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Sylvia Hasenkopf, Coordinator

November 21, 2011

I just joined the Greene County list... just wanted to let you know that your archives site has been an invaluable resource for me in finding out what little I know about my ancestors who lived there. Thanks so much--I know that maintaining a site like this is a tremendous amount of work. Rolando de Aguiar

March 1, 2009

I first want to say thank you for transcribing the records of this cemetery. (Catskill Village) Now the reason for the thank you. Last week I received my 3rd  great grandmothers death record. Her name was Catharine Martindale b. 28 May 1820 d. 27 March 1885. On the record it showed a place of burial as just Catskill, NY. A search of the web brought up your transcribed graves of the Catskill Village Cemetery. From your transcribed graves I found her and also her son and his wife and child. With out your transcribed graves list I don't think I would have found her grave with what little information was on her death record. I just wanted to send you an email and thank you so much for the work that you did on this project. Scott Reynolds

February 2, 2009

First let me say a huge THANK YOU for all the work you have done in making my genealogy searching so much easier.  I have been researching my  ancestors in Greene County (Holcomb, Smith, Phelps, Cotton, Rose, Hand, Cole, Tyler, Butts, Benjamin, Benham, Strong, & others) for several years, and all the work you have done to record cemeteries, as well as the website, have been invaluable to me.  The website is one of the best county websites I have encountered (I wish some of the other local counties were as well organized).  Mike Gossoo

January 19, 2009

Sylvia, I stumbled across your fine website on rootsweb today. I visited the Vedder in October, but this is certainly much more convenient as I live 3 hours away. Thank you for all your fine efforts (and those of your volunteers)!! I am currently researching the Halenbeck/Hallenbeck/Hollenbeck clan, and plan to provide the results to you in a couple of years when the information is in more usable form. Scott Schaffer

March 24, 2006

Last year when my son Michael was surfing the internet he found Article Number 20: The Prout Family because he was doing web search looking for information about H.H. Prout. The Rev. Mr. H.H. Prout was my great-great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was the Rev Mr. E.G. Prout. My grandfather was Dr. William S. Prout and his daughter Elizabeth Sinclair Prout Lanning was my mother.

During a trip to Montana my mother purchased a copy of Missionary to the Mountain West, written by Bishop Daniel Sylvester Tuttle. It was wonderful to read about the ways that my g-g-grandfather mentored Bishop Tuttle.
His words ring true today.

Thank you for all the work that is being done to capture the history of Greene County. Hopefullly, someday Michael and I will be able to visit Greene County and the countryside that the Prouts and the Tuttles once called home. 

Perhaps, ordination is something that is genetic. Following in my g-g-grandfathers footsteps I am an Episcopal priest, The Rev. Debra Angell and my son is considering seeking holy orders. 
Greetings from Colorado... DEB Angell

October 15, 2005

Absolutely fabulous!  Many thanks to all that have contributed.  Keep up the good work.

July 6, 2005

Hi Sylvia,
I just wanted to tell you that I have been tripping around different genealogy websites and I finally get what everyone has been saying.  You have spoiled me!  I'm used to seeing something new on the website every other week or so.  So, now, I expect other websites to be updated that often.  Much to my chagrin, they aren't.  I've looked at websites today that haven't been updated for TWO YEARS!  Until some of these other counties get the message, the internet will not fully be utilized.  Thanks for setting the bar so high.  Great job!

April 26, 2005

Thank you, Thank you!! I am the last female Kerr, (the two male Kerr's left live in Arizona) daughter of Claude Egbert Kerr Jr. I've found so much information from this site and I've been researching our family tree for 20 years!!  I have finished finding ancestors and have plotted a family tree for my dad's side of the family, Now I am finding out about their lives. We are Scotch-Irish and Dutch. We date back to the 1600's to William the Conquerer and House of Scots. I look forward to coming back as you update this site. - The Galins

April 8, 2005

Hi Sylvia,
I just want to take a minute to say thank you for all that you do... leg work and computer work!  I see your name when I do my genealogical research and when I'm just browsing around "home" on the internet.  (Cairo) 
The saddest thing is to look at the obits you have recorded and find old school chums, former neighbors and parents of my friends.  As sad as it is, at least I don't have to wonder about them.
Thank you for acknowledging all of those people who help you in research.  I loved reading through those names.  Found many people I know! 
My roots ended up in Greene Co, but I always check the Roll Call .. just in case I may be of help to someone.  We've never met, but it would be fun to do that someday.  My regards to your friends ( and mine!)  throughout Greene Co.  
Peggy (Lester) Pitcher

April 21, 2005

I have so appreciated this site. My great grandmother was Emma Cochran, of Roundtop. I check often in anticipation of more postings, enjoying the history pages, as well as the records that hold specific family information. I don't think I've visited another county site that's as actively maintained and full of useful information--if there is an award somewhere, you and your colleagues should certainly receive it. I'm in California, and so not available for any practical participation, but I hope you'll know that I'm active, though invisible! again, many thanks and best regards, Victoria Cochran

February 19, 2005

My wife's family comes from the Greene Co. area, but we live in Texas.  Your website has been a fantastic help to us in researching her family "long distance".  Thank you and your volunteers for all of your hard work.  You have developed a research site of the highest quality. John Konesheck Colorado Co., Texas

August 5, 2004

Thank you, thank you for putting your reading of the stones in Meeting House Hill Cemetery on the internet. I came across it there, searching for Daniel Brown, Esq. I did not know he & his wife had gone to Greene County, although I knew that his son Daniel lived there briefly.
Four of us climbed the hill & took photographs on Thursday, July 29. As you know, the stones of  Daniel Brown & his wife Rebekah, my ancestors, are prominent & still legible.
We also stopped at the Museum, where Delight helped us find more information about the church & cemetery.
Daniel Brown, Jr., (Esq. on his tombstone) son of Daniel Brown & Mehitable Sanford,  was born 6 April 1733 in Mendon, MA. The Brown family moved to several towns in Connecticut & Massachusetts, arriving in  Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Mass. in 1750. There Daniel Brown, Jr. married ca 1758 Rebecca or Rebekah Paine, born 1738 in Eastham, Barnstable County, Mass., daughter of Theophilus Paine & Hannah Bacon & descendant of Mayflower passengers Stephen Hopkins & his daughter Constanta. 
Daniel Brown, Jr. served in the Revolution & was active in Sandisfield town government for many years. Daniel, Jr. & Rebekah had seven children, all born in Sandisfield. In the 1790s, two of their sons, Daniel & John, crossed the Hudson to Durham, Greene County. Thanks to your work, we know now that Daniel & Rebekah also moved to Durham. A Daniel Brown was among the early members of the 1st Presbyterian Church in 1792, and a Daniel Brown was admitted to the 1st Presbyterian Church in 1798. Rebekah Brown died there 19 Feb 1799, according to her tombstone. Daniel Brown, Jr., now Esq., stayed on until his death 9 Aug 1811. Shortly after he died, his 2 sons, John & Daniel & their families, left Greene County for central New York.
You solved a mystery we didn't even know we had. One family historian noted in 1835 that Daniel was buried in Sandisfield. Thank you again, very much. 
Mary Frances Brown Ballard, Wayne, PA

June 17, 2004

Thank you for making tracing roots in Greene county so easy. Roberta

June 13, 2004
p.s. thanks for all the work at the site .......... I can't express how much I have enjoyed the site.

June 9, 2004
I would like to say, I love your site. I browse through it all the time. The search feature is a godsend! Melissa

June 2, 2004
Dear List: I would like to Thank Sylvia for all the wonderful transcribing she has done on our behalf. She did a lookup for me awhile ago, and gave me all the information on my family. Now, today, while browsing thru the site, I came across the marriage records for Windham. What a terrific surprise it was to see my family member listed on it, with all the information in print, that I have been waiting so patiently for on the document. Seeing that name made me feel like I finally got my connection. Thank you Sylvia, for being the wonderful person that you are, and careing so much for all concerned on your site. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and so many others. Keep up the good work, as I am sure that there are many others that feel the way I do. Best Regards Always, Doreen from the Poconos. 

April 29, 2004
Sylvia, You have done Greene County a huge favor with all the research you have done! You are one of the best for seeing that data is available to those who wish it. Congratulations, and many thanks. Janice Hesselink, Athens

March 24, 2004 
Sylvia, I came across your Green County, NY web site this evening and thought it was great. I found it very informative and it help me learn more about the history of Durham my home town. Thanks Zachary Spalding

February 2, 2004
Sylvia, Your Greene County, NY web site is outstanding!! I find it the best on the web. I have found the best data and have saved myself countless hours of searching by using your web site. Please say THANK YOU to all the researchers!!! Rollin

February 1, 2004 
You have done a wonderful job on these pages. Even though I did not find the man I am looking for. Paul Livingston, went to church was baptised and was married and died in Athens, Greene Co., NY and I have been searching for him for 25 years with no luck.  Cannot find out where he is buried or who his parents were.  He was married to Margaret Day.  These are my great great grandparents. Thanks again. Kathy Clifton

November 30, 2003 
I really hope that you get this message.  I am a descendant of Eliakim Stannard.  I am always looking for new things, I 'm sure as you know - one time you can't find anything and another you can hit "pay dirt".  Well, I found your website tonight, and I just wanted to say "Thank you"! You gave me a lot of info that I did not have. Have a great holiday and thanks again!!!! Heidi Henderson

November 28, 2003
It was quite delightful to find your Greene county web site!
I had passed it by some years ago after copying the photo of the monument in St. Mary's cemetery relating to John Gara and his family. Little did I realize that John was the brother of my great-grandfather. The Gara brothers included John, Michael, Patrick and Neal. They emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1848 bring their wives and children.  Michael and Patrick (my great-grandfather) became coal miners and followed that trade through life. Neal worked on a railroad until he was killed in an accident. they all had children and some descendents who still live in Penn-sylvania. John moved to Hunter in 1855 and resided there until his deathe four years later. Some of his family remained in Hunter until the 1920's. His son, Hugh, was the owner of the West End Hotel around 1900. This latter information is contained on your web site and is a great gift to my family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

As a result of finding this information, I was able to confirm the home village of my ancestors in Ireland; Kilcar, Barony of Banagh, County Donegal! It is ironic that I did not realize the family connection to Hunter. I have vactioned in Greene County at East Durham and have attended the Celtic Festivals at Hunter Mt. on several occasions. I live just over the border from New York, in Wayne County, PA, only a short pleasant drive away.
I have made many trips to Ireland trying to establish the family home village when that information was already available on your web site. Again, thank you for the wonderful gift.
John P Garrah (Gara), 300  17th St, Honesdale, PA, 18431

November 26, 2003
Thank you for this amazing site.. the information and photos are priceless. Wayne Lopes

November 24, 2003
Excellent site!!!
This kind of content is what the Internet was designed to offer, and what we should have on all county websites (as opposed to several pages of just links to other sites.)  I've found more on your site in just one afternoon than would have taken me days to find by myself.  I'm working up a descendant tree for William White of Rensselaerville, Albany County, and he had a lot of descendants down in Greene County.  Keep up the good work, and thanks a million! Lynn Calvin, Site coordinator, Saratoga County NYGenWeb site

September 14, 2003
I recently retired from a thirty-two year career as a teacher and have begun writing a family history. I was able to travel to Greene County in June after attending a wedding in Rhode Island and was able to locate the tombstone of my great, great grandfather, Dominick McDevitt because of the research you had done and because you made it available on the internet. While visiting the O'Hara Cemetery, I met John O'Hara who provided me with some valuable information about the O'Hara-McDevitt connection. In addition, he put me in contact with his brother, Peter O'Hara, who has also given me extremely valuable information. Despite living near Green Bay, Wisconsin, I am off to a very good start in my project because of your research activity, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your wonderful work.. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Bob McDevitt

August 25, 2003
This is an outstanding website!  Thank you for all your hard work. Jack

August 7, 2003
THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you! I am a novice at tracing family history. My relatives were not inclined to verbalize about the family background but I did manage to pick up a few tidbits. Mainly that my paternal great grandmother was widowed with five children and opened a tea store and sold lace in New York. This was confirmed tonight by visiting your site. I am so excited! To have verification is magnificent. It motivates me to pursue the endeavor. Thanks to Durham Center Museum, Annette Campbell and yourself...and to all of those who have made my day! Diane Wiweke Adams

June 18, 2003
I have been using the Greene County web site for about a month now. I have found many many items I could not have found by searching books, records, ledgers with no indexes, etc. I may finally be able to finish a family I started on 20 years ago, and gave up on because of the lack of records. Keep up the good work. Dave DeWald

June 12, 2003
First I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done on the Greene County Genealogy and History website.  Your transcribing of the Freehold Cemetery gravestones lead to the solution of a genealogy search I have have been working on for a distant relative in Oregon for two years.  She was thrilled when I could tell her where her great grandfather, Leonard B. Howard was buried.  She had been told he was buried in the family plot in Freehold and I checked every known Howard plot without success.  Turns out he was buried in his wife's Wilbur family plot.  We think his wife, Clara Amanda Wilbur was buried there too but that name didn't show up in your list.  Perhaps she never had a gravestone but is buried there. Don Howard

May 7, 2003
I cannot begin to tell you how much information I have gotten from your Greene County, New York website about my Mother-in-law's family. Her names are Stewart, Rowe, Holdridge, and Salter. The dedication of  your  volunteers and transcribers is incredible. I go back over and over and have gotten hundreds of names from her families long history in the Catskill. Awesome!  Kelly Byron,  Great Falls, Montana

March 24, 2003
We are descendents of William A. Bullock, inventor, born in Greene in 1813. I found only one possible clue to his parent whose name was Isaac. However, I think this is a terrific site. I loved looking through all those church records, and did find many linked to other lines. I have to come back on that search. Thanks again.  Alan Tompkins

February 18, 2003

I am just constantly amazed at the amount of information that you folks keep coming up with for the Greene County website. Hope you know how much it is appreciated, I can't begin to imagine the number of hours you folks spend inputting the information. Others should use your site as an example of what they could accomplish if only willing to share the information they have access to, so that others far away might be able to research their ancestors by way of information they probably would never find without actually visiting the Greene County area. Can't say thank you enough. Carol Golden, Maryland

January 29, 2003
Wow. Someone just told me about this web page and I am so impressed I wanted to be sure I let you know and thank you for your hard work and for making this information accessible. I may want to visit this cemetery myself someday, since I'm researching Rundles myself. The ones I'm most concerned with are the Joseph Rundle line, and they lived in Greene County as well as Reuben, though they are cousins. It's a beautifully set up page that's easy to read, and the fact that there are directions to the place is such a plus. I have the entire Rev War pension file for Reuben, by the way, but have not transcribed it yet, as it is very long and not my direct line. Jim Johnson New York City

December 3, 2002
My great grandparents were, if you will remember from our various correspondence, George Brush Doty and Nellie Brockett. His father was the Rev. George W. Doty and his grandfather was Benjamin B. Doty. Well, Benjamin was the son of Zebulon Doty, Jr., the grandson of Zebulon Doty, Sr. the great grandson of James Doty, the gg grandson of Isaac Doty and the ggg grandson of Edward Doty of the Mayflower. My Doty line is also related to the other Windham line of Capt. William Doty. Their line is descended from another son of Edward Doty. All this I learned earlier in the year, and was able to firmly prove it. So, once again all the notes and information contained on the Greene County site has been a huge help in filling out my family tree. A big Thank You for starting this site, and to all the wonderful folks who contribute, because each tiny bit fits into someone's tree. Claudia (Doty) Bellas, NJ

November 23, 2002
Greeting, I have spent hours today researching my roots on this site, God bless the hard work that you have done in putting this all together. Loads of interesting stuff here, I sure I'll be spending many, many more hours researching here, excellent job, thanks so much,   Steve Dodge, Linden, New Jersey.

October 25, 2002
Hi Sylvia, I've been re-visiting the Greene pages, and just have to tell you again what a fantastic job you are doing! The pages are so well organized, and so frequently updated. I'm awed by all the work you put in. Gratefully, Peggy Dolan

July 23, 2002
Probably the most well organized site, chock full of data, and easy to use. Thanks for all the hard work to designer, and all the contributors. Regards, Conny Green

July 13, 2002
Just thought I'd pass along a few things. Tell anyone who doubts the usefulness of your webpage to contact me. I'd never find the little things that I'm able to put together  without using the site. And you can use this statement anywhere you'd like.

After reading some of the Prout reprints, I think I found where my g g grandmother was born. Prout 14 states that "Andrews built the house where Mrs. Matthew's now lives with her son Levi." This was Constant Abraham Andrews, father of my Loretta Susan, and whose wife was Sarah Brackett.

I then pulled up the map of the Village of Ashland, and sure enough, there is the house where Mrs. Matthew's lived on the road leading north, not sure of which road it is.

Then, while looking at Greenville Presbyterian Church marriages, there was Constant and Sarah's marriage, Feb. 28, 1796.

Lastly, I pulled up "Pensioners 1835" and found, or found again, " John Rice, Private in CT. Continental Army, received an annual allowance of 50.00 effective March 4, 1831. Was granted the pension on April 25, 1833, at the age of 75." Of course, he didn't live long enough to enjoy his new found wealth.

So, once again, I thank all of you for doing so much to help people like me, who don't have the time to travel to all the different places where family history hides. Peter Rice

May 23, 2002
Sylvia, I want to thank you for the Luke Gardiner Family Bible page you added to the site.  I finally have a lead on that part of my family I've been desperately seeking.  Thank you for ALL of your hard work and effort.  Lisa

April 25, 2002
I'll second the motion for recognition for Sylvia and her volunteers!  They've already done, and are continuing to do, a fantastic job! Many, many thanks!! Barbara Cofer

April 25, 2002
Hats off to Sylvia, a fellow Canadian, who has apparently coordinated one of the best county sites available in North America!!! Leslie

April 22, 2002
Good Day I had found your site due to quest looking for info on George Weber that died 1882 at the "Overlook Mountain House" I was seeking info about Great Great Uncle George Weber, Frank A. Shultz, father George Shultz , Derrenbachers and  families from Rondout/Kingston. And I happened upon you Catskill Cats!!! LOL I had so much fun looking at them I lost my time to seek the info I was seeking!
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Site I have saved it to come back to, to see all the neat stuff!! My hats off to you!! And I will throw in a Meowie from our cat. Thanks, Amher

April 22, 2002
Thank you for everything you do for the Greene Co. mailing list.  I have been subscribing for a while.   The information on your Rootsweb site is amazing.  You have helped me so much! Laurie Ray

April 20, 2002
Your website is excellent, far and away the best Rootsweb site I've used. My grandmother is a Strong, she was born in Durham, her families have been there since just after the Revolution, and your website has tons of great stuff for us. I'm especially excited about the tombstone data you've collected and put online- you've included about 25 of our direct ancestors, and swarms of collateral relatives. Sometime I hope to visit Durham, and this will be a big help when I sightsee the cemeteries. Collecting the transcriptions (and running the website!) must have taken an enormous amount of work, and I very much appreciate what you've done. Thanks, R. Bruce Diebold

April 5, 2002 
Thanks so much for the new transcriptions of the Mt. Hope Cemetery.  I had looked for my relatives on the old listings and could not find them.  There is a typo on the old listings --- George N. Stephens is listed as Waggoner along with his wife Fannie.  Your listings had them correctly, I found them when I re-ran a search a week ago on the entire site, and travelled to Athens last week to visit and take pictures.  The Vedder library staff were helpful in locating some additional bits of information, and I now have some other roots to investigate.

Thanks for all the time you spend helping people discover their roots! Michael Manning
Point Pleasant, NJ

March 24, 2002
Thank you so much for a wonderful web site. With the Borthwick papers that are on your website, as well as the cemetary records (Cornwallville) you have provided an important piece in a puzzle that I have been working on for about 10 years or more on the Coopers that were in Greene county early on, but left early as well. Thank you so much. It really is amazing how much new information you are adding to your website all the time. Jared Hansen

March 22, 2002
First I want to say that your Greene County web site looks great and you have done a great deal of work and spent a lot of time on it.  It shows. I was wondering if there are any written records from the Old Freehold Cemetery?  I think I have found my great great grandfather, Squire Haight buried there d. August 15, 1854 age 48.  Can you tell from the placement of the graves which one was his spouse?  Is there somewhere I could write to inquire about that if you are not the correct party to write to? Pamela Bretall Pamela, there are no records for the Old Freehold Cemetery, to my knowledge. The cemetery is in very poor condition. Sylvia Hasenkopf

February 23, 2002
Hello, Sylvia,  I have been browsing the WONDERFUL web of Greene Co. and have extracted a  good deal of info. that I am incorporating into my McCabe family tree and history. I note however, that the bio heading of Robert Elliot has only one "t" in the bio transcribed by Celeste MacCormack. The correct spelling is Elliott as shown in the text, not Elliot as in the title. So corrected - thank you! Sylvia  It's a small point considering the FANTASTIC site you all have put up for us to read. I'm planning to be in the Greenville and Greene Co. area this summer (AUGUST) sometime and want to spend some time in the various museums and libraries to get more McCabe history. The work of all the Greene Co. historical staff is truly laudible....THANK YOU!!! Philip McCabe (g.grandson of B. S. McCabe)

January 20, 2002
Sylvia, I just had to email you telling how much I appreciate all the work that you and others do in keeping the Greene Co. site so informative, and accessible. Our family came from Catskill....... I contacted one of the Volunteer Look ups, you have listed Doug Leary for some research re; family. I cannot sing enough praises for the information he was able to provide us, and detailed!. I so appreciate all his efforts...thought you would like to know this.
And for once it was Not the Brandow ( that elusive Peter W.) side but James Person.
Thank you, Catherine

December 10, 2001
Dear Sylvia, What a nice site! I particularly enjoyed the postcards. Shaye.

October 27, 2001 
Dear Sylvia. First, I wanted to congratulate and THANK YOU for the wonderful job you are doing with the Greene Co. genealogical site.  I wish more of them would make such a fine effort in getting data online!! Second, in your transcription of the Hollister family cemetery, you note that OSMER HOLLISTER d. 1 OCT 1883 and state this conflicts with Parks' data which said 1885.  Parks is correct, as I have a copy of OSMER's death certificate which clearly says 1885.  Patti Metsch   So corrected. Thanks for the feedback! - SH

October 27, 2001
Sylvia, I enjoyed the page on the Almshouse and David W. Duncan who became the
Superintendent  in 1854 or 1855 as he was my ggrandfather. He was born in Ireland in 1820 and m. Jane Stewart also from Ireland in 1848 in the Kiskatom Reformed Church in Kiskatom, N.Y.. David died in 1891 and is buried in the Cairo Cemetery. There were many Duncans in the Greene County area some related and some shirttail cousins. Thank You for the
memories. Lois Eastgate

September 14, 2001
Dear Sylvia, I just discovered the Greene County GEN-WEB site. My Grandfather Lorenzo J Timmerman was the 9th generation of Timmerman's born in Greene County. His father was Moses Saxe Timmerman. Your web site has helped me to understand alot of our family history. I also found Angelo Timmerman in the Jefferson County, my grandfather's favorite uncle. Thank you for keeping up the site.   Tom Smith, Brooklyn. ( A small correction. We are not part of the GEN-WEB project. This site is completely independent, although it is hosted by rootsweb.)

September 11, 2001
Hi Sylvia, I want to thank you again for doing such a GREAT job with this list. I remember the days when the Greene Co. list was less than great and now I think you have created the very best list out there. I belong to several in LA, VA, WV, KY and yours is the absolute Best.
Thank you, thank you.  Pam

August 28, 2001
Dear Sylvia, thanks for the great web page!  It is quite useful for us long lost decedents of Green County-ers. John Cameron (researching the Perry family from Athens, Greene County)

May 8, 2001
Sylvia, I thought I would let you know that I have been searching for my gggrandfather's family for 3 years now and just found him on this web site. I am so excited I can't tell you.....Professor John Y. Smith, a biography that was provided by Joyce Riedinger, of Delaware County.  John Y. Smith was my gggrandfather Isaac's brother according to this bio.
Isaac V. Smith was born in 1842 and married Cynthia Coppernoll, who was born and raised in Cato, Cayuga Co., NY. All of Cynthia's family was in Cayuga Co. and I couldn't figure out why after they were married in 1865 in Cato, they went to Greene Co. which I knew from census of my ggrandfather, Arthur as he stated he was born in Greene county as was his  brother.  Isaac died in 1873 and the family bible says he died in Potters Hollow, Meridien....Meridien is a small town outside of Cato, NY where Cynthia was from, but no Potters Hollow.  Potters Hollow, I had found on a map and knew it was close to Durham where my ggrandfather and his brother were baptized. The only reason I could think of that Isaac would go to Greene county is if he was from there and had family there as most people were migrating West, not east as you well know.  Anyway I thought I would write and tell you Thank you for all your hard work and let you know that it helped me immensely.  Thank you, Jodell

May 2, 2001 
Happy birthday Greene county web site. It does not seem like a year. Ii have got so much from this site. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work it took to make this site what it is today,  Silvia (a true angel), Annett and Barbara, two wonderful ladies that work so hard and all the people I do not know that work on the site. I hope there will be many more birthdays.
Mark Van Hoesen

May 2, 2001
Hi Sylvia. I had no idea that your site has been only on the internet 1 year!!!  You have accomplished QUITE  alot in such a short time, thank you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

May 2, 2001
Like to add my Happy Birthday.  You have been doing a great job for those of us with ancestors from Greene Co.  Know has been big help to me.  Congrats. Ann Hollenbeck Benham

April 25, 2001
The link to "Tracing Your Roots in Greene Co" has been a bonanza to me!  Annette Campbell deserves recognition for the huge amount of retyping of records she has done (provided by the Durham Center Museum). The Borthwick Series of biographies on that website are an invaluable source of information for Greene County researchers (particularly Durham / Freehold). With this information, it will be possible for me to actually visit the locations where my ancestors lived when I travel to Greene County. And, most of all, thanks to Sylvia Hasenkopf, the Greene County Coordinator. Not only does she provide us with the links and suggestions, but she has also transcribed tons of data that is now available to us on the internet. Many thanks to both of you. After several years of frustrating attempts to find my ancestors, things are beginning to come together at last! One question: Will it be possible to view deed or land records eventually on the web, or is there an index to them? Still Looking for an index to post to the site. Failing that, a volunteer to begin the transcription process - SH Judy in Ohio

March 15, 2001
Annette, thanks for the hard work you put into this project. I really enjoy it. I check the site daily. Keep up the good work. Mark Van Hoesen.

Sylvia, I've been looking at the Greene County website that you co-ordinate for some time now. I've taken it kinda for granted, since I can find most of this information at the New York City Public Library or elsewhere. I've been using it mostly as a finding aid, and then consulting the sources your site uses (I assume) at the library for confirmation and page references in the original. In fact, last week, I was muttering because I found minor
transcription errors in the Will Abstracts. Jim now knows that we are working from photocopies of photocopies, so the print is somewhat degraded. We welcome any corrections to the postings. - SH However, Ann Clapper, deserves five stars for the transcription of the First Reformed Church of Athens records. I don't care if it has typos because I wouldn't know. I've been researching the Klauw/ Clow/Clough line in Columbia and Greene Counties and have gotten rather good at finding resources on my own. However, I haven't found anything on this particular church's records. (I assumed I needed them since I have a lot of gaps in my documentation that would suggest this church's records. ) After checking with the NYPL, the NYGBS, and the FHL microfilms I came up with zilch. Awesome. I found 25 individual records I need in this one transcript. Okay, I've complained minutely and praised loudly. My real question is - when are you and your loyal crew going to take over the Columbia County website? Please, Please, Please. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Jim. - SH    Jim Brady

February 16, 2001
Hi, Sylvia, I only discovered the Greene Co. website fairly recently, and I have to tell you that I love it! I think it's one of the very best around. Although I've been stuck on some comparitively recent ancestors (two gg grandfathers), I've finally (after20 years!) begun to find some of their descendants on this list. Still stuck on my Henry ARMSTRONG, but he was Dutchess & Tioga Co. Found some of his son's wife's family (wife was Mary Eliza BAKER), and I'm really gung ho about this site! Please consider this a HUGE pat on the back!! Barbara Armstrong Cleveland Cofer    P.S. I even found some CLEAVELANDs here!

February 13, 2001
Annette:  Just wanted to write and say thanks so much for all your hard work posting  the will extracts on the NYGREENE site. It is a lot of work. Thanks again  Steve von Hitritz

January 23, 2001
Dear Sylvia: This is a success story.  I had been looking for William/Wilhem Miller/Mueller, for many years. Only knew he married Roxana Blakeslee. Patricia Morrow, the Windham Town Historian answered my query one day saying she knew who Roxana's parents were because she had done research on one of Roxana's sisters. So I was able to place Roxana in Windham in 1802. So where did William Miller come from. I knew from his grave in Oregon, that he had been born on Sep 5, 1793. Well, last week I was reviewing the will abstracts you just posted. I came across the extract from Robert Miller's will dated 1842. Several of the names looked familiar. Ira Miller was my William Miller's son. William Miller is mentioned. Witnesses were Sylvester Hitchcock, William Miller's brother in law, and Washington Bishop, Roxana's cousin. I jotted down the family members. I then went to the North Settlement Cemetery page. Most of the Millers are buried in Row 6. then I went back to the IGI with what I knew and was able to determine that this family originally came from Claverack in Colombia Co., IGI filled more blanks in deaths and births. Then the big moment, I put in Wilhelm Miller's name in the IGI. To my  amazement his exact date of birth was there only off by one exact year, Sep 5 1792 not 3. That is why I had not seem him all these years. then just on a whim I put the sames in Rootsweb World Connect. More good luck, There they were, William Miller's parents, Andreas Mueller and Regina Baumhauer. I have since been in touch with Ms. Francine Hart and have filled in even more blanks in the family. My many thanks for a wonderful web site. Keep posting those will extracts, I am still searching for Andrew Miller's will between 1842 and 1852. Sincerely, Dr. Stephen von Hitritz, Richmond, VA 

November 20, 2000
To our coordinator (spouse included), to the many assistants and or volunteers that make the Greene County Rootsweb such a good resource of information. It has been amazing to see how the website has grown. Also to all those who have contributed in one way or another in the past year to help piece family information back together. It takes lots of good minds to make the records straight. I look forward each day to reading the information that flows through this wonderful means of communication. Phil Delamarter   (Mr. "D")  

November 19, 2000
I need to commend and thank you for the extraordinary amount of careful and diligent work you have poured into the Website and for the generous spirit of cooperation it has seemed to engender in people.  I haven't been at genealogy more than a few months, but I have posted queries in four countries and in dozens of places, and I've formed impressions.   It's striking that although I have posted many more messages elsewhere, it is TYRiGC that has produced the bulk of my responses.   It cannot be just coincidence. Thanks again and all best to you and your gang,   Alec Sutherland 

November 14., 2000
Sylvia, yet another success story has come out of your hard work.  Remember the Van Valkenburgs buried with Van Hoesens at Casper's land (Van Hoesen Family Cemetery)? Well it turns out that my ggg grandmothers mother was Christina Van Valkenburg married to William Henry Vandenburg. I was looking through your site and found a Connelley Van Valkenburg. Sent an e-mail, got back a response to see the Van Valkenburg web site and found the new news. You are the best. Thank you, Mark Van Hoesen.

November 13, 2000
I want to thank you for the fantastic job you are doing in developing and coordinating the Greene Co. web site. You have a great team! I have been researching my Schermerhorn and Matthews families from Greene Co. for a number of years without too much success. The site has provided some new pieces of information and given me some new contacts. July Coy

November 10, 2000
You and your helpers are doing a great job!! Everything about it is interesting to me but I'm most grateful for the 1787 Coxsackie Tax List. I'm a direct descendant of Caleb Foster who lived there at that time and am trying to trace his ancestry. Many Thanks, Shirley Foster Lowe 

November 3, 2000
I am originally from Catskill.  My visits to your website help me maintain my personal context.  There is always something new and meaningful that I can relate to.  Thank you.  John McMenamy in Maryland. 

October 30, 2000
This was my first visit and you and your volunteers have done a terrific job.  I research ASHLEY'S in Greene County and found so many things that do help.  I must add to the other comments that the navigation on this site is the best I have seen.  "April" helped me last year and I am still plugging along. Many thanks for a super job. Dorothy Humphries

October 21, 2000
Thanks, I just found this site.  Grandmother Jane Christian was born in Prattsville in 1866.  I am still looking for more of the Christian Family. Also the Tompkins and Van Deuces of Prattsville.  They were not more than farmers etc. This has given me some dates and info. Good site thanks. Ann Ashworth

October 20, 2000
I had the opportunity to do a quick genealogical trip through Greene County last October and it was beautiful!  Can't wait to go back.  Your site has been so helpful for those of us who live far away.  Keep up the good work. Jane

October 7, 2000
LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! You are doing a very fine job. Eve Grogan.

October 6, 2000 
Dear Sylvia, thank you for the information on the East Durham Cemetery. We are from Las Vegas NV and was doing genealogy family research in Greene County last week. With your great directions we visited the East Durham Cemetery and located our relative David Doty there on Stone 4. There is a Samuel Doty on the back of Stone 4 with the Born date on the stone shown as September 3,1844. On your web site index for Samuel Doty you show September 3,1834. You may want to check this out. Thank you Carole. Made a typo, and it is now corrected. The cemetery sits in such a wonderful site on the knoll in a most pleasant surrounding.! We do appreciate your efforts and your web site is a great help. Keep up the good work.  Rex and Carole McKee

September 30, 2000
Hi, Sylvia, Have been doing research for the past 35 years in and about Greene County.  So glad to see that Greene County finally has a great site up. Thanks. Keep up the good work!!! Barbara Bartley

September 26, 2000 
Dear Sylvia, I am from Greene County and am now living in California and love to refer to your Greene County website. All of you are doing a great job. As I go from page to page I see people's names that I have known or their families, or somewhere that I have been . Many of my Duncans gravesites are mentioned under the listing for the Catskill Cemetery. I am so anxious for the Greenville Cemetery to be listed and that is where my parents are buried. The Cairo Cemetery has my family there, too. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to referring to it each week.  Lois Eastgate.

September 21, 2000
Your web-site is great! I spent a lot of time on it, and plan to go back often to use it. Good job!!  Ruth Ogden

September 19, 2000
Dear Sylvia, I would like to thank all of the hard work you and your volunteers are doing in Greene County. I live in a very small town at the foot of the Sierra's on the east side and with out your info it is very hard for me to obtain information. I would love to visit your area some day, but that is a big IF. Thank you again,     Carmen Marzano

August 10, 2000
Thanks again for some more family history.  You are the greatest!! Addie (O'Brien) Timmerman & husband Henry are buried there (Timmerman Family Cemetery) according to your info.  I always thought they were up in Jewett some place.  See how far afield I was looking for them.  She was a sister to my greatgrandmother. Thanks again Sylvia. Loretta Lounsbury

August 7, 2000
You have done a fantastic job on the site and the info is great. Gary Fowks in Florida.

August 2, 2000
I have been working on my genealogy for about 3 years and have been unable to find anything about my gggrandmother Rebecca Edwards.  That is until you put up the Greene Co. Wills and there it was the will of her father.  I have now filled another generation.  Knew when you put up this site that I would be helped.  Thanks so much. Ann Hollenbeck Benham  (See Ann's feedback from May 3rd, 2000 - her patience was rewarded. Congratulations, Anne. Sylvia)

July 18, 2000
Dear Sylvia, I just visited Greene County webpage.  How wonderful.  I would like for you to tell all of the people that have worked so hard in setting up and giving info and typing like crazy etc. that I said, "a great big Thank You to all of them".  I am really impressed with what has happened to the Greene County Site!  Thank you, Sharon in WI

July 16, 2000
Thank you for  the Van der Zee and Skinner Family Bible, from the Durham Center Museum on the website.  You can't imagine how important this Bible record is.  I am a descendant of Albert Bradt, as was the Vanderzees (the surname adopted by Storm Vanderzee because he was born at sea on their way to America). The rest of the family adopted the name Bradt.

Cynthia Biasca wrote DESCENDANTS OF ALBERT AND ARENT ANDRIESSEN BRADT in 1990, and the SUPPLEMENT to this book in 1993.  The only information she had was what appears (from this Bible record) to be the wrong year for Andrew Vanderzee (she has 1776 and the Bible has his complete date, May 22, 1766).  So this Bible corrects the year of his birth and adds the day and month.

The Bible also gives the name of his wife, Jane Ten Eyck, which the Bradt Books do not have, and the dates of birth for their 8 children.  The Bradt Books give only five children, and just the year of their births and deaths.

But the most important piece of data, for descendants of the seventh child, Barent, is the fact that he is a documented (by this Bible) son of Andrew. This is what the Bradt SUPPLEMENT says about Barent:
"Barent is a putative son of Andrew Vanderzee and his wife; his name and the names of his children suggest this line, but no proof has yet been obtained.  The censuses of 1850 and 1855 give conflicting ages for Barent and Laura but the 1819 date of birth for Laura is supported by the 1860 census." (SUPPLEMENT TO BRADT BOOK, p.43.)

With your publication of this BIBLE, Barent is no longer just the putative son of Andrew Vanderzee and an unknown wife, but the documented son of Andrew and Jane.  The "proof has ... been obtained."  The Bible also gives Barent's  birth and death dates -- rather than "b. Betw. 1810 and 1820, d. betw. 1855 and 1860."  The dates (from the Bible) are: b. Dec. 22, 1818, d. Dec. 19, 1857.

Sylvia, I have a double cousin (we share Bradt and Rowe ancestry) who has done extensive genealogical research, and I'm sure she does not know of the existence of this Bible.  She descends from Barent, who will no longer just be the PUTATIVE son of Andrew.  I'm sure she will be thrilled to know that she is a "legitimate Bradt/Vanderzee".

By the way, a total of 66 Bradt cousins retraced our ancestors trip to America, in reverse, by going to Holland and Norway a couple of summers ago.  We will have our 4th Bradt reunion in Albany next summer.

This was a real success story for us Bradt/Vanderzees.  And I thank you for us all. Robert A. Rowe

July 14, 2000
I've just been to the Greene Co. website for the first time, and am thrilled by it. I haven't yet found my people there, but have a feeling that I may soon! Barbara Armstrong Cleveland Cofer

July 12, 2000
I keep finding more missing pieces as the Greene County Website continues to grow.  Mr. "D"

July 11, 2000
Sylvia, what a great website.  I've had tons of fun going through it in the last weeks. Your help and that of your cohorts have already been tremendous.  Thanks so much, Carol Bickel, in Baltimore

July 2, 2000
Dear Sylvia, What an impressive web site! I have hope now of finding an elusive ancestor's family. Please place the following in your Roll Call section. Thank you very much. Louise Ward

June 22, 2000
Hi Annette, Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed the Brandow Gallery you posted to Greene County site.  The only one I had in my files for Jacob & Maria Bogardus was their daughter Annaetje (Hannah) Bogardus who married Petrus (Peter) Brandow.  This was a nice addition, especially with the pictures.  Nice Job! Also, the same day the West Kill Cemetery was listed and #7 is Triphena Ford, my 3rd great grandmother.  Her maiden name isn't noted, but as soon as I saw the name, I knew it was her, w/o William Davis.  He's buried in Windham, so now I know where she is.  Plus, I found 6 other relatives buried there and a possible 2 others who might also be related.  It was an exciting day for the family tree.

June 21, 2000
I saw the page you made on the Pierce cemetery, and it was the first time I found where my ancestors are buried. (Patience Pierce and family.) I want to thank you for putting the information out there, and especially the picture. That really adds interest.  Ann Merritt

June 19, 2000
Thanks again.  This Greene County list is something special. Pat in Oregon

June 19, 2000
And a really big thank you for starting this web page. What a delight to finally have some info to work with. I'm out in California and its been really hard to get to any records on Greene County. I've been working on my roots for over 20 years now and have always been disappointed with what was available. There is hope now that I will finally be able to extend my roots a little deeper. Keep up the good work. I really envy you the ability to walk thru those cemeteries, flies and all. Marion Douglas

June 15, 2000
Let me commend you and the other volunteers on the great job you have been doing with the Greene County site. It is incredible, the amount of information you already have on line. Doug Boyer, Coordinator Schoharie Co GenWeb

June 8, 2000
I am amazed at the amount of materials that Annette and Sylvia and her team have put onto the Greene County Website "Tracing Your Roots in Greene County" since its start on May 1, 2000! I personally appreciate it since I have some searching to do in Greene County - also since I have coordinated the Delaware County website since September of 1996, I KNOW how much work goes into it. Thank you Annette and Sylvia - AND keep up the great work!  Joyce Riedinger Delaware County Listowner and Greene County Listowner

June 8, 2000
Hi Sylvia, The website is all are doing such a great job! Thank you, Jane Quirk 

May 24, 2000
For the last few years, I have been working with Ruthe White, Bea McManis, and others to place William Drake -- who md. Eunice Helme and was father of (among others) three pioneers of Genesee Co., NY -- among the many William Drakes who lived in New York State ca.1750-1850. After much frustration and many dead ends, I'm pleased to report that this William is William4 Drake (in the line of John3 and Christina Kermer, John2 and Martha Oldfield, Jesayas1 and Aeltje Adams Brouwer Drake), b. May 04, 1758, bapt. August 31, 1760, Dutch Ref. Ch., Smithfield, Northampton, PA, d. June 18, 1828, aged 70y 1m 14d, bd. First Gayhead Cemetery, Ira Vail Road, Cairo, Greene, NY.  This places him in the family of Drakes that resided at various times during the 17th-18th Centuries in Brooklyn, Queens, Orange, Dutchess, Albany, Ulster, and Genesee Counties (NY) and in Smithfield (now Stroudsberg), Northampton (now Monroe), PA.  And links him to the English, Dutch, and French Drake wives' families in this line (e.g., Grassett, Oldfield, Kermer, Verdon, Brouwer). 
While I have not yet posted (nor do I have) info on all of the siblings in this line, I have now posted the following:
-- a description of the line and the original analysis of the many Wm Drakes in NYS ca1750-1850, -- a GED2HTML web tree of this Drake line,
-- a photo of William's son John Drake (my 4th gt grandfather), and
-- key sources on this line of Drakes.
This "Drake-through," was based on a tombstone transcription for William and his wife, Eunice Helme Drake in the First Gayhead Cemetery, Greene Co., NY.  Many thanks to Sylvia Hasenkopf for this transcription and her excellent Greene County site!         
Unlike the Drakes of CT, the Drakes of NY, PA, and NJ still have no authoritative history/genealogy and much misinformation about them remains in circulation (e.g., the erroneous identification of John2 Drake's wife as Magdalena Brouwer, instead of his actual wife, Martha Oldfield).  This "Drake-thru" places the William who was left unplaced by Bennett & White, in their excellent 1971 NYGBR article on the Helmes family, and by Frank Doherty in his hallmark work on the settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY.
I invite you to check out the pages above and welcome corrections, additions, questions, etc. from any and all interested folks interested in these Drakes.  I also welcome hearing from anyone with info on this line, and especially any info that:
-- contradicts or supports this identification of William;
-- pertains to William and Eunice's children (i.e., John who md. Clarissa Worth, Samuel who md. Sylvia Thorn, Jessamine who md. Mary ?, James who md. Hannah Blackmore, Mary "Polly" who md. Silas Bullock, Claudius who md. Lydia Brewster, Ransom who md. Loretta Jump, Susan who md. Moses Cooke, Catherine who md. Horace Jump, and Joseph -- about whom I have no marriage info but whom I assume died s.p., since he alone was buried with his parents) and their descendants;
-- documents the ancestry of Christina Kermer, wife of John3 (John2, Jesayas1) Drake;
-- documents the death of John3 Drake -- bef. Feb 06, 1779 and probably in PA;
-- fleshes out the migrations of John3 from Queens Co., NY (where he was born in 1722) to Smithfield, PA (where he md in 1749) to Long Island (where his son Samuel was supposedly born in 1753) back to Smithfield (where his sons Wm4 and Jesse were bapt. in 1760) to Damascus, Wayne, PA (where his kids Benjamin and Elizabeth were born in 1766 and 1767) to ___, where he died;
-- fleshes out the migrations of William4, from ___ (where he was b. 1758), to Smithfield, PA (where he was baptized in 1760), to Dutchess County (where son John was b. 1781), to Greene Co (where some books list his sons Samuel and James as being born in 1783 and 1786), to Catskill Town, Albany, NY (where he is prob the Wm Drake listed in the 1790 Census), to ____, Greene Co., NY (where he shows up in the 1800 and 1810 Censuses) to Cairo, Greene, NY (where he appears in the 1820 Census), to the Cairo, Greene Co., NY (where he was buried in 1828); and 
-- fleshes out William4's land transactions. 
Many thanks to all of the correspondents (including members of DRAKE-L, GREENE-L, DUTCHESS-L, etc.) who've helped piece this together. Best regards, Michael

May 23, 2000
Sylvia, thank you for giving of your time to make such a nice site possible. I visit the site daily and get so much from it. My family came to this area from Columbia county as early as 1795 purchasing land along with Samuel Van Vechten at Greens Lake.  From 1645-1942 my family lived in the area working the land fighting to protect the land they so loved and no matter where they where when god came for them their bodies were laid to rest in the Hudson Valley. I only hope that someday I can go and lay a flower at all my ancestors graves but until that day your site provides a connection to the area and for this I thank you and all others that make this site possible. Mark van Hoesen

May 22, 2000
 Hi Sylvia, What a great job you and your team are doing with this site!  I look forward to my regular visits,- there are always new tidbits.   Keep up the good work!  Thank you, Jane Quirk

May 14, 2000
Your site is a visual delight as well as a fountain of great information. My heartiest congratulations.  Janet Newman

May 12, 2000
Hi Sylvia and Listers, Here are two Adams g.s. records from Stone Bridge Cemetery in Durham.  This cemetery seems to be the same one as Meeting House Hill. This copied from a book I presume. Died 16 May 1832 Joseph Adams in his 94th year. Charity, consort of Joseph d. Nov 22, 1801 aged 46 years. Think this is likely to be valid. St.Pauls Lutheran at West Camp lists 1796: Joseph Adams and wife Charity Hill (who confessed to the Cof E) had their 6 children baptized.  There probably are many more stones recorded during the twenties when many cemeteries were read (though not by the high standards that prevail today).  Many of these lists were photocopied by the LDS and/or were printed in NYGB Record. Might catch some stones that has disappeared. You are doing great work rereading the stones. Janet Newman  The Stone Bridge Cemetery in Durham is a completely different cemetery than Meeting House Hill Cemetery. They are about 3 miles distant from one another. Stone Bridge Cemetery is on the list for transcription this summer, so the whereabouts of the duo, Charity and Joseph, may yet be solved.  Sylvia Hasenkopf 

May 12, 2000
Sylvia, In the Acra Cem. #82 there is listed :
William Wallace d. Mar 18, 1818 1m 16d son of   Cornelius A & Catherine A.  Lee.  That is wrong. Cornelius was b. 1822 Catherine b. 1825 and they married 1847. Thought I'd let you know, April Saccoccio.  Thanks April. Went back to the Acra Cemetery today (May 13, 2000), and verified that the date of death should read 1848 NOT 1818. The stone is quite weathered, and made the 4 and the 1 appear to be the same. The main listing is corrected. Feedback like this is crucial and much appreciated.   Sylvia Hasenkopf.

May 11, 2000
I am delighted to see this website. The format is great and easy to use. I especially appreciate the highlighted new contents, as I plan to revisit this site again and again.  John McMenamy

May 9, 2000
It's always a treat to see a new site develop, and one thing I especially like about this one is the list of all the town clerks, their addresses and phone numbers, and a rough idea as to the timeframes of their record holdings. This was a terrific idea on someone's part, and I hope that other county sites will emulate it. Also, I look forward to seeing the timeframe information filled in for the Town of Ashland, once home to some of my ancestors. Thanks to everyone for all you've done so far! Ed Kohinke  We are awaiting this information from the Town Clerk, who was, unfortunately, in a car accident. As soon as we receive it, we'll post it!  Sylvia Hasenkopf

May 6, 2000
I have been working diligently with Michael O'Leary in trying to unravel our Drake roots.  Your site has provided much needed and appreciated information, and I personally want to thank you for your hard work. Will look forward to other additions to the site. Thank you. Ruthe White

May 5, 2000 
Just found the new site and am very pleased.  Found a lady who apparently has same lines of research as myself, plus we share a mutual "long distance" cousin.  You and the other researchers did a nice job on the site and there is lots of room to grow.  More people are looking for their roots, and so many have ties to Greene County. Thanks to you and the others for the hard work of getting the new site up and running. Best regards, Claudia Bellas.

May 4, 2000 
Hi Sylvia, What an improvement to the Greene County list. all those cemetery records on line, have been looking them over today.... found one Taylor so far. God Bless you and all your helpers. Thanks to all for doing this.   Charlotte

May 4, 2000
I'm not sure when your site went live (just 5-1?), but it's wonderful and your reply on Greene-L regarding the Allerton Cemetery has provided me with the data needed to end a two year-long string of bad luck trying to find "my" William Drake (1st Gayhead Cem). I cannot thank you enough!! The site looks great and is full of very useful info! Thanks and congrats on a fantastic job. Regards, Michael

May 3, 2000
Hello Sylvia and Team,
I am thrilled to see the team of workers and contributors of material that you have assembled for this new Greene County website.  You all have certainly put in a lot of work to get off to such a great start. The site is great looking, clean and easy to navigate. Thank you!  Joyce Riedinger  

May 3, 2000
Thank you for the information on your site.  It is so gratifying to finally have a place to really find some information.  I am a descendant of Conrad and Rebecca Edwards Hollenbeck who were married in Athens in 1815 and have been unable to find much about their parents.  Now I have hopes.  Ann Hollenbeck Benham

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