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More Greene County Ephemera

         Ulster Delaware Railroadwpe19.jpg (39139 bytes) 

Contributed by Lisa Samarron

The original ticket is in the possession of her grandmother, Florance Littmann Kelly. From what she has heard 'Kellys Corners', one of the stops on the train route was named for her Grandpas family. Her Grandpas name was Paul H Kelly (born 1906) his father was William E Kelly. William had several brothers, Otis, Claude, Walter, Irving, Frank. These were the names that her Grandma could remember, there were possibly more. Kelly's Corners is in Delaware Co. 




A Cure for the DropseywpeA3.jpg (63815 bytes)

Take of Squills or tea onion and cortix Cinnamon pulverise them 
Dose 1½ grains of the squills and 4 grains of the bark once a day 

Drink milkweed root, huckleberry and asparagus root in Gin every day

Contributed by

This “receipt” from the late 1700s - early 1800s was found in the papers of Petrus Felten/Felter all tied up in a ribbon.  The “receipt” was purported to be a cure for dropsy (what we today call edema or more simply, fluid accumulation fluid accumulation frequently caused by either liver or heart disease).  

The papers of Petrus have been handed down over the years, and I have many receipts of the non-medical kind (for taxes paid, grain purchased, ledgers from businesses), as well as more medical “receipts” (including rabies!), including a variety of other ephemera that provide some insight into the life of the Felters and other ancestors. 

Many of the papers tied up in this particular packet clearly belonged to Petrus, but some appeared to have belonged to his father.  Given various characteristics in the writing of this receipt and the fact that it was found with papers dated when Petrus would have been fairly young, it is possible that the receipt belonged to Petrus’ father rather (Jacob) than to Petrus.

Jacob Felton was born in 1745/1746 on February 1 in Kingston.  According to family records and old papers, he would have come “up” from Kingston to Westerlo area in about 1799 with his two sons (Petrus and Jacobus), “where the family remained”.  

I sent a copy of the receipt to a medical historian at the University's medical school who said that only the ingredient huckleberry is not used in some form or another in modern prescriptions for edema related problems.

As for the individual ingredients?  Squill is listed in lots of old medical books to help a weak pulse and use as a diuretic.  Although I wasn’t able to track down exactly what “squill” referred to, from some of my old herbal books I think it is the bulb of plants related to garlic or onions one book suggests it is related to the hyacinth, which does belong to the onion family.

Old medical beliefs held that cinnamon “raises vitality, warms and stimulates all the vital functions of the body, counteracts congestion, is anti-rheumatic, stops diarrhea, improves digestion, relieves abdominal spasms and aids the peripheral circulation of the blood.”  Not bad, for a single source cure all...  The cortix?  Probably a mispelling of cortex which comes from the Latin word cortic, meaning “bark” so in this case it was bark of cinnamon. 

Huckleberries, according to herbalists,  help to prevent hardening of the arteries and regulate heart rhythms.  But then remember, this is the one that the medical historian said is not currently in use... who knows if due to a lack of efficacy or perhaps it is something that should be explored. 

Asparagus is used by homeopaths to treat rheumatism, as well as edema due to heart failure. It is high in folic acid, which is essential for production of new red blood cells. Asparagus is a diuretic, and will clear sediment from the bladder (which might be why it makes your urine smell so bad!). In addition, asparagus also has laxative properties.  

Herbal remedies suggest that juniper berries (and gin is made from the juniper) reduce the swelling associated with edema and reduce uric acid (which causes gout). 

The Soap Box

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn

wpe33.jpg (277692 bytes)    wpe35.jpg (172011 bytes)    wpe37.jpg (121744 bytes)    wpe39.jpg (26373 bytes)

From left to right: Soap Box Top, Underside of Soap Box Top, with label, Inside soap Box with zinc liner, a close-up of the label

Leather Shoes

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn

       wpe5F.jpg (340214 bytes)    wpe61.jpg (182845 bytes)   

 Pair of leather shoes, made by the United States Manufacturing Company, between 1865-1870. They came from the Westkill General Store. Note that the shoes have wooden pegged soles, and square headed nails in the heels.

Westkill General Store Ledgers

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn

    Westkill General Store


                                                 April 1861       November 1862           July 1863                 July 1863             January 1864

Hannah Lisk Embroidery

circa 182?

Contributed by Robert Carman

This embroidery was created by Hannah Lisk Coonley, wife of Gerry Coonley. She was the youngest daughter of James C. Lisk who died June 1836 in New Baltimore, Greene County, NY. Hannah was born in 1807, died in 1873  aged 66 years 

Hannah Lisk Coonley's daughter Josephine Coonley was born  Dec. 18. 1848 and died Mar. 14,1924. She married Alexander Wolf of Athens N.Y. Their children were Ambrose Wolf b-----, d-----; Lenna Wolf b.1874, d.1949; Annie Wolf, b.1877, d. 1955, who married George Moon of Catskill, N.Y. , a dairy farmer. Lenna Wolf married George Coonley Carman b. 1875, d.1961. His mother was Maria Coonley b.1845,d.1876. Maria's father was a George P. Coonley b.1817,d.1887 and her mother was Eleanor Smith b. 1819,d. Nov. 12.1887, (She was from Westerlo, N.Y.)

It is not established at this time whether George P. Coonley was related to Gerry Coonley, there is strong evidence to believe this though.

Calling Card for Pastor Bookhout
M.E. Church Lexington

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn

Envelope from the Windham Journal 1943
K.M. Cole, Publisher

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn


Prattsville Bank Letter

Contributed by Seward R. Osborn


Prattsville Bank
June 16 / [18]47

W W Van Zandt Es[quire]
                  Register &C

                            Dear Sir, 

I have this day forwarded by mail to your address a packet of our worn out bills for exchange for our fives & tens. H[eavy] on 5 

Yours respectfully

J Hopkins

Wait's Hotel Stationery - 1886

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

Wait's Hotel, Westkill, Greene Co, NY

Westkill, NY Oct.15, 1886

Mr. Daniel Ford
We are going to have a clam bake the 20th. Shall have a dance in the evening. Shall expect you to Play for us.

Yours truly,
Capt. Wait

Homemade Calling Card - Alice Haner

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection



Henry S. Van Orden Calling Card

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

The reverse of the card stated: POSTCARD Miss Ethel Ford, Lexington, Greene Co, NY, c/o G.B.

Martin Lament - Washington Monument Certificate

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

A certificate that was sent to Martin Lament, born April 25, 1824, died July 11, 1906 by the Washington National Monument Society. He was a son of Solomon and Hannah Maben Lament and is buried in the Lexington Cemetery. In the early days of the proposed Washington Monument in Washington, DC, the public was allowed to give money for it's construction. Martin, who was owner of the Lexington Hotel, gave 50 cents and received this certificate signed by President Zachery Taylor.

Cornelia Manning Calling Card

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

Catskill Mountain Souvenirs - J.T. Henderson, Catskill

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Athens Sesquicentennial First Day Cover

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Sabbath Day Merit Card - Hannah Archable

From the Seward R, Osborne Collection


Sabbath Day Merit Cards
Presented to Roselie and Cornelia Lament, Lexington, Greene Co., NY in the 1850's (as written on the reverse)

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

Prattsville Bank Letter

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne



To: Wm. W. Van Zant, Esq.
       Bank Department
       Albany, NY

Hon. Z. Pratt April 24, 1845
Authority to send blank impressions of notes by mail


Albany April 24th 1845

Wm. W. Van Zant, Esq


Will you do me the favour to send me my Bill - when countersigned etc. & put as many sheats (sic) together as will wiegh (sic) less than 2 oz. & put a small piece of paper round each parcel marked to me and the wrapped around the whole - say 2 or $3000 together & put them in the Post Office - at my (???)

I am yours truly

Z. Pratt

Catskill Theater

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf







Farmer's Diary
Catskill Almanac 1819
Courtesy of Sheila Dent




"Farmer's Diary; or Catskill Almanach, for the Year of our Lord 1819,
being the 3rd after Bissextile, or Lep Year; and
(till July 4th) the 43rd of American Independence.
Calculated for the Meridian of Catskill; but may serve for
other Latitudes.
Besides the usual Astromical Observations,
A Great Variety of
New, Useful, and Entertaining Matter.
By Andrew Beers, Philom.
Nature! great parent! whose unceasing hand
Rolls round the season of the changeful year
How mighty how majestic are they works!
With what a pleasing dread they swe'l the soal!
Published by Nathan Elliot,
and sold wholesale and retail at his Book Store.
Croswell & Son, Printers"
The back cover shows:
"From Catskill to Unadilla, Oxford, Norwich, Bettsburh, Owego & c. (Susquehannah Turnpike) "   ie
"Durham - Post,  6   Cooley, Smith          2"
Catskill Bank - Discounts on Tuesdays
Directors - Thomas B Cooke, Benjamin Haxtun, Ira Day, Caleb Benton, Thomas E Barker, Ezra Hawley, John Adams, Joshua Atwater, James Powers, Jairus Strong, Orrin Day, Apollos Cooke, Henry M'Kinstry.
Thomas B Cooke, President;  Orrin Day, Cashier
Aqueduct Bank - Discounts on Tuesdays
Directors - Thomas T Thomson, James Bogardus, Jacob Haight, Isaac Dubois, William Seaman, Mark Spencer, Aaron Andrews, E.T. Gaylord, Moses I Cantine, Fyler Dibblee, Abraham Van Vechten.
Thos. T Thomson, President; Wm H. Wey, Cashier"
Also included in this are short stories, poems, helpful information to cure sickness,  for example, for " Rheumatic Pains - Take some of the oil that swims on the top of a keg of Pickled Salmon and rub on the parts affected;  and in two or three days application, it will affect a cure.".  Molasses will rid your home of cockroaches.
More offered in the publication are suggestions to select various farm animals and what to look for and the same with plants.
The back pages are that of  Officers of the Government of the United States with James Monroe, President.   NYS is listed with his "Excellency DeWitt Clinton, Governor", all state and federal representatives of the time, the County officals of NYS including Greene with Wm Van Bergen, Clerk; D Kirtland, Surrogates; Moses I Cantine, Judge". 
Greene Sheriff was Jacob Haight, Catskill and Alexander Fraser, DA.  Greene Co Court was held "last Tuesday in Jan, May and 1st in Sept." 
Athens was considered to be a principle town in the state as pointed out on the travel directions sections on the page before the back cover. 
Cherry Valley was also a principle destination with what looks to be a distance of  70 miles from Catskill."

The Dairy Industry in 
Greene Co., NY

From the files of the Durham Center Museum. The dairy industry in Greene County became a major economic boon to the families in the county.


1. wpe1.gif (174199 bytes)  2.  wpe9.gif (53459 bytes)   3.  wpeC.gif (234269 bytes)  4.  wpeE.gif (271591 bytes)

5. wpe11.jpg (174451 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (112029 bytes)

1. Farmer's Creamery Company, East Durham, N.Y., P.W. Elliott, Manager, F. O'Hara, Secretary
2. Butter wrapper for the Locust Grove Creamery, Oak Hill, NY
3. The account of Mr. E. Lownsbury for the month of July 1904 with the Medusa Creamery of Albany Co., NY. D.W. Wilbur, Proprietor
4. Locust Grove Creamery - Employment Wages confirmation for E. Ford for July  1, 1902
P.R. Brandow, Pres.; Fred B. Hay, Secy; E. Ford, Tres.
5. Stock Certificate for the Farmer's Creamery Company of East Durham, NY, Inc. - two shares issued to Dr. Leonard Safford, Tallmadge C. Meddaugh, President, Zina Rockefeller, Secretary, on September 7, 1916

The Catskill Bank Cheque 

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Note the two cuts in the shape of X's on the note. This means that the cheque has been cashed.

Letterhead from C. Cowles store

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

C. Cowles, Undertaker and Dealer in Furniture of all Kinds, Durham Nov, 4, 1898

Undertakers were usually furniture dealers, as they made the coffins for the deceased. This predates the era of embalming.

Letterhead from the Lexington Hotel

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Lexington House, Lexington - J. P. Van Valkenburgh Proprietor, May 3, 1897

Letterhead from the Silver Maple Hotel

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Silver Maple Hotel, Oak Hill - B.C. De Witt, Prop. March 30, 1897

Letterhead from the Anderson House

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Anderson House, Forge - J.H. Anderson, Prop. May 27, 1896

Letterhead from the Hine House

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

The Hine House, Cairo - S.H. Hine, Proprietor May 1, 1896

Trade cards from Joseph Bros., Catskill, Clothiers

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Christmas Glee, Dexter's Hall, Cairo NY December 23, 1853

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Trade card from Smith & Price, Catskill, Cash Dry Goods

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Trade card from Lampman & Burroughs, Coxsackie, Dry Goods, Carpeting etc.

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf



Howard's Dry Goods Store Letterhead, Cairo, NY

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Edwin S. Keith, Business Card, Williamsburg, NY

Contributed by Phyllis Silva-Keith

Edwin S. Keith was born June 19, 1815 in Cairo, NY. His parents were Amasa Keith and Polly Simpson. He married Julia Ann Palen, daughter of John Palen and Polly Peck in Cairo on the 18th of  October 1841. He was a successful businessman in Williamsburg, NY where he died on March 18, 1868.

Saulpaugh Hotel, Catskill, NY

Leather postcards
From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf



Martin Lament  - Master Mason's Certificate

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne



Cairo Railroad Company Stock Certificate

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne


Catskill Ferry Company Stock Certificate

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne


Folk Art Drawing by J.H. Vermilyea

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne

At top: Drawn for Mr. Demetrius France by J.H. Vermilyea Esq., Soldier Com. Sergt etc.
Catskill March 23, 1851
Miss Edith May is identified as the woman on the horse

Catskill Creek at Flood

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Pruyn Drum Corps
Fourth Annual Ball 1903

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf



Zeus Lodge K. of P. No 360
Annual Reception 1908 Invite
Vanderbilt's Opera House Greenville

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Palmer & Beardsley Fine Groceries
Catskill, NY

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


National Bank of Coxsackie
Account Book of Reuben R. Palmer, Greenville

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Purling Rod & Gun Club Pins
1982, 1984, 1985

From the collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Homer Holcomb Account Book

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne

A few pages from this book starting with October 23, 1837, in Big Hollow.
Another page from 1846.
Homer was Seward's great great grandfather.



Goetschius and Becker Invoice 1856

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne

Invoice for New Boots
John J. Long on Holmer Holcomb's Order 1849

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne

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