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Contributed by Juanita Bennard:
Times Record Friday, March 05, 1943
Coxsackie Woman 110 Years Old
Mrs. Anna Searles Wheeler of Coxsackie who still reads the papers and whose favorite recreation is crossword puzzles, observed her 110th birthday here today.

A native og Medway, Greene County, and a resident of Albany and Greene Counties all her life. Mrs. Wheeler suffered minor injuries when she fell several months ago and today was forced to forego the pleasure of a birthday party for the first time in thirty years.

Contributed by Juanita Bennard:

The Syracuse Herald Thursday, March 7, 1912 Syracuse, New York 

Superintendent Richards Celebrates Anniversary


For Forty Years He Has Been Principal of Oswego High School, or at the Head of City School System.

Oswego, April 6 – C.W. Richards, city superintendent of schools, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary as a teacher this week. About forty years of his service has been spent in this city at the head of the high school, or at the head of the public school system of the city.

In almost every land and in every land, the students who were in Superintendent Richard’s class are scattered. Born in Durham, Greene county, the son of William and Catherine Richards, he went to school summers until he was 11 years old and then went winters until he was 16, helping on the farm in the summer. The first school he applied for in Durham he did not get, the trustees holding that he was too young. He was 14 then, but he couldn’t make the trustees believe that he was old enough to handle the big boys and girls that attended the school.

Hearing that a teacher was wanted in the town of Catskill, Greene county, he went over and applied for the job and got it. For his services, Mr. Richards received $2 a week and “boarded ‘round.” He remained in the school until October 3d, when he returned to his native town, Durham, the trustees now that he had made good, no longer hesitating to give the home boy a chance.

Other appointments in Saugerties, Ulster county, and back to Catskill came his way, and then he determined that he would take some of the money that he had saved from his salary and take a year’s course in the Oswego Normal. When he got here he was prevailed to take a two years course, and he was graduated in the July class of ’65.

He went to Hamburg, Erie county and taught there in the Union school when he was called to the principalship of the Oswego High school and continued in that position until June 1910, when he was made superintendent of schools on the resignation of Mr. Buills.

Mr. Richards celebrated the anniversary by taking a class or two in his various schools which he visited last Monday.

Contributed by Juanita Bennard:

The Iowa City Citizen Tuesday, August 07, 1917 Iowa City, Iowa 


She is Eighty-nine Years of Age, but Put Herself Upon Record.

Seattle, Wash. – Mrs. Helen Taylor, eighty-nine years old, walked into the headquarters of the National League For Women’s Service in the Cobb building and said she wanted to register under the head of sharpshooter.

“I am a woman experienced in service for my country in war as well as in peace,” she said. “I can qualify for nurse, cook or sharpshooter. I can hit the bulls-eye as often as most men and know how to handle a rifle.”

The registry revealed that Mrs. Taylor was born in East Durham, Greene County, N.Y. Her husband was killed in the civil war. She came to Washington twenty years ago and lives at Ballard. She taught school for a few months and when she was fifteen years old, she has worked as a nurse, is an experienced horsewoman and can hold the reins over a four horse team. 

Contributed by Peggy Dolan

[handwritten]: January 13, 1934 
The Hunter Review (?) 
Riley Osborn is sick and confined to his home at the farm house on the Dolinsky property, Windham road. 
DIED -- In a hospital in Hartford, Conn., Tuesday night, January 9, 1934, from a paralytic stroke Charles Squires, formerly of this village. His remains were brought here Thursday. Funeral in Hunter M. E. church at one o'clock Friday afternoon with interment in Maplewood Cemetery. He is survived by his widow (formerly Miss Edna Elfein) and two children a son and daughter. A sister Mrs. Lottie Parnham, [? name blurred, remainder cut off] Heller's Dep't Store has a change of advt. this week. 
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Gardner, East Main street, are spending the winter in the Sunny South. 
Nicholas Stickels, who makes his home with Mrs. Jennie Erskine, had the misfortune on Sunday to fall on the ice and wrench and lame himself considerably. 
Leo Dolan, of this village, is confined in a Kingston hospital, the result of being shot twice in a mix-up in a hotel near Kingston, early Sunday morning. Late reports are he is doing nicely. We understand the other fellow is also in the hospital undergoing repairs. 
* Mt. Tabor Lodge No. 807, F. & A. M., at its regular communication on Monday evening, elected and appointed officers for the ensuing year were installed as follows: Worshipful Master, William E. Moseman; Senior Warden, G. Richard Ham; Junior Warden, H. Russell Decker; Treasurer, Benj. Musikant; Secretary, Walter J. Decker; Senior Deacon, Egbert C. Dibbell, Junior Deacon, Gilbert B. Haines; Senior Master of Ceremonies, Max Isken; Junior Master of Ceremonies, Barnett W. Rider; Chaplain, Willis Baldwin; Marshall, Otto Gordon; Stewards, Hiram H. Hoyt and Herman Mitchell; Tiler, Howard V. Vedder; Trustee, Harry Gordon. [last name very faint]

Contributed by Peggy Dolan

The Hunter Review (?) 
[Handwritten]: Oct 3, 1931 
LOCAL HAPPENINGS NEWS OF THE WEEK IN AND ABOUT HUNTER AND VICINITY Mr, and Mrs. Abe Peskowitz, Main street, have moved to New York city. 
Frank Heller was in New York city the first of the week, purchasing store goods. 
Miss Ethel Kruger, of New Paltz, spent the week-end with Miss Elsie Taylor, Division street.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grider have moved to West Main street, in Clark L. Chamberlain's cottage. 
Frank Howard, of Saugerties, spent the week-end with his brother and their mother Mrs. Lillian Howard, Division street. 
Mrs. Regina Margareten and Mrs. Y. Landau and family, after spending the summer at Margareten Park in this village, have returned to their city home. 
Leo E. Dolan, of Los Angeles, Cal., is in town. He informs us that he has been in a hospital there and is here for a change of climate and to recruit his health. 
F. B. Wilcox, optometrist, will be at Mrs. George Quick's cottage, Hunter, N.Y., Monday, Oct. 5th, to do optical work. Also on first Monday of each month thereafter--advt 
Bargain! - One Zenith Electric Radio for $35.00. Inquire of D. F. Lockwood, Hunter. -ad George Atwater, of Catskill, representing the New York Telephone Co., was in town Tuesday. 
Mrs. Herbert Wilcox and Mrs. Fred Schermerhorn, of Phoenicia, were visitors in this village Monday. 
Mrs. S. Ehrenberg and little son, Main street, left Sunday last for New York city, to remain for a time. 
Only $36.50 for the New Philco All-Electric Radio, complete with balanced tubes. See R. M. Fisher, Hunter. --advt 
Charles A. Peck, of Hensonville, Democratic nominee for Assemblyman, was a business caller at this office one day last week. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Breithaupt and family, of Phoenicia, and Mr. and Mrs. John Fiero, of Cairo, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emory R. Myers on Sunday. 
H. Russell Decker, chiropractor, announces opening an office for the practice of his profession at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Decker in this village. His Professional card is published in The Review this week. 
BORN. -- Mr. and Mrs. Abe Levy, residing in Lakewood, N. J., announce the birth of a son, born September 22, 1931. Mrs. Maxine Levy is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fischel, who own and conduct a summer school and camp near this village. They all extend New Year greetings and best wishes to all their relatives and friends.

Contributed by Peggy Dolan

[handwritten]: July 6, 1924 (from the Hunter Review)
LOCAL HAPPENINGS News of the Week In and About Hunter and Vicinity 
William Overbaugh, of Kingston, was in town Monday. 
Prof. J. S. Woods is assisting at the post-office for the summer season.   
Mrs. Helen T. Johnson, of Albany, visited here a part of the past week. 
Mrs. Forest Slocum, of Oneonta, visited relatives here over the weekend. 
Mrs. Lottie Bruger, of Brooklyn, visited her aunt Mrs. Charles Quick, Glen Avenue, this week.
Atty. Milo Claude Moseman, of Tannersville, way [sic] a business caller in this village Tuesday afternoon. 
Mrs. N. W. Ploss and grand-daughter Luella Partlow, of South Jewett, visited in this village Wednesday. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Coughlan and family, of Waterbury, Conn., were guests over July 4th of the editor and family. 
Miss Florence Chamberlain, of Walden, is at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Clark Chamberlain, West Main street, for the summer. 
Mrs. Amos J. Connelly, of Bridgeport, Conn., who has been stopping for several days at A. B. Ingraham's in South Jewett, visited in this village Monday. 
Mrs. Leroy W. Atwater is home from her school in Schenectady and is with her mother Mrs. Lucy Schermerhorn, West Main street, for the summer. Her sister Mrs. Audric Haner, from Hudson, is also stopping with her mother. 
F. J. Baldwin made a business trip to Hartford, Conn., Monday. 
The editor and H. J. Dougherty were in Schenectady over the week-end. 
Charles Squires and family, of Hartford, Conn., are in town for the summer. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Decker, from Pittsburg, Pa., are home for the summer. 
A. D. Clow, of Catskill, Sealer of Weights and Measures, was in this village Tuesday. 
Miss Doris Curtis, of Edgewood, is assisting at C. L. Chamberlain's, West Main street, for the summer. 
MARRIED. --- At North Lansing, N. Y. June 25 1929, [sic?] Miss Thelma Hill, of Tannersville, and Earl Kerr, of this village. 
Mrs. Helen Patterson and children, who have been in Yonkers for several months, have returned to their West Main street home in this village. 
J. P. Brandow, of Union City, N. J., recently visited his mother Mrs. Jul [__cut off] Brandow, who is sick at the home of her daughter Mrs. B. E. Hickey, Main street. 
Herman Klinck and family, of Brooklyn, were in town Saturday last. Mr. Klinck was a neighbor and friend of the editor's family in Brooklyn for several years, and, of course, was a pleasant caller at this office. 
At the farmer's picnic in Cairo last week Friday, the Greene County American Legion acted as escort to Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, guest of honor at this affair. The delegates from Le[__cut off] Squires Post of this village were: Commander Otto Stelling, Adjutant Roland Schoonmaker, Leslie Distin and and [sic] Franklin Finch. 
L. E. Dolan, a former Hunter boy, has opened a Riding Academy in San Rafael, California. Mr. Dolan personally supervises instruction in driving and riding lessons. He was formerly instructor at the Cavalry School in Kansas and more recently instructor at San Rafael Military Academy, and has had 12 years' experience instructing in this country and in England and France. ***** end newspaper clipping (s) 
Notes: I believe that the 1929 date for the wedding is an error, as my father (L.E. Dolan) would have started the riding academy earlier. 1924 sounds right. 

Contributed by Lodema DuBois Jenkins:

The Prattsville News Published by S R Hoagland Run by the Proprietor Terms: $1.50 per year in advance Vol LXXVII No 13 Prattsville N. Y March 31, 1933

Home Record Ashland
Miss Helen Wier visited Miss Reta Voorhees, Saturday.
Miss Reta Voorhees has recovered from the measles and returned to her home.
Mrs. George Osborn, Jr of Windham, was calling on friends in town Wednesday.
Elmer Mallory and family will soon move from Windham to their house in Ashland village.
Sherwood Munson of Jersey City, is spending some time with his uncle, Frank Munson and family.
Mr. McCormick and family will move from the Elmer Mallory house to Arthur Lee’s house on April 1.
Alvy Tuttle has had the large elm tree in front of his residence cut down also the one near his garage.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Mackey, who have spent several years near Hudson will return to Ashland about April.
Burton Clough and wife of Athens, were dinner guests of her brother, Arthur Voorhees and family recently.
Mrs. Chester Jordan and son, Bobby, of Prattsville, are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Arthur Voorhees.
Roy Cornell has finished his work for the Dairymen’s League and has accepted a position as manager of the Oak Hill creamery.
Mr and Mrs. Hugh Lee, Arthur Lee and Mrs. Lynn Martin were called to Waterbury, Conn, on Wednesday by the illness of Mrs. Harold Clark.
Mr and Mrs. Julius Howard and son, Elwood, and Mrs. Wiliam Dibble, of Little Westkill, were guests of H C Dunham and family Friday.

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