodworth and triplet sons, Calvin, John and Sidney, and 2d. Kenneth Raymond Hill.

William Sylvester and Adaline’s daughter, Louisa, was b. 31 Mar. 1872, Greenville, d. 30 Aug. 1935 Schenectady, m. 17 Oct 1897 at Sunside, Adelbert Utter  b. 17 Jul. 1864, Acra, d. 25 Aug. 1928, Schenectady, and had son, Maurice, who m. Mary E. Moynihan.

    (2) Sallie E. (IV 6) 

    (3) Frederick  Traver b. 22 Jul. 1844 d. in Freehold, who m. Louisa Niehart and had Walter
         b. about 1890 who probably remained unm., and Clara who m. Eric Henderson, lived in
         Seattle, Washington.


     (4)   Harriet Adeline  b. 5 Nov. 1847  d. June 1927, Lexington, who m. 29 Jan. 1868 at
            Windham, John Addison DuBois   b. 1844  d. 1905 son of Henry  d. 18 Apr. 1883, aged
            76, and Mary, brother of Lydia d. unm., Ellen, b. 1843 (See XI 9), and Delia, b. 1848 and
            William G.  d. 4 Nov. 1889, aged 58, who m. 18 Feb. 1873, at Hensonville, Chloe
            Bloodgood, dau. of Jason (See III 5).  Lydia b. 18 Nov. 1874, dau. of Harriet and John
            Addison DuBois  m. William Nelson Haines b. 6 Sep. 1881, Haines Falls  d. 25 May
            1951, Lexington, and had Stewart Addison who m. Vera Catherine Wentworth b. 1 Jun.
            1900 d. 19 June 1956, and had Florence Luella who m. Marvin Benson Howard, 
Leonard Charles who m. Maria C. Marsh, Edward William, and Robert Stewart who m.
            Roberta Beers; and Esther Lucy who m. Raymond A. Place and had dau. Ellen Marie.

      (5)  Lemuel Hiram  b. 11 Oct. 1849  d. 7 May 1932, East Jewett, who m. 15 Nov. 1871, at
            Maplecrest (then Big Hollow) Charlotte Estelle Hitchcock  b. 25 May 1849, Maplecrest,
            d. 11 Oct 1923, East Jewett, and had Joseph Nathan (IV 7), Estella M. b. 18 Feb. 1876,
            Medusa, who m. Frank N. Woodworth (See III 5); and Raymond Winser b. 10 Jul. 1881,
            East Jewett,  d. 6 Jul. 1955, Newburgh, who m. 19 Oct. 1911, East Jewett, Hazel
            Hidecker b. 17 Nov. 1887, Windham, had dau. Thelma b. in East Jewett who m. George
            Terry, res. Newburgh.

      (6) Isadora  Letitia  b. 6 Aug. 1856  d. 13 Mar. 1929, New Baltimore, who m. Stewart Hough
            b. 29 May 1852, Maplecrest, d. 2 May 1910, Durham, son of Horatio H.,  1815-1889, and
            Lois (Haines) Hough, 1822-1853, Grandson of Theron  d. 28 Sep. 1858, aged 89 yrs. 7
            mos. 15 d., and Tryphena Hough d. 23 Jun. 1836, aged 64 [Maplecrest Cemetery]. Their
            children were: Nelson B.  b. 19 Nov 1887, East Jewett, d. 20 Mar. 1910, Albuquerque,
            New Mexico, who m. Linda Serring, no children; Elmer Stewart  b. 2 Sep 1880,
            Durham,  d. 24 Jan. 1964, Hensonville, who m. 5 Nov. 1905, Mabel Barnes (an adopted
            dau. Virginia m. Douglas Delong, son of Merritt (See O. C. 12); Ethel b. 1886, Durham,
            d. Cornwallville, who m. Alexander Parks; Helena b. 24 Oct. 1893, Durham, who m. 4
             Jul. 1917 Joseph Armstrong  b. 12 Apr. 1893, Durham, and had: Clifford F., Lester
            Stewart, Eleanor Ruth, and Madelyn Lois; and Floyd Woodworth  b. 20 Jun. 1898,
            Durham, who m. 2 Jan. 1926 at Lompac, Calif., Beatrice Julia Stillman and had: Marilyn
            Ella, Floyd Woodworth, Jr., and Marjoire Dora. 

IV   6   SALLIE E. WOODWORTH, wife of

          William Smith, d. 5 Jan. 1870, aged 29 yrs. 5 mo.

Eldest dau. of Hiram W. and Roxa I. (Distin) Woodworth, attended Fergusonville Academy, Delaware Co.  After death of her husband 6 Nov. 1868, Richmondville, she returned to her parents’ home and taught school in Tannersville, riding back and forth daily on her horse.  Only ch.  d.

IV  7   JOSEPH N. WOODWORTH  b. 20 Jan. 1874  d. 25 Jan. 1957

         Grace Fox, his wife, b. 20 Aug. 1873  d. 1 Jan. 1952 

They were married 1 Nov. 1899.

The son of Lemuel Hiram and Charlotte Estelle (Hitchcock) Woodworth (See IV 5) who m. Grace Fox  Nov. 1878, Saugerties. Both d. in East Jewett. Children, b. in East Jewett, were:  Lemuel William who m. Maude Elizabeth Duryea, Freeport; Burdette Earle who m. Gladys Cole, Windham; and Marjorie who m. Garry Speenburgh, East Jewett.


V  1  LEMUEL WOODWORTH  d. 15 Mar. 1873, aged 58 yrs. 1 mo. 27 d. 

      Lucilla Beach, his wife,  d. 26 May 1888, aged 71 yrs. 8 mo. 18d.

Their family bible from which additional Woodworth data came, listed a son George L., who grew up and had many descendants, all now recorded. 

Youngest son of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1), he moved to New York in 1852, but  d. in East Jewett at the home of his sister, Sallie Slater.  His wife, Lucilla, was the grand dau. of John Beach (XII 11). Their only child to grow up was Emma who m. John Winser, lived in Jersey City, New Jersey, had: Margaret E. who m. 5 Mar. 1884 Charles Kissam Innes; Raymond who d. aged about 17 yrs.; Ferdidand, and J. Harry, Jr. who d 10 Apr. 1894, Jersey City, in his 20th yr.

V   2   JOHN B.,  son of LEMUEL and LUCILLA WOODWORTH (V 1)

    drowned 7 Apr. 1846, aged 2 yrs. 8 mo. 


    d. 13 Sep. 1848, aged 1 yr. 7 mo. 

V  4   HUGH SLATER   d. 5 Sep. 1883, aged 71 yrs. 6 mo. 11d.

    Sally Woodworth, his wife,  d. 27 Jun. 1888, aged 71 yrs. 1 mo. 8 d. 

He was the son of Elihu, b. in Conn., who came to Cairo as a pioneer, and Sally (Beach) Slater. His wife, Sallie, was the dau. of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1). Their children were:  (1) David (V 10);

   (2) Mary  b. 7 May 1843, East Jewett,  d. 18 Oct. 1911, Cairo, who m. 1862 Henry B. Whitcomb b. Jewett d. 28 Apr. 1917, Cairo, and had Elma Elnora b. 10 Nov. 1865, Cairo, d. 11 Nov. 1959, Catskill, who m. 8 Jun. 1893, Cairo, J. Henry Wessel b. 6 Sep. 1869, Germany, d. Sep. 1951, Hudson, had Elwin and Christina; Elmer Ellsworth b. 10 Nov. 1865, Cairo, d. 18 Jan. 1945, Catskill, who m. Jennie Byington b. 30 Dec ____, Cairo, and d. 5 Sep. 1944, Catskill, and had: Roland B.  b. 18 Oct. 1893 who m. Lucilla Glendron, Floyd L. b. 14 Jul. 1895, who m. Ruth Carpenter, Maude Elizabeth b. 1 May 1898 who m. Harry J. DuBois, and Harry B., unm.; Mary Ervilla b. 16 Jul. 1870, Cairo, d. 10 Apr. 1951, Catskill, who m. 10 Dec. 1894, Cairo, Frederick W. Plank, no children; Edward Burdette  b. 16 Oct. 1878, Cairo, who m. 1 Dec.1909 Ethel M. Longman  b. 21 Sept. 1884, Brooklyn, had: A. Madeleine, Ruth E. and E. Merton.

(3)    Lydia b. 1847, East Jewett, d. 16 Dec. 1926, Windham, who m. Anson R. Mott  b.     1840 Mariner’s Harbor, Richmond Co., d. 29 Jul 1924, Windham, only child, Lemuel E.,  d.  unm., 30 Aug. 1897, aged 24 yrs. 

(4)    Jonathan (V 5). 

(5)    Dayton O. b. 1863  d. 1922  who m. 3 Oct. 1883, Jewett, Georgia Beach  d. 1927, Hunter, dau. of Gilbert (See I 1), only child died.


      d. 26 Jun. 1863, aged 12 yrs. 1 mo. 26 d.

V  6  JULIA E. dau. of DAVID T. and ELIZABETH SLATER (V 10)

     b. 9 Sep. 1870  d. 22 Oct. 1870


     d. 7 Apr. 1870, aged 8 yrs. 5 mo. 15d.

 V 8   MAMIE, dau. of DAVID T. and ELIZABETH SLATER (V 10)

     b. 20 Dec. 1872   d. 7 Mar. 1874



    d. 2 Feb. 1879, aged 1 yr. 5 mo. 15 d.

V  10  DAVID T. SLATER   1839-1924

           Elizabeth H. Winter, his wife  1844-1918

They were m. 18 Oct. 1864 at East Jewett.  He was the son of Hugh and Sallie Slater (V 4), she the dau. of Harrison (XII 2) and Julia H. (Atwater) Winter (VI 3).  Children other than aforementioned were Jonathan, a minister, who d. 22 Sep. 1898, aged 35, m. Laura Sherer; Lillian (V 12); Dayton, who m. Letta Bloodgood, Hensonville, dau. of Levi, grand dau. of Jason (See III 5); and Eva (V 11).

V 11  EVA SLATER  b. 2 Jul. 1886  d. 11 Feb. 1961

V  12  THOMAS S. JOHNSON  1859-1933

           Lillian Slater, his wife 1875-1950

           Walter F. C. Hahn  1868-1951

       Second Husband Walter F. C. Hahn  b. in Germany.

VI 1  MOSES WINTER  d. 28 Jan. 1874, aged 61 yrs. 1 mo. 21 d.

      Son of Matthew and Anna (Woodworth) Winter (O. C. 2, 3).


       d. 18 Mar. 1837 aged 32 yrs. 10 m. 5 d.

Sister of Henry (I 6), Roxa (IV 5) and others. Children, all b. in Jewett, were:  (1) Mary E.  (VI 4).

(2)  Luduskia who m. 1st 1865 William Schermerhorn, had sons, Charles, James and Frederick; 2d. _____ Eggleston, had son Myron, lived in Hunter.   

(3)  Matilda  b. 11 Aug. 1837  d. 29 Nov. 1896, who m. Dr. William H. Mead (See VII 6);

(4)  Henry b. 28 Sep. 1845 who m. Carrie Smith, had sons Edward and Burdette, moved to Texas, and the sons possibly to California;

(5)  Harriet (Henry’s twin) b. 28 Sep. 1845  d. 7 Mar. 1905, who m. George Van Valkenburgh, had Cyrus, George and Nina.


      d. 3 Feb. 1899, aged 77 yrs. 10 mo. 3 d.

Their dau., Lillian, m. Omar Smith, no children. Julia H. was dau. of Samuel Atwater of Windham and widow of Harrison Winter (VII 2).

VI 4   DAVID E. WOODWORTH  b. 14 Jun. 1833  d. 2 Nov. 1905

        Mary E. Winter, his wife, 21 Jun. 1833 – 1 Jan. 1915

He was the son of Alanson and Anna Judson Woodworth (VII 2, 3), she the dau. of Moses and Harriet Winter (VI 1, 2). Besides the four children named below, all b. in East Jewett, there was a dau. Densie, who m. 13 Feb. 1889, George A. Lockwood, son of Milo (III 13), and son of Moses (VI 8).

VI  5  Infant son of DAVID and MARY WOODWORTH


         d. 10 Jan 1868, aged 9 mo. 27 d.


V1  7   ANNA E., dau. of DAVID and MARY WOODWORTH

        d. 19 Dec. 1873, aged 1 yr. 4 mo. 27 d.


        Margaret E. Raeder  1873 – 1955

The son of David and Mary (VI 4).  Moses and Margaret were m. 21 Feb. 1894. No descendants.

VI  9   FLORENCE ELSIE, dau of MOSES AND MARGARET E. WOODWORTH (VI 8)  17 Mar. 1896 – 20 Aug. 1896

VI  10  STERLING OSBORN  1902 – 1933

         Son of  Riley Osborn, adopted son of Moses and Margaret Woodworth.


        d. 26 Mar. 1851, aged 6 yrs. 18 d.

         An adopted child.


         d. 26 Oct 1896, aged 63 yrs. 7 mo.

Dau. of Dr. Lemuel and Ruth A. (Beach) Judson  (III 2), sister of Betsey S., wife of Abner Woodworth (III  1).

VII   3  ALANSON WOODWORTH  b. 12 Oct. 1806  d. 21 Sep. 1891

Son of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth, b. in East Jewett the year his parents settled there.  Children,  all b. in East Jewett:

(1)    David E.  (VI 4);

(2)    William E.  (XI 13);

(3)    Sally, who m. Alvin Burgess, moved West, res. Minneapolis at one time;

(4)     Alanson Jr.  b. 1840  d. 1906 who m. in East Jewett, 26 Mar. 1868, Adaline Mead b. 1843  d. 13 May 1901, dau. of Stephen and  Caroline (Hosford) Mead  (VII 6), had daus. Carrie A. b. 17 Jul 1870  d. 10 Apr. 1919, East Jewett, who m. in Hunter 26 Oct. 1898 Schuyler F. Kirk  b. 28 Mar. 1868  d. 18 Feb. 1942, the son of Henry and Frances Hignell Ford Kirk, widow of Rogers Winter Ford, had a son Alanson Woodworth Kirk b. 16 Feb. 1900, Greenport, Columbia Co., who m. at Ravena, 1 Nov. 1919, Ada R. Brown (known as Garvey) b. Philadelphia, Pa.  28 Dec. 1900  d. 24 Feb 1946, East Jewett, and had Dorothy Virginia,  who m. Verlyn Robert Hill; Robert Emerson who m. Doris Cook; Meredith Schuyler who m. Sarah Jones. Grace (second dau. of Alanson and Adaline (Mead) Woodworth) b. 1878, East Jewett d. 10 May 1937 Hunter, m. Lewis Smith  d. 1936, no children.

  VII  4  CATHERINE,            wife of ALANSON WOODWORTH

           d. 14 May 1907, aged 73 yrs.

She was Catherine Boyle, orphan, parents unknown, second wife of Alanson (VII 3) whom she m. 7 Apr. 1870, Windham.  Their only child, Herbert Gay, b. 21 Jan 1871, East Jewett, d. 2 Sep. 1942, East Jewett, is buried in this plot, m. 1892, Tannersville, Celia Showers b. 5 Mar. 1872  d. 8 Oct. 1905, East Jewett, and had sons:

(1)        George William Alanson  b. 7 Sep. 1893, East Jewett, who m. 1st. Sarah Etta Ryder, no children,  2d. Esther Queene Winchell, Tannersville, and had George Franklin who m. Stella Cox; Douglas Richard who m. Erma Virginia Bowman; and Leonard Arthur, unm.


(2)        Santford Eldrew  b. 14 Sep. 1896, East Jewett  d. 31 Aug. 1960, adopted by Charles and Clara Beach (See I  1) who m. Florence Adelaide, dau. of David and Janie (Simpkins) Barnum, b. 6 Jan. 1893  d. 1 Jan. 1953, and had daus. Nettie Madeline who m. William Barker; Dorothy Elaine who m. Merrill Robinson; Henrietta Celia;  Arline Florance who m. Archie Schoonmaker.

(3)        Rodney Lewes  b. 7 Apr. 1898 Tannersville who m. Anna Merwin, Jewett, and had sons Frederick Lee who m. Ann Distin; Rodney Gerald who. m. Ruthmary Decker; and Grenville Fosdick who m. Margarita Joanne Vlahos.

(4)        Arthur Carl  b.  3 Feb. 1901, East Jewett, adopted by George and Ella Naylor  (VII 9), who m. Margaret Distin, dau. of Henry, grand dau. of Henry S. (I  6), and had dau. Barbara Ann who m. Robert Anderson.

VII  5   Alanson Mead  d. 23 Jun. 1863, aged 26 yrs.

           Son of Stephen (VII 6), d. unm. of diphtheria.

VII 6   STEPHEN MEAD  d. 27 Nov. 1877, aged 68 yrs. 2 mos. 2 d.

           Caroline Mead  d. 20 Jan. 1885, aged 69 yrs.

Both d. in East Jewett, their residence during most of their lives. In 1797 Stephen, b. in Dutchess Co., and his parents, Philip b. Dutchess Co.  d. in Cayuga Co., aged 60 (another record says he d. in East Jewett) and Hannah (Townsend) Mead came as pioneers to East Jewett, finding way by marked trees.  First wife was Elizabeth b. 1797 dau. of Matthew and Anna (Woodworth) Winter (O. C. 1, 2). Their dau., Hannah Ann, m. Joseph Woodworth, probably son of Lemuel (IV 1) and Anna’s (O. C. 2) brother of Joseph, a soldier of the Revolution b. Lebanon, Conn.  29 May 1758, and 2nd  wife Maria (Parks) Woodworth, who res. in Fenner, Madison Co., later in Napoli, Cattaraugus Co. Hannah Ann and Joseph Woodworth res. in Cattaraugus Co.

Stephen’s 2d. wife, Caroline Hosford, was dau. of Joel and Maria Hosford, Jewett, grand dau. of Gideon Hosford of Farmington, Conn. Their children, all b. in East Jewett were:

(1)       William H.  b. 6 Apr. 1833  d. 31 Jul. 1914, Windham, where he was a doctor, who m. Matilda Winter, dau. of Moses (VI 1), b. 11 Aug. 1837  d. 29 Nov. 1896, Windham, had dau. Eugenie b. 1857  d. 1928 who m. 20 Oct. 1881 Emory Addison Hill of Windham, and had Blanche who m. Albert Rusk, and William.

     (2)       Joel  b. 1838  d. 1914  in Hunter, where he was a doctor, who m. Nov. 1866, Lucinda E.
             Woodworth, dau. of Abner (III 1), b. 23 Jul 1839  d. 1922, Hunter, had daus. Edith b.
             1868 d 1952, Cairo, who m. 24 Sep. 1890, Richard A. Austin b. 1867  d. 1947, Cairo, had
             son Joel b. 1893  d. 30 Sep. 1918, Brest, France of pneumonia, a soldier in Co. E, 418th
           Tel. Bat. W. W. I., unm.; and Bertha B. 1872  d.1948 unm.

     (3)       Alanson (VII 5) and (4) Adaline, who m. Alanson Woodworth, Jr.  d. 1906  (See VII 3)

  Known brothers and sisters of Stephen Mead were:

(1)    Hulda who m. Daniel Wright res. at Villanova, Chautauqua Co.;

(2)    Jeremiah who d. at Montezuma;

(3)    Abagail who m. John Townsend, res. at Penn Yan;


(4)       Daniel d. Mentz, Cayuga Co., who m. Lydia, dau. of Matthew and Anna (Woodworth) Winter (O. C. 1, 2), had Elizabeth who m. Horace N. Winter (See XII 1, 3) Issac, and Daniel, whose children were Emegene, Carrie, Minnie, Daniel M.

(5)       Benjamin who res. in Chautauqua Co.

     (6)       Deborah who d. in Wayne Co.

     (7)       Jedediah who d. in Indiana of smallpox, and

     (8)       Isaac who d. in Elmira.

VII 7   CARRIE E., infant dau. of WM. H. and M. L. MEAD

           d. 5 Apr. 1865, aged 10 mo. 20 d.

VII  8  HATTIE J.,  dau. of DR. WM. H. and M. L. MEAD

           d. 4 Nov. 1871, aged 5 yrs. 3 mo. 21 d.

VII  9   ELLA A. NAYLOR  1874 –

            George E. Naylor  1865 – 1940

He was b. in Cairo, son of Charles and Sarah (West) Naylor, she in East Jewett, dau. of Monroe (who served in the Civil War) and Adaline (Tiffany) Truesdell, who were m. Jul. 1865, and grand dau. of Isaac Tiffany (See XI 13). She had a bro., Henry, 1868 – 1925, whose dau, Blanche m. Raymond Moseman of Maplecrest; sister Eva who m. Irving Garvey of East Jewett, no children; and bro. Monty.

VIII   1   DANIEL WINTER           d. 20 Mar. 1852, aged 48 yrs. 4 mo.

VIII   2   SALLY BEADLE, wife of DANIEL WINTER,  d. 19 Oct. 1885  aged 76 yrs.  4 mo. 13 d.

VIII   3   STEPHEN WINTER  d. 20 Sep. 1865, aged 23 yrs. 12 d.

No positive identification of this family. The N. Y. State 1855 census, Town of Jewett, Greene Co., lists the household of Sally Winter 45 b. Rensselaer Co., Richard 17, Hannah 20, Lydia 19, Stephen 12, all b. in Otsego Co., Augusta 11 b. in Schoharie Co. and Daniel 6 b. in Greene Co.  A Lydia Winters m. Rev. William W. Shaw, a minister in Durham, in 1858.


          d. 31 Mar. 1856, aged 5 mo. 16 d.

Sylvester Winchell’s grandfather, Jehiel, who d. in East Jewett 19 Jan. 1865, came from Conn. About 1800 and settled in the East Kill Valley. His children were:

(1)    Susan

(2)    Jehiel, Jr. who m. Martha Hanson, b. 29 Jan. 1793  d. 3 Aug. 1853 (See XII 9), and had Uriah  b. 1824; Sylvester b. 1828  d 1895; Martha R. b. 1832 who m. 1858, S. D. Hulse, of Deposit; Matilda b. 1833 who m. 2 Jul. 1857, Windham, Henry Schoppe, of Newark, N. J.; Lydia b 1834; and Sarah b. 1840; possibly.

         (3)    Ephriam; probably

         (4)    Raymond b. 8 Jul. 1795  d. 29 Feb. 1875 who m. Deborah Lyon b. 20 Mar. 1799  d. 4
               Jul. 1867, and had Nancy Jane b. 12 Mar. 1819, in Bloomville, Delaware Co.,  d. 27
               Feb. 1887 who m. David Samuel Merwin b. 18 Jun. 1816 d. 20 Sep. 1900, a descendant
               of Thomas Merwin who settled in


                Greene Co. soon after the close of the Revolution; Diadamia b. 5 Oct. 1826  d. 20 Dec.
                1886, who m. Lucius Fancher  b. 1825  d. 20 Apr. 1897; Margaret Ellen, b. 25 Jun 1835
                d. 23 Mar 1873; Harriet T. b. 18 Mar 1838  d. 26 Jan 1841; Hiram W. b. 6 Nov. 1840  d.
                14 Apr. 1858. Their tombstones in Hensonville Cemetery identify these five children
                with their parents.  Near them is the grave of Mary J. Winchell  d. 1 May 1845, aged 4
                yrs. dau. of Samuel H. and Mary E. Winchell.

Sylvester Winchell (above) m. Harriet Winter  d. 15 Aug. 1897, aged 67, Windham, dau. of Robert and Matilda (Distin) Winter (X 3).  Children other than Deforrest E. were:

             (1)  John b. 14 Jun. 1861   d. 16 Jun. 1917 who m. Edith Haney  18 Oct. 1893 at
                   Hensonville; had Dorothy, who m. Elbert O. Chase (See II 1, 2), Norma, who m.
                   Walter Soper, and Donald.

             (2)    Edward b. 7 Dec. 1873  d. 15 Jun. 1913 who m. 22 Feb. 1896, Windham, Mina
                 M. Delong and had daus.  Mabel who m. ________ Schoonmaker, Bertha who m.
                   Sherman Howard, and Clara who d. y.

        (3)    George who m. 29 Jun. 1879, Callie Ford, a descendant of Rogers Winter (XII 1);
       and had Edna, who d. y.; and Marguerite, who m. Lloyd Peck. 

        (4)     Flora who m. 30 Jun. 1886, Charles A. Chamberlain. 

IX  2  VOLNEY A.  d. 25 Mar. 1853, aged 3 mo. 25 d.

         Jerrie A.  d. 31 May 1857, aged 17d.

         Children of Allen and Polly Van Valkenburg.

IX  3   JOHN C.  d. 20 Aug. 1873, aged 7 yrs. 10 mo. 24 d.

            Son of Allen and Polly Van Valkenburg.

IX  4  ALLEN VAN VALKENBURG  b. 16 Mar. 1829  d. 25 Nov. 1898

         Polly Winters,  his wife b. Jan. 1831  d. 2 Feb 1883.

Children other than IX 2, 3 were Martha  b. 1850, Viola (X  5), Alma  b. 1855, Luella who m. ______ Staples, and Daniel.  Both Luella and Daniel lived in Conn.  Polly’s sister, Clarissa Winters, m. Alvin Bailey 1 Jan. 1859.

X  1   CAROLINE D. (WINTER)  wife of Charles Ford

       d. 7 Mar. 1861, aged 18 yrs. 1 mo. 9 d.

X  2   IDA R., dau of  ROBERT and MATILDA WINTER

         d. 27 Nov. 1861, aged 8 yrs.

X  3   ROBERT WINTER   d. 30 Aug. 1862, aged 59

Son of Matthew and Anna (Woodworth) Winter (O. C. 1, 2) m. Matilda Distin (See I     6). Children beside Ida R. above were:

      (1)   John B. who m. Cornelia Guy, had Robbie and Dora;

 (2)      Harriet  (See IX 1)

      (3)      Robert  d. 31 Dec. 1891, aged 53 yrs.  3 mo. 27 d.  who m. Emma Phelps dau. of Silas,
              and had son Willie and

 (4)      Sally who m. George Sargeant.

X  4  LUTHER A. BULLARD   d. 19 Mar. 1880, aged 77 yrs.

        Lucy Hosford, his wife,  d. 21 Nov. 1871, aged 57 yrs.

        Margaret Fisher, his wife,  d. 21 May 1878, aged 74.

(Additional Information: From Patricia Morrow - Windham Town Historian:

Luther died in Windham on 17 Mar 1880, his death being reported in the 18 Mar 1880 issue of The Windham Journal, a day before he supposedly died.

Luther's first wife, Lucy Hosford, died in East Jewett of billious dysentery on 21 Nov 1870 at the age of 57 years, 6 months and 20 days, a year previous to the date carved on her gravestone.

Luther married Margaret Fisher at East Jewett on 24 Nov 1875. So far I've been unable to locate a death notice for Margaret, although she apparently died before the 1880 census was taken.)



         Johnny M.  b. 3 May 1877   d. 5 Oct. 1881

         Ellen M.  b. 12 Jul. 1879   d. 15 Oct. 1881

         Frank E.  b. 26 Jan. 1872   d. 15 Jan. 1875

         Viola A., wife of Rufus Showers  b. 27 Jul. 1852  d. 25 Sep. 1881

Viola A. was dau. of Allen and Polly Van Valkenburg  (IX  4). She and children, Johnny M. and Ellen M.,  d. in Tannersville, of diphtheria.

XI  1   DANIEL PARKER   d. 20 Oct. 1861, aged 81

XI  2   ABAGAIL, wife of DANIEL PARKER  d. 14 Jun. 1862, aged 76 yrs. 4 mo.


          d. 6 Mar. 1853, aged 1 yr. 8 mo.

XI  4  RUBY SHOWERS  d. 27 Aug. 1871, aged 35 yrs. 11 mo. 15 d.

XI  5   JAPHET SHOWERS  d. 15 Mar. 1875, aged 22 yrs.

XI  6  LEWIS SHOWERS of Co. K, 80th N. Y. V. d. at Upton Hill, Va.

         22 Jul. 1865, aged 23 yrs. 8 mo. 11d.

XI  7  ALICE SHOWERS  d. 22 Aug. 1853, aged 14 yrs. 8 mo. 10 d.

XI  8  SAMUEL HALL   d. 7 Mar. 1855,  aged 49 yrs. 9 mo.

XI  9  HENRY A. RICHMOND  1806 – 1887

          Elizabeth Palmer, his wife, 1815 – 1862

Parents of Lucy A., wife of William E. Woodworth (XI 12), Charlotte, Sarah and Merritt Richmond who m. Jul. 1865, Ellen DuBois dau. of Henry (See IV 5) and _____(Drum) DuBois, and had Henry, Merritt Jr., John, Sadie and Elizabeth. The Merritt Richmond family moved to New York.

XI  10  SALLY, wife of ASA RICHMOND,  d. 26 May 1868, aged 81

           Presumably the mother of Henry A.  (XI 9).

Asa Richmond d. 20 Aug 1852 ae 72. Buried in North Settlement cemetery, Ashland, NY 

XI  11 LUCIUS J. WOODWORTH, M. D.  d. 26 Aug. 1887, aged 27 yrs.

Son of William E. and Lucy A. (Richmond) Woodworth, grad. from Long Island Medical College in 1883, m. Lizzie Towner  12 Feb. 1884, Jewett.  No children.

XI  12   WILLIAM E. WOODWORTH  b. 18 Nov. 1832  d. 20 Feb. 1913

         Lucy A. Richmond, his wife, b. 26 Mar. 1836  d. 16 Feb. 1914.

They were married in 1862. 

Son of Alanson and Anna (Judson) Woodworth  (VII 2, 3). Their children, all b. in East Jewett, were:

(1)      Lucius J.  (XI 11);

   (2)      Alida E., who m. 22 Jun., 1886, Christopher A. Martin, son of James and Lucy, aged 5 in
           1865 census, had Lucy b. in Haines Falls who m. Henry Meyers and had sons Charles
           and Marwood;

(3)      Sally Ann who m. Alvin Burgess moved West, lived in Minneapolis, Minn., at one time and

  (4)         William H. (XI 13).


XI   13  WILLIAM H. WOODWORTH  1868 – 1921

              Lydia E. Tiffany, his wife,  1870 – 1920

She was the dau. of William Tiffany the grandson of William b. 1774 and Sarah (Day) Tiffany  b. 1777 of Athens, whose children were: Mary, Thomas, Jacobus, John D., William, Sally Ann, Isaac Chauncey, Adaline, Jared who served in the Civil War  d. 1864, aged 44, Charley, Almira, and Clark whose son, Andrew, lived in Preston Hollow, had son Bert [“Old Time Corner”].  Isaac Chauncey Tiffany, a blacksmith in East Jewett for many years, d. 24 Apr. 1888, m. Eleanor Henson  who d. 26 Oct. 1893, aged 73, dau. of John Henson, founder of Hensonville, and had Adaline (See VII 9), William and Jared.

William, who d. 25 May 1903, aged 69, m. 1st Lydia Van Valkenburg  d. 2 Mar. 1868, and had son Frank, b. 1860; 2d. Sarah Bray  d. 30 Jun. 1897, aged 65, dau. of Frederick d. 15 Dec. 1884, aged 82, and Nancy (Mallory) Bray  d. 4 Feb. 1886, aged 81, and had: Lydia E. (above); Marion who m. 22 Jan. 1912 Olin Brooks, had a son;  Myra and William, both whom d. unm.

Jared m. 1 Sep. 1870 Flora Miles of Jewett and had dau. Sarah (Sadie) who m. Edward Haney of Hensonville, no children.

Children of William H. and Lydia E. (Tiffany) Woodworth, all b. in East Jewett, were:

(1)    Lucius Judson  b. 6 Feb. 1891  d. 3 Feb. 1950, grad. from Long Island Medical College 1917, served in 315th Sanitary Corps, 90th Div. W. W. I., m. at Hunter 28 Aug. 1912 Ethel Augusta, dau. of George and Grace (Luening) Soule;

   (2)   Hilda b. about 1895  d. 31 Dec. 1918, East Jewett, m. 12 Jan. 1915, East Jewett, Raymond
         Thompson son of Herbert and ______(Keller) Thompson, grandson of Ira and Julia
         (Scoville) Thompson, Windham, had dau. Olive; 

(3)   Berton Elmer  b. 13 Jul. 1899  m. 29 Nov. 1922  Frances Mary Lord  b. 1904, East Jewett, d.
2 Feb. 1955, Saugerties, had Berton Elmer Jr.  and Reginal Alvin; and 

(4)    William  b. 12 Jul. 1909  m. 1 Jan. 1930, Torrington, Conn., Ludora Pond, no children.

 XII  1   ROGERS WINTER  b. 20 Oct. 1778  d. 16 Aug. 1850

Born in N. Y. State, a bro. of Matthew (O. C. 1) and Lydia (IV 1).  His wife, Ruth Payne, is bur. in Wisconsin.  Was in Schoharie Co. in 1800, later in Delaware Co., and settled in East Kill Valley prior to 1810 on what is now Hide-Away Ranch.

        Their children were:

    (1)  Abner Payne (or Paine)  b. 1801   d. 26 Jun. 1883, Hedgeville, Steuben Co., who m.
           Maria Hanson (See XII 9, 10), had Martin b. 1834, Samuel b. 1837, Priscilla (?)  b. 1841,
           and Cynthia (XII 8); possibly son Washington.

    (2)     Cynthia  b. 1803  d. 10 Jan. 1882, Jewett, m. 10 Sep. 1822 Luther Ford  b. 13 Mar. 1794  d.
           4 Mar. 1883, and had Rogers Winter  d. 9 Nov. 1861, aged 35, who m. Frances W.
           Hignell b. 25 Jan. 1829  d. 7 April 1912 (see VIII 3) Horace N.  b. 2 May 1828 d. 8 Jan.
           1903  who m. Matilda Haines  b. 30 Nov. 1831 d. Mar. 1903; Sidney b. 1829; a dau. Mrs.
           Ruth Atwater; and Charles b. 27 Dec. 1832  d. 29 Sep. 1899 who m. 1862 Harriet
           Humphrey, had daus. Mrs. Cyrus Showers of Tannersville, and Mrs. R. L. Graham of


 Children of Horace and Matilda (Haines) Ford,  dau. of Merritt and Susan (Jones) Haines, were:  Sidney L., lifelong physician in Hensonville who m. 1st. Grace Brill and had son Newton whose son Newton m. Bernice Van Loan, East Jewett, dau. Doris m. Frank Yankowsky, Tannersville; 2d. Mary P. Lewin; Callie who m. 29 Jun. 1879 George Winchell (See IX I); Belle who m. 23 Jun. 1881 Edgar Fromer; Mabel who m. 23 Dec. 1887 George Bachman; Ida May who m. 30 May 1878 Clarence A. Thompson.

     (3)      Lovisa  b. 1808  d. 1884, Philadelphia, Pa., m. Charles C. Somers;

     (4)      Rebecca D. who m. Sylvester Hanson  (See III 9, 10), moved to Wisconsin.

     (5)      Horace N. b. 18 Feb. 1812, East Jewett, d. 27 Aug. 1895, West Kill, who m. Elizabeth
            dau. of Daniel and Lydia (Winter) Mead  (See XII 6 and XII 3).

     (6)      Harrison  (XII 2).

XII  2  HARRISON WINTER  d. 17 Aug. 1845, aged 29, m. Julia Atwater (VI 3), had dau. Elizabeth who m. David Slater (V 10). Taught school in Haines Falls at one time.

Children of Horace N. and Elizabeth Winter (above).

XII  3   EMERY E.  d. 9 May 1863, aged 6 yrs. 7 mo. 12 d.

XII 4   STEPHEN  d. 14 May 1863, aged 4 yrs. 6 mo. 27 d.

XII  5  JENNIE J.  d. 16 May 1863, aged 9 yrs. 2 mo. 7 d.

XII  6  HORACE   d. 23 May 1863, aged 12 yrs. 8 mo. 21 d.

XII  7  WATSON WESLEY  d. 10 Jun. 1863, aged 20 yrs. 8 mo. 23 d.

XII  8  DAVID H.  d. 4 Apr. 1864, aged 4 d.

All except David H. d. of diphtheria.

Other children were Harrison (Dr. H. R.)  b. 1841  d. 8 Mar. 1888, Phoenicia, who m. 3 Dec. 1866, Mary E. Parker of Augusta, N. Y.; Daniel T. b. 16 Jul. 1844  d. 8 Sep. 1918, Pine Hill, m. 23 Jun 1867 Susan Thompson of Margaretville  b. 12 Oct 1848, Pine Hill, served during Civil War in Co. K. 4th Reg. N. Y. Cavalry, had children Elizabeth Mead  b. 3 Dec. 1868, Jennie Emma  b. 22 Mar. 1870, and Daniel Townsend  b. 5 Jun. 1885; Marie Antoinette (Nettie) b. 1847, who m. 15 Dec. 1868, West Kill, William H. Whitney of Kingston; Ruth E. b. Oct. 1846  d. 26 Nov. 1917 who m. 12 May 1868, West Kill, Orlando L. Newton  b. 22 Oct. 1844 d. 1 Feb 1919, son of Orlando L. b. 30 Aug. 1808, West Kill, grandson of John b. 3 Feb. 1776, great grandson of Silas Newton, of Cheshire, Conn. {Beer’s History]; D. K. Olney  b. 1852; and Charles b. 25 Jul. 1861, d. unm.  10 Jan. 1890, Pine Hill.


         d. 20 Mar. 1845, aged 4 yrs. 1 mo. 20 d.

XII  10   SAMUEL HANSON  d. 20 Nov. 1860, in his 63rd, yr.

He accidentally shot himself. His wife was


XII   11   CATHERINE HANSON  d. 19 Apr. 1870, aged 65 yrs.

The name of Henson on maps, in census records, assessment rolls, and newspapers items, Hanson on baptism record. Samuel Hanson Sr. and his wife Sally settled in East Jewett in early 1800’s. Other Hensons in the mountain area about that time were William b. about 1789; John, founder of Hensonville, Simeon and Elisha.

Samuel and Sally Hanson’s children were:

          (1)  Martha   b. 29 Jan. 1793  who m. Jehiel Winchell Jr. (See IX 1);

(2)    Sally b. 9 Mar. 1795  d. 18 Jun. 1846, East Jewett, who m. Chauncey Green  d. 29 Jan 1882, aged 87 yrs. 9 mo. 5 d.;

          (3)    Samuel, Jr.  b. 28 Mar. 1797  (as above);

          (4)    Experience  b. 9 Jun. 1799  who m. Ralph Coe;

          (5)    Clarissa  b. 17 Aug. 1801  who m. Orin Johnson, Windham;

          (6)    Maria  b. 2 Mar. 1804  who m. Abner Paine Winter (See XII  1);

          (7)    Sylvester b. 24 Dec. 1808  who m. Rebecca Winter dau. of Rogers, moved to

The three youngest and perhaps the others were baptized June 1809 in the old Windham First Congregational Church.

Children of Samuel Jr. and Catherine Hanson were:

(1)    Henry b. 1832  who m. Lucy Truesdell 15 Aug 1861;

(2)    William L. b. 1835 who m. Mary Truesdell 2 Nov. 1865. Served in 20th Reg. N. Y. S. M. Union Army, was wounded in Battle of Gettysburg;

(3)    Rebecca b. 1840;

           (4)    Martha  b. 1844 who m. R. S. Hough  of Spencer, Iowa, 1871.

XII  12   “In memory of JOHN BEACH

             who died 28 Jan. 1835, aged 78 yrs. The first mortal remains deposited in this
             graveyard and who through his life believed in a glorious immortality in the

“Erected by his great grandchildren John Beach IV, Emma L. Winser, Ella Beach Hawkes, Beach Thompson”

This stone replaced an old broken, eroded one. John Beach was descended from Jacob, John, John, and Thomas who, with brothers Richard and John, came from England in 1643 and settled in New Haven, Conn. (See I  1).  He was a soldier of the Revolution, born 28 Apr. 1757 in Goshen, Conn., m. Sarah Burr, b. 3 May 1763, d. 1805 of Norfolk, Litchfield Co., Conn.  His son, John Jr., b. 24 Nov 1786, d. 13 Nov 1847, left Norfolk and settled in East Jewett prior to 1810, m. Polly Peck  b. in Windham (what is now Lexington), daughter of Richard peck, a Revolutionary soldier and Elizabeth Chamberlain.  John Sr. (as above) came later. In 1840 John Jr. moved to Bridgeport, Conn. Where he became a merchant, d. 1847. His children, all b. in East Jewett, were:

(1)      Sally M. b. 13 July 1811, who m. Isaac Eckert, moved to LeSeur Co., Minn. about 1854, d. 7 Jul. 1874, aged 63, left one son;

(2)      Lucilla E. who m. Lemuel Woodworth III  (See VI);

       (3)      Napoleon William  b. 22 Jun. 1818  d. 7 Apr. 1889, in Woodland, m. 17 Jun. 1846, East
              Kill, Malinda, eldest dau. of David Woodworth (See O. C. 5). Their children were:
              Mary who d. in fall of 1871, aged 26, a few days before she was to have been married;
              John who m. 1886 Miss Sears of Baltimore; Cora; Sally; Daisy; Madison; Ella; and N.
             William  b. 1857, d. 1881;

(4)      Caroline F. who m. William Distin, probably son of William and Electa (See I  6), lived in Poughkeepsie;


        (5)      John P. who m. Lucinda ______, remained in Jewett until after 1850, moved to
               Waterville, Minn.;

        (6)      Horatio Nelson  b. 23 Jun. 1826, who m. Harriet _______ in Bridgeport, Conn., 1849,
               d. 21 Sep. 1896, in Brockport, Monroe Co., N. Y. son Lorenzo  b. 1 Jul. 1850.

Horatio Nelson Beach attended private school in Bridgeport for three years, succeeded to father’s business in 1847.  In 1856 moved to Brockport, where he established the “Brockport Republic,” of which he was owner and editor until his son, Lorenzo, took it over in 1871.  He was prominent in civic affairs in Brockport and in politics.  Political offices he held at various times were:  State collector of canal tools at Brockport; U. S. consul at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela; consul to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and consul general to Ecuador, where he “Resided at Quito and discharged the general duties of U. S. Minister.”  John and Polly Beach had two other children, who d. previous to 1889.


            b. 29 Feb. 1840  d. 16 Jul 1899

Son of Henry and Mary (Brooks) Lockwood, probably a descendant of Timothy Lockwood who came from Dutchess Co. in 1797 and settled in upper East Kill Valley on the Treat and McLean Patent, which included what is now the Tri-Mount Boy Scout Camp property.  After five years he returned to Dutchess Co. but later came back to East Jewett, where he remained about fifteen years, then moved to Mentz, Cayuga Co.  Since an old map of about 1825 shows a James Lockwood owner of a 200 acre section of the Patent, and since Henry Lockwood and his descendants lived there until the property was sold to the Boy Scout Camp Organization, it seems likely that James was  a son of Timothy, Henry a son or possibly a brother of James.

The children of Henry b. 1810 and Mary (Brooks) Lockwood  b. 1813 were:

(1)      Eleanor b. 1832

(2)      Milo b. 29 Feb. 1840,  aged 48, (as above) m. Adaline M. Lord  d. 27 Sept. 1892, and likely buried here too, as are parents Henry and Mary. Mary m. 2nd Ephraim Lord in 1873, who with his 1st wife is buried in the Lord Cemetery in Upper East Jewett. Milo and Adaline had Mary b. 12 Mar. 1869, d. 11 May 1955, who m. 1 Dec. 1885, Windham, Elra Moseman d. 10 Sep. 1898, aged about 30, Athens, son of William Henry and Margaret (Whitney) Moseman of Maplecrest, and had Milo Claude  b. 1888  d. 27 Oct. 1958 unm., a lawyer in Tannersville. Gertrude b. about 1890, who m. Ward Matthewson had dau., and William (known as Robert) b. 6 Jan. 1898, who m. Rose Christina Wohlfarth; George A. b. 1866  d. 1940, Coxsackie, who m. 13 Feb. 1899, East Jewett, Densie b. 1868, d. 1938 at home of dau. in Maine, dau. of David and Mary (Winter) Woodworth (VI  4), had Walter b. 22 Oct. 1893  d. about 1957, Rochester, no children, and Lillian b. 1901  d. 1950 in Maine, who m. Rev. Earle N. Hubbard and had one son; Henry, d. about 1956, who m. 4 Jul. 1893, Windham, Lena Peterson, adopted son Clifford; and Pierre who d. unm. in East Jewett in 1927.

 (3)      Lorenzo  b. 1843;

     (4)      Lydia b. 1845;

     (5)      Phydelia b. 15 Jan. 1847  d. 20 Feb. 1909  n. 25 Nov. 1867, at Hunter, Elbert Dunham  b.
            4 Mar. 1844, Bushneville d. 1913, Hensonville, their home for most of married life. 
Their children were Emott b. 5 Dec. 1868 d. 24


         Jan. 1869; George b. 6 Oct. 1869  d. 6 Apr. 1870; Carrie b. 2 Dec. 1871  d. 1895 m.
         Milton, son of Dorlon and Elizabeth (Newell) Peck, son of Alfred  d. infancy; Frank b.
         16 Mar. 1874  d. 10 Feb. 1964 m. 26 Mar. 1900 Lucy E. White, Windham, had daus.
         Carrie and Mary, both unm.; Jennie b. 16 Feb. 1876  d. 5 Dec. 1877; Willis b. 2 Mar.
         1878 d. 6 Jan. 1960 m. 6 Nov. 1901, Lizzie M. b. 2 Oct. 1879 dau. of Lafayette Mallory,
          son of William Austin and Plynia (Mead) Mallory (II 3), and had Frances b. 30 Aug.
          1902  d. 25 Nov. 1915; Leon b. 17 Mar. 1905  d. 1 Apr. 1957 who m. Katherine Cullen
          and had Ellen, Frances and James; Elbert b. 12 Feb. 1908  d. 2 Jan. 1954 unm.; and
          Marie who m. Alfred, son of Roswell and Julia (Hitchcock) Vining, grandson of Scott
          and Estelle (Miles) Vining, and had Sally Julia, graduate of Roberts Wesleyan
          College, North Chili, New York, m. Miles Nelson, and Donald, Evelyn and Muriel;
          Milo b. 25 Jun. 1882 d. 10 May 1963 unm., May E. b. 20 Apr. 1887 m. 8 Sep. 1910,
          Hensonville, Frederick Eggerking, had son Carl; and Emory b. 10 Dec. 1889  d. 26
          Dec. 1940, Hensonville, m. 6 May 1914, Sadie E. Turk, Jewett, who d. 23 Jul 1960, no

       (6)      Alma b. 1850, and

   (7)   Cynthia, who m. _____ Ford, d. in Windham.


       d. 22 Dec. 1857, aged 37

William B. Stevenson b. 1809 in Columbia Co. Their children were Julia, who m. David Bullock, Hunter, and Manly who m. Mamie, dau. of George Griffin, Hensonville, who later moved to Port Ewen.  He was a brother of Orrin Griffin, Hensonville, and Dr. Nelson Griffin, Cairo, d. Dec 1924 all sons of N. H. Griffin, East Jewett.

XIII  2   ELMER B., son of W. B. and  AMELIA STEVENSON

      d. 14 Dec. 1863  aged 2 yrs. 5 mo. 26 d.

XIII  3  GEORGE WILSON  1878 – 1924

            Sarah Naylor, his wife, 1841 – 1919

He was b. in Warburton, Ontario, son of George b. in England, and Elizabeth (Townsend) Wilson  b. Warburton, Ontario.

Sarah S. (West) Naylor was the dau. of John Peter West, said to be a descendant of Lord De La Warr to whom the Charter of Maryland was granted in 1632. He was b. 27 Jul. 1807 in Durham  d. 30 Aug. 1903 in Ogdensburg  m. 6 Nov. 1834 Caroline Bailey b. 31 Dec. 1810 in Goshen Street, Jewett,  d. 8 Feb. 1864 in East Jewett. Their children, all b. in East Jewett, were Lester Bailey, Sally E., Lucy B., Sarah S., and Laura A.

Lester Bailey West was b. 27 Oct. 1835  d. 29 Apr. 1899 in East Jewett, served in Civil War, m. 3 Jul. 1858 Sarah Ann Lord  b. 27 Mar. 1839  d. 23 Feb. 1913, dau. of Ephraim Lord, who moved to upper East Jewett from Woodland, Ulster Co.  They had eleven children, all b. in East Jewett:

(1)        Lucelia Caroline b. 18 Dec. 1858  d. _____ 1896  m. Marcus Osborn and had Sarah Grace, who d. in New York City; Riley, who had son Sterling (VI 10); Lester, who m. Nellie McLean, had Luella, who m. William Hoyt of Hensonville, and Violet, who m. Ernest Green of Catskill; and Lulu, who m. 1st. Mortimer Wynkoop, 2nd. Leo Tice.


    (2)        Luella Ruth, who m. 1st. Melvin Wilson, 2nd. Lyman Mc Glashen, no children;

    (3)        John Lester  b. 7 May 1863  d. 1 Oct. 1941, in East Jewett, m. Ida Coon and had Fred,
            who m. Jessie Oliver, daughter of John Oliver, Hensonville, no children; Harry, who
            m. Addie Oliver, sister of Jessie; Charlie who m. Bertha ____; Elmer;  Jennie, who
            m. Nelson Losee, son of William and Edith (Miles) Losee, and had Ida May, who m.
            Bernard Parker, and Edith, who m. Otto Languish; Gilbert, who m. Edith Brandt; and
            Henry who m. Evelyn, dau. of Raymond and Jennie (Swenson) Holdridge.

   (4)        David Osmer  b. 17 Apr. 1867 d. 7 May 1959, in Maplecrest, m. Etta Holdridge, no

(5)       Minnie Florilla  b. 17 Feb. 1969  d. 1911, in State of Washington, m. Luther Holdridge and had Lester, who m. Geneva, dau. of Herbert and Fannie (Simpkins) Edson and had two sons, moved to State of Washington; Raymond, who m. Jennie Swenson and had daus. Evelyn and Vivian; Lionel d. unm.; Luther d. unm.; Dora d. young; and Evelyn who m. George Kelly.

    (6)        Laura Ann b. 3 Feb. 1872  m. George Woodruff, res. Kentucky.

    (7)        Nelson Burdette b. 5 Feb 1874 m. Emogene Garvey and had Edward, who m. Ruth
            Risley, no children, and James, who m. Lucy Thorp and had Doris, Roberta, and

    (8)        Ruth Adaline b. 9 Apr. 1876  d. 4 Jul. 1916 m. Michael Garner Decker  d. 28 Feb. 1917
            and had Ethel, who m. Walter Mc Carthy, no children; Gertrude, who m. 1st Elmer
            Ames and had three children, 2nd. John Quinlan, no children; David, who m. Helen
            Simpson and had Joyce and John; and Milton Garner b. 13 Jun. 1907 in East Jewett  d.
            14 May 1964 in Catskill, who m. Pearl M. Darringer and had Ruthmary, who m. Gerald
            Woodworth, son of Rodney and Anna (Merwin) Woodworth (See VII 3), Jean, Shirley,
            and Milton Garner Jr.

    (9)        Jennie Elizabeth  b. 6 Jun. 1878  d. 23 May 1955 in Catskill, m. William Holdridge, half
            brother of Etta and Luther, and had Lillian who m. Clifford Story and had Harold and
            Sylvia; Minnie, who m. Seymour Hand, no children; Mary, who m. Edward Jones, of
            Catskill and had Malcolm, Gerald, and Allen; Romaine, unm.; and Harold. 

(10)    Clara Delilah b. 18 May 1880 d. 14 Jan. 1939, in Windham, m. Charles Holdridge, brother of William, had Beatrice and Joseph.

    (11)    Sarah Grace  b. 12 Mar. 1885  m. 1st. 8 May 1904 Jerome Crandell, of Maplecrest, 2nd. 1
            Dec. 1946 Howard Crandell, brother of Jerome, and 3rd. 12 Mar 1954 Martin Garvey.
            No children.

As mentioned before, sisters of Lester Bailey West were Sally E. b. 16 May 1838  d. 16 Mar. 1839; Lucy B.  b. 10 May 1840 m. 3 Apr. 1861 David Park;  Sarah S. (Naylor XIII 3) b. 6 Nov. 1841  d. ___ 1919 m. 1st. 13 Oct. 1861 Charles Naylor and had George (VII 9) and 2nd. George Wilson (as on tombstone); and Laura  b. ____Jan. 1845 m. James Davis.


The Old Cemetery (O.C.)is in a farm field about one mile west of the church.

O. C. 1   MATTHEW WINTER  b. 21 Aug. 1773  d. 3 Mar. 1844

 2      Anna (Woodworth) his wife b. 13, Aug. 1780, d. 24 Feb. 1841

 3       In Memory of Reuben, son of Matthew and Anna Winter who d. 1 Sep. 1827, aged 21 yrs. 11 mo. 11d.

 Matthew was the son of Moses (?) Winter and brother of Lydia (IV 1), Rogers (XII 1), David, and George, who in 1800 were living in the old town of Bristol in Schoharie Co. or possibly in the town of Rensselaerville just over the Albany Co. line. On 27 May 1795, he m. Anna, sister of Lemuel Woodworth, Jr., his sister Lydia’s husband, and the two couples each with their three eldest children moved into Greene Co. and settled in the East Kill Valley in 1806.

Matthew and Anna’s children were:

(1)      Daniel b. 1796 of whom nothing is known

(2)      Elizabeth  b., 1797, who m. Stephen Mead  (VII 6);

      (3)      Lydia, who m. Daniel Mead (See VII 6);

      (4)      Sally b. 1801, who m. Edward Fairchild, son of Jonathan (See O. C. 6);

      (5)      Robert  b. 1803  (X 3);

      (6)      Reuben  (O. C. 3);

(7)      Anna  b. 1808, who m. Aaron Wolcott, d. in Ohio;

      (8)      Cordelia  b. 1810, who m. Hilon Woodworth (son of Joseph of Fenner, Madison Co., 
Lemuel’s (IV 4) brother, whose first wife was the dau. of Peter Barber by whom he had
             Edgar  b. 5 Au. 1829) and had dau. Anne, moved to Cattaraugus Co., later to Illinois;  

(9)      Moses  (VI 1);

(10)  Nancy b. 1815 who m. David Loop, lived in Cattaraugus Co., had Charlotte, Mary and David;

      (11)  Matthew b. 1817  d. 18 May 1880, aged 62, in Woodbine, Harrison Co., Iowa, m.
             Harriet Lord and had Emily, Adeline, Lydia I. who d. 15 Feb. 1851, Hensonville, aged
             4 yrs. 1 mo. 11 d., Luella, Adna (?), and Matthew Henry.

According to family tradition Matthew’s and Lydia’s parents and brother George settled in East Jewett in a cabin next to the others, but there is no evidence they remained. They are not mentioned in family records, 1810 census does not account for them anywhere in Greene Co., the numbers in the households of Matthew, Lydia, and Rogers are known and could not have included the parents and brother in 1810.

In the late 1800’s George I.  b. Dutchess Co  d. 29 May 1883, town of Windham, son of George I. Winter  b. Otsego Co. and Emma Ferris Frayer, town of Windham, was a blacksmith and merchant in Big Hollow (now Maplecrest).  George I, Sr. may well have been Matthew’s brother, and the David Winter living in the old town of Windham in 1810 and in 1830 probably was also.

The will of John Winter (s) of Greenville, recorded in Catskill 23 Jan. 1828, names children Martha, Mary Kezia, Anna Mariah and Matthew, executor.

The first Dutchess Co. census (1790) states that a Matthew Winter was head of a family in town of Fishkill consisting of two males over 16, one male under 16, and three females; and there was a second Matthew


Winter listed in that census. A Moses Winter served in the Revolution from Dutchess Co.

O. C. 4   Twin children of DAVID and ORILLA WOODWORTH

               Jonathan M.  d. 1 Nov. 1827, aged 22 d.

               James M.  d. 25 Oct. 1831, aged 4 yrs. 11 d.


              d. 26 Jun. 1831, aged 1 yr. 3 wks. 1 d.

David, son of Lemuel, Jr. and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1) was b. in Rensselaerville, Albany Co., 4 Jul. 1801  d. 25 Dec. 1887, Woodland, Ulster Co., bur. in family plot in Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery, Kingston, m. about 1825 Orilla Clement  b. 21 Apr. 1808  d. 18 Jan. 1899 Woodland. The family moved from East Jewett to Woodland in 1854 where, in partnership with his son-in-law, Napoleon William Beach, he bought an extensive section of land and entered the tanning and lumber business.  The property is still in the hands of the Botchfords, heirs of his daughter.

David and Orilla’s children, all b. in East Jewett, were:

(1)           Malinda b. 17 Jun. 1826  d. 22 Mar. 1901  who m. 17 Jun. 1846, East Jewett, Napoleon William Beach (See XII 12);

        (2)           Jonathan M. and 

(3)           James M.   twins (O. C. 4)

        (4)           Nancy M. ( O. C. 5); 

(5)           Lydia M. b. 9 Jan. 1830  d. 3 Jul. 1859, Woodland, who m. Seneca Bullock  d. 18 Dec. 1899 aged 74, had daus. Zelie b. 1857  d. y. and Tillie D. E. Ladew  d. 15 Apr. 1861, aged 2;

        (6)           Mathilda  b. 19 Jan. 1832  d. 29 Jul. 1911, who m. Davis F. Ladew;

        (7)           Nannie O.  b. 29 Jun. 1836  d. 12 Mar. 1880 who m. Edwin Dubois b. 14 Mar. 1830  d.
                  3 Mar. 1902;

        (8)           David Jr. b. 9 Jan. 1838  d. 2 Mar. 1902  m 1862 Mary E. North b. 14 Feb. 1841  d. 14
                  Jun. 1921  of Shokan, Ulster Co., daughter of Albert and Maria de la Montague
                  North, now Askokan, since the village was moved to make the Ashokan Reservoir.
                  As a young man he entered the employ of Fayerweather and Ladew, of the tanning
                  industry, and was associated with the firm for thirty years. He managed a large
                  tannery for them in West Virginia for six years, in 1876 moved to Chattanooga,
                  Tenn., where he built two great tanneries, later owned by the U. S. Leather Co., the
                  first built in that section of the South, which he managed for many years.  When the
                  leather company was formed he resigned and took over the management of the
                  Chattanooga Coffin and Casket Co., which he developed into a great industry. 
Like his Woodworth forebears, he was a staunch Methodist and contributed
                  generously to the building of the First Methodist Church in Chattanooga. 

The only child of David and Mary E. (North) Woodworth was Clemet North b. 26 Jul. 1871  d. 23 Apr. 1963, who m. Roberta Petty  14 Jun. 1894 and had (1) Edwin Clement  b. 29 May 1895 m. 20 Jun. 1928 Dorothy Harries  b. 4 Nov. 1903  d. 12 Jun. 1955 and had dau. Ann Stockwell b. 14 Oct. 1930, res. Chattanooga; (2) David Summerfield  b. 22 May 1897  d. 5 Jan. 1898; and (3)  Clement North Jr. b. 3 Mar 1903  d. 6 Jan. 1937.

(9)           Madison Judson Clement  b. 27 Aug. 1840  d. 16 Nov. 1931 at Fargo. N. D.  m. 25 Oct 1866 at Phoenicia, Elizabeth b. there 20 Mar. 1843  dau. of William Brown Rogers and Rebecca (Artman) Longyear; bur. Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery, Kingston.  Children:  (1) Nan Orilla  b. 26 Jul 1867  d. 1955 who m. 11 Sep. 1895  Dr. Faulk Harris Bailey  b. 27 Jul. 1866  d. 29 Jul. 1924, res. Fargo, N. D., had dau.


Elizabeth Woodworth Bailey b. 27 Jul. 1896; (2) Belle Maria b. 3 Jan. 1869  d. 15 Dec. 1872; and (3) Lily (or Tilly) Bullock b. 29 Jul. 1870  d. 9 Dec. 1872  [Longyear Gen. p. 164 and p. 325].

Madison Judson Clement Woodworth joined Company I, N. Y. State Militia at outbreak of Civil War, served from 1 Aug. to Nov. 1865 under Generals Grant, Meade, and Patrick, advanced to rank of captain.

(10)       Ella b. 7 Dec. 1842  d. 7 Nov. 1908  who m. George M. Botchford, a graduate in 1859 of the Ashland Collegiate Institute, son of David and Eliza (Egbertson) Botchford who moved from the town of Hunter, probably present Jewett, Greene Co., to Woodland in 1845. No children.

(11)       Clemetine Garrison  b. 21 Aug. 1845  d. 31 Jan. 1941  m. Jan. 1867, at Woodland, Lt. Henry Jay Botchford, then of Greig, Lewis Co. b. 11 Jun. 1839  d. 22 Feb. 1882, son of David and Eliza (as above). Henry Jay graduated from Ashland Collegiate Institute, Greene Co., and, according to an old graduation program, was its president in 1859, the year his brother George graduated and a year before the Institute burned.  He later read law in the law offices of King and Mattoon in Catskill. In 1861 he enlisted in the 44th Reg. of N. Y. and rose from private to captain, serving at the close of the war as adjutant of the regiment with the rank of brevet major.  His name is inscribed on the monument to the 44th of N. Y. at Gettysburg. Following the war he entered the tanning business and worked with General Sampson of Sampsonville, Ulster Co., until his marriage in 1867. Thereupon he went with his brother George M. (see above) to Otter Lake, Lewis Co.  Still in the tanning business, he later moved to Port Leyden where he died at age of 42, leaving an ailing widow to bring up their four children.  Bur. in Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery.

Henry Jay and Clemetine had eight children, all b. in Woodland, the first four, Lemuel, Frederick, Henry Jay Jr. and Henry Jay III, dying in infancy.  The surviving four were (1) George M. II  b. 8 Nov. 1874  d. 1956 unm., bur. in Wiltwyck, who attended Holbrook Military Academy.  He worked for many years in real estate business in New York City, returning to Woodland in 1930’s to run the farm for his mother;  (2) Henry Jay IV  b. 8 Mar. 1877 d. 1962, attended Holbrook Military Academy, graduated from Stevens Institute with degree in engineering, worked for Carbondale Machine Co. and was pioneer in design, development and installation of modern large scale refrigeration.  He m. Margaret Hutchings and had one son Henry Jay V, b. 25 Apr 1908, who m. Juanita Hauk of Nashville, Tenn. He worked for E.I Dupont de Nemours for over 26 years and has risen to a senior position in the industrial relations department. They have sons Henry Jay.  b. 10 May 1940, who graduated from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, teaches history and English in a Philadelphia private school, and Kenneth, a student in the University of Toledo, Ohio;  (3) Mary Eliza (Polly) Botchford  b. 8 Feb. 1879, Woodland, attended local schools, graduated from Miss Porter’s School, Farmington, Conn.  On 13 Jun. 1899 m. Charles Marshall Brown  b. 16 Oct. 1870, of Pittsburgh, eldest son of Congressman James W. and Clara Palmer  Howe Brown, a graduate of Yale University in 1892, and like his father and grandfather became a


prominent steel manufacturer, at the time of his death being president of the Colonial Steel Co. now the Vanadium Alloys Steel Corp. He and Polly Botchford had five children:

First, Charles Marshall Brown, Jr.  b. 10 May 1900 who attended Shadyside Academy, Pittsburgh, graduated from University of Virginia in 1924, served as Captain in the U. S. Air Force during W. W. II, is currently in lumber business in South Carolina. In 1931 m. Elizabeth Campbell of Bronxville, b. 7 May 1907 and has children Guerry Campbell Brown  b. 18 Aug. 1932, graduate of Harvard University; Elizabeth Howe Brown b. 7 Mar. 1837, graduate of University of North Carolina, who m. 1959 Robert Charles Momeier and had Robert and Karen; and Marie Botchford Brown b. 1943.

Second, James M. Brown II,  b. 8 Feb. 1904, who attended Shadyside Academy, Pittsburgh, graduated from Yale 1926 and from law School of University of Pittsburgh, 1929.  He practiced law in Pittsburgh, later removed to Wyoming where he resides as U. S. Commissioner, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park. On 30 Jun. 1927 m. Jean Alcorn  b. 16 Oct. 1904 of Pittsburgh, had dau. Jean Alcorn Brown  b. 28 Dec. 1928 who m. Joseph M. Rapp, Jr., and has three children, all of whom res. in Denver, Colorado: Thomas Wayne b. 17 Mar. 1954, Elizabeth b. 17 Nov. 1955, and James Matthew Rapp  b. 21 Sep. 1960.

Third, Nancy Woodworth Brown  b. 11 Nov. 1906, who attended local schools in Pittsburgh, graduated 1924 from Miss Hall’s School, Pittsfield, Mass. On 23 Jan. 1936 m. Charles A. Fagan, Jr. of Pittsburgh b. 9 Dec. 1892  d. 6 Oct. 1960 who attended Shadyside Academy, Pittsburgh, graduated from Haastrom School, South Norwalk, Conn., and from Yale University 1916, served with American Expeditionary Force in W. W. I as First Lieutenant of Artillery, and saw action in France.  He graduated from Law School of University of Virginia in 1921, practiced law for nearly 40 years, was president of Iron City Sanitary Manufacturing Co. from 1925 to 1935, and was active as an officer and director of several investment trusts.  Two children, Charles A. Fagan III b. 6 Jul 1936 graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. and from Yale University in 1938, served for two years with U. S. Infantry with rank of lieutenant, is in Reserve Program as captain, is trustee of a charitable institution, occupation is investment counseling.  On 1 Sep. 1961 m. Anne Singer Ebbert  b. 3 Feb. 1940, has dau. Louise Coolidge Fagan  b. 17 Dec. 1963; Kathleen Howe b. 7 Dec. 1940, second child of Nancy and Charles A. Fagan, Jr. graduated from Ellis School, Pittsburgh, attended Wheaton College, Norton, Mass., m. 11 Nov. 1961 Wm. T. Dieffenbach, of Englewood, N. J., graduate of Cornell University, and ex-Marine and an officer of Bankers’ Trust Co., New York City. They have one son. Thomas Wm. Dieffenbach b. 22 Feb. 1963.

Fourth, Clement Woodworth Brown who m. 1st. Allen O. Whipple, Jr., and had Foster and Allen O. Whipple III, 2nd. Hugh W. Sanford, Jr., no children.

Fifth, Mary Eliza Brown who m. Gardner F. Gillespie, Jr. and had Susan Howe Gillespie, Gardner F. Gillespie III, Nancy and Douglas Brown Gillespie.

Clement Woodworth Botchford, fourth child of Clementine and Henry J. Botchford to survive infancy, m. Mary Brooks, no children.


(12)       Zelia  b. 21 Dec. 1847  d. 1 Apr. 1925  unm.  (youngest child of David and Orilla (Clement) Woodworth).


               d. 29 Jul 1831, aged 27 yrs. 1 mo. 3 d.

John Fairchild was the son of Jonathan b. about 1751  d. 20 Apr. 1815, in East Jewett, on what is now the Alberti farm, a tanner who had lived in Scott’s Patent, possibly the section in Cairo, before settling in East Jewett about 1800. A piece of fieldstone with the initials J. F. may mark his grave in the Old Cemetery.  Jonathan m. 1st. about 1772 Sarah Rich who d. 21 Jan. 1785, had six children:

(1)      Jonathan  b. 6 Sep 1773, d. 3 Jul 1799, unm;

   (2)      Sarah b. 19 Apr. 1775 m. Caleb Miller and had Ansel and Maria who m. Dr. Loomis;

(3)      Elizabeth  b. 21 Mar. 1777 m. Samuel Ives and had Parker, Nancy, Colista, Richard and Helen;

(4)      Mary  b. 6 Oct. 1779  m. Sylvanus Stevens, had Sally and others, some of whom lived in Wisconsin;

(5)      Anna  b. 26 Mar. 1782  m. Theodore Page, no children.

(6)      Thankful,  b. 21 Oct. 1784  m. 1st. Levi Stocker and had Sally and Sabie, 2nd. Jabez DeWolf and had Delos and William, who was an early settler in Whitewater, Wisc. and d. there.

About 1787 Jonathan Fairchild m. 2nd. Elizabeth Cooper, said to have been a relative of James Fenimore Cooper. The had eight children:

(1)          Benjamin  b. 9 Sep 1789  m. Jemina Demarees and had six children, moved West:  William who m. Barbara Hunt and had sons DeForrest and Alexander; Marie, who m. Andrew Meldrum and had daus. Sarah, Mary, and Josephine who m. Oren (Orrin) Williams, grandson of Henry Fairchild (see below); Phoebe, James; Henry; and Lucius.

(2)          Henry  b. 20 Feb. 1791  d. 8 Jun. 1872  in Fitchville, Ohio, m. about 1812 Hannah Woodworth  b. _____   d. 17 Sep 1827, East Jewett, eldest child of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1), and had seven children, all b. in East Jewett: Betsey b. 20 Aug. 1814  who m. 1st _____Parker and had dau. Martha, 2nd. John Austin and had four children: Lydia b. 14 Jul. 1816  d. 20 Nov. 1893  in Delevan, Wisc., who m. 20 May 1837 Rev. Goodrich Horton  d. 16 Sep. 1851, and had three children:  Caroline b. 28 Dec. 1838 m. 11 Oct. 1866 Samuel R. Bell; Joseph G.  b. 21 Oct. 1840 d. 9 Aug. 1862, in army; and Frank G. b. 24 Nov. 1847 who m. Elizabeth Rusk and had dau. May  b. 6 Oct. 1873, who m. ______Costello. Frank G. lived on a farm in Elkhorn, Wisc.

Henry and Hannah (Woodworth) Fairchild’s third child was Julius b. 20 Mar. 1819  d. 18 Oct. 1878, in Windham, who m. Juliet Newman, of West Durham, d. 18 Nov. 1875, aged 50, in Windham, and had nine children, five of whom grew up and married: Ophelia b. 1848, East Jewett, who m. 24 Apr. 1879, Windham, John W. Hugaboom, of Prattsville; Amelia who m. Abram West 3 Oct 1869  at Windham  M. E. parsonage;  Colinda b. 1852 or 1853, who m. Irwin Lawrence and among whose descendants are Lawrence Dean, Oak Hill, and his sister Mrs. Louise Van Wagonen, Bearsville; Joseph B. who m. 1895, at DeSmet, S. D.  Blanche Davis, res. Castlewood, S. D.; Wilbur, infant son d. 14 Sept. 1857; Ella, who m. John Hayden 24 Apr. 1879, Windham, and remained on the home place, the stone house


   on Mitchell Hollow Road, which her father had bought from his uncle, (?) Joseph Bell, when
   the later moved to Delevan, Wisc., where he d. 3 Jun. 1892, aged 87.

The fourth child was Delia Ann b. 6 Dec. 1820 who m. Daniel Williams and had John  and Orrin  who m. a grand dau. of Benjamin Franklin.

The fifth child, Jonathan, b. 24 Jan. 1823  d. 6 Oct. 1860 in Twin Springs, Kansas, of Typhoid, m. Mary Lockwood, who was in the 1865 census in the household of Milton Jones, Jewett, age 31, b. Delware Co, had Effie who m. _____ Berger, Minnie who m. ____Chambers, Hannah who m. Walter B. Struble, and George.

The sixth child, Orilla, b. 13 May 1825  d. 11 Sep. 1866  m. Chapin Munger, had two sons, two daus.

The seventh child, Hannah,  b. 13 Sep. 1827, four days before her mother’s death, m. Merritt Chatfield, and had Russell who had several children.

In 1828  Henry Fairchild m. 2nd. Cynthia Root, who d. 2 Mar. 1869, presumably in Fitchville, Ohio. Their children were Joseph H. b. 2 Mar. 1829 who m. Mary (Lockwood) Fairchild, widow of Jonathan, no children; Hester A. R. b. 7 Jan. 1833 who m. John ___, had son Harry; and Jerome R.  b. 25 Sept. 1836 who m. Julia Reed.

(3)          Caroline, Jonathan Fairchild’s third child by wife Elizabeth Cooper, b. 18 Aug. 1794 m. Asa Farrington, Jewett.  Their five children  d. young.

  (4)          Edward  b. 19 Apr. 1797  d. 21  Feb. 1863 m. Sally Winter  b. 1801  dau. of Matthew and
            Anna (Woodworth) Winter  (O. C. 1, 2) and moved to Cattaraugus Co. They had six
            children: Matthew who d. young; Catherine who m. Daniel Parker, no descendants;
            Reuben who m. Caroline Petty, had Edward, Wendell, Florence, Mary, John, and
            Jessie; Elizabeth who m. Capt. Ira Morton, d. in Civil War, had Katie, Eddie, Irene, Ira,
            Carrie, and Calvin; David L. b. 2 Jul 1830  d. 7 Jan. 1885 who m. Cornelia Luce 30 Jun.
            1845, had Robert d. in infancy, Laura who m. Elliot Boardman, Mary G. who m.
            LeGrand Rockwell and lived in Elkhorn, Wisc., and David L. who m. Blanche
            Coventry and lived in Duluth, Minn.; and Sarah who m. Robert Cather and had Harriet
            May, a teacher in Milwaukee, and Harry Fairchild.

   (5)          Catherine  b. 12 Jun. 1799 d. Feb. 1851 m. 1st. Horace Ringe, and had son Frank, 2nd.
            Ansel Mills.

  (6)          John  b. 18 Jan. 1803  probably in East Jewett d. 3 Feb. 1867, in Heart Prairie, Wisc.,
            where he had moved in 1852, m. 1st. Catherine Clawson (O. C. 6). Their children were:
            William  b. 15 Jun. 1827  d. 2 Aug. 1891 who m. about 1857 Deborah Ann Bloodgood,
            no children; Adaline b. 27 Mar. 1829  d. 17 Mar. 1891 who m. 1850 William H. Bell and
            had Dora who m. D. W. Stanford, Watson who m. 1st. Maggie Gorham and 2nd.
            Theodora Larson, John who d. 1878, Lucy who m. George Frost d. 1887, Etta who m.
            M. B. Humes and Carrie who m. Seymour Callen d. 1894; Marietta b. 1831 who m.
            Edward Spence, had Nellie and Porter d. about 1868 in Los Angeles, Calif.; and
            Sylvester  b. about 1834  d. 3 Nov. 1862, in Calif., unm.

John Fairchild m. 2nd Sarah Ann Clawson about 1836 and had Ellen b. 1840 d. unm. in Calif. About 1870.  About 1844 he m. 3rd. Tryphena Pomeroy and had Tryphena b. about 1846 who lied in West, and John b. about 1848 who m. Augusta Barker, lived in Calif.


(7)          Loretta b. 14 Jun. 1805  d. 12 Aug. 1874  who m. Issac Hull, of Jewett, b. 22 Aug. 1799  d. 18 Feb. 1867 and had Nancy, Chester b. 1829 d. 1912 m. Loretta Davis, Henry, Andrew, Lucy, William and Edward.

   8)          Richard b. 27 Apr. 1808  d. about 1870 in Iowa, who m. Nancy Woodworth  b. 5 Feb.
           1809, East Jewett, d. Iowa  dau. of Lemuel and Lydia (Winter) Woodworth (IV 1).
            Settled land in East Jewett, later, perhaps early 1850’s, went West and was an early
            settler in Heart Prairie, Wisc. where he lived for about 20 years, then moved to Iowa to
            be near his children, who were:  Elizabeth b. 21 Apr. 1830  d. 8 May 1889, m. 1st. 27
            May 1849, Windham, Stephen G. Underhill [Underhill Gen. p. 263] (Family record
            does not mention this marriage) m. 2nd. Stephen Frost, lived in Spokane, Wash., had
            son George who m. Lucy Bell, whose dau. Mrs. George E. McMillan was living in
            Seattle in 1920; Jerusha b. 1832, East Windham, d. 11 Aug. 1888 Fall Brook, San Diego,
            Calif. m. Asa W. Hebbard, of Heart Prairie, Wisc., moved to Monticello, Iowa, 1865, to
            Oakland Calif. 1875, to Fall Brook 1882, left three daus.: Ann who m. John Huntoon;
            Lemuel; Jonathan who m. ____Cross; Olif who m. Olive Nash  d. in Calif; and Malona
            who m. _____ Knowles.


               An adopted son of Asa and Caroline (Fairchild) Farrington  d. 28 May 1863, aged 19
               yrs. 3 mo. 11 d.

O. C.  8   FARRINGTON, son of A. J. and MARTHA MALLORY

              Killed by the fall of a tree 7 Jun. 1848  aged 17 yrs. 19 d.

O. C.  9   ISAAC D. RIDER,

              Died 30 Oct. 1864, aged 50 yrs.

O. C. 10  JULIA, wife of  WARREN JOHNSON

                Died 22 Jan. 1882, aged 60 yrs.


                Died 9 Jun. 1862, aged 3 yrs. 3 d.

O. C.  12, 13  REUBEN DELONG

d.      15 Oct. 1891,  aged 91 yrs.

                Rachel (Ives) wife of Reuben Delong

                d. 1 Mar. 1885, in her 83rd yr.

He was b. in Ulster Co., she in Wallingford, Conn.  Their children were:

       (1)  Elihu  b. 11 Feb. 1833, Lexington, d. 29 Sep. 1897, Windham, who m. Harriet E. Kelsey
             b. 1831 and had Willis, b. 1862;  Hattie b. 1866; Darwin Chester b. 1868, d. 1933, who
            m. 14 Jan. 1891, Windham, Jennie, dau. of   Henry and Jennie (Morris) Speenburg and
            had Adaline b. 1894  d. 2 Nov. 1924, m. ____ Hallenbeck, had Laura, Darwin, who m. 5
            Nov. 1919 Hazel Northrup (See I 2), Erwin and Mabel, and Mayo  b. 1898, who m.
            Helen Ashe b. 1903, N. J.; Edward b. 1871, had one son; Jennie m. Charles Newcomb,
            had dau. Violet; Gordon Youngs b. 22 Jun., 1873, m. 26 Dec. 1905, Emma Echols of
            Richland, Va., no children; Benedict S. b. 7 May 1876 d. 11 Aug. 1921 m. 1901 at West
            Kill, Dessie A. Miller of Pueblo, Colorado, b. 31 May 1878; Lemuel b. 1879, who m.
            Susie ______;


       (2) Reuben Jr.  b. 24 Aug. 1834  d. _____  m. 21 Jan. 1871 Lydia J. Tompkins of Jewett b. 23
            Feb. 1843 d. 31 Oct. 1922, and had Joseph b. 1872 who m. Libby Flynn of Millerton, had
            Beatrice who m. Charles Sears of Great Barrington, Mass.; Mary b. 20 Dec. 1874 d. 2
            Sep. 1957, East Jewett, who m. Evan Northrup (See I 2) b. 9 Oct. 1867 d. 26 Jan. 1939,
            had besides I 3 and I 4 Mildred b. 12 Jun. 1900 who m. Harold Mallory (See II 3) and
            had Ella, Maurice, and Leonard, and Milton b. 5 Oct. 1901 who m. Ruth Wilson, t
            Jewett, and had dau. Joyce; Mina M. b. Aug. 1876, who m. 22 Feb. 1896, Windham, 1st.
            Edward Winchell (See IX 1) and 2nd. Martin Garvey; Frances Lydia (Frankie) b. 2 Jul.
            1878, who m. 2 Nov. 1895 Frederick, son of Abner and Fannie (Slater) Bray, and had
            Beulah, Roland and Walter;  Calvin b. 1880  d. 1959 East Jewett, unm.; Vernon b. 24
            Sep. 1882, d. Feb. 1949 who m. 3 Jul. 1915 Florence Tompkins and had Ruth, Floyd and
            Carl; Pearl b. 4 Feb. 1887 d. 1903 or 1904, who m. John Ruoff, no children; Merritt b. 
            8 Dec. 1888 who m. 22 Nov. 1916 Marguerite Mallory b. 12 Jul. 1897, dau. of Cyrus and
            Emma (Simmons) Mallory (See II 3) and had (1) Alvena, graduate of New York State
            College, Albany, who m. Elwood Hitchcock, currently District Supt. of the Second
            Supervisory School District of Greene Co., res. East Jewett, son of William and Grace
            (Crandell) Hitchcock, of Maplecrest, and a descendant of Lemuel (See III 3) and had
            William and Thomas, both graduates of Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., Linda
            and Susan;  (2) Douglas, who m. Virginia Hough of Hensonville and had Joanne who
            m. John Martin, Ronald and Craig;  (3) Merrill who m. Marjorie Joan Cirami; and   (4)
            Beatrice who m. James J. Saunders.

Mary Rose, youngest children of Reuben and Lydia (Tompkins) Delong b. 8 Mar. 1891  m. Harry Briggs and had dau. Gladys.

(3)      ______ b. 1837

(4)      Lucinda  b. 1838  d. unm.

           (5)      Elon b. 1840 m. 19 May 1888  Fannie Van Dyke b. 1866 had dau Pansy  b. 1890, m.
                  Sidney Brandow and had son George Henry, b. in Leeds, Greene Co, NY 6 Apr
                  1919, d. there 7 Sep 1968.

          (6)      Munson  b. 1842  d. young and 

         (7)     Martin  b. 1849  d. unm. 

The 1830 Greene Co. census listed a Peter Delong as head of household with three sons in town of Hunter, which then included most of the present towns of Hunter, Jewett, and Lexington; the 1840 census listed no Delongs; the 1850 census listed the Reuben Delong Jr. family, which probably moved from Ashland to East Jewett in 1874 when Reuben bought the farm which remained in the family until recent years.


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Knowledge supplied by relatives and acquaintances of the deceased.

Records of Catskill Mountain Cemeteries.

Scrapbooks kept by Phoebe Newcomb Woodworth from 1859 to about 1900.

State of New York Department of Health, Vital Statistics.

Windham, New York, Town Clerks’ Records.

Winter and Woodworth family records kept by Mary Winter Woodworth.


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