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The Platt Osborn Hitchcock Family - about 1910

Center of the picture, with the beard, is Platt Osborn Hitchcock (1832-1915).
He was the son of Lucius Hitchcock, (1793-1868), who was the son of Deacon Lemuel Hitchcock, (1749-1829), who in 1794 came to Big Hollow and located on a square mile of land located on both sides of the Batavia Creek. 
To the right of Platt is his wife, Emerett Atwater Hitchcock (1836-1917).  She was the daughter of Samuel Atwater (1786- c.1856) and Sarah Bronson (1795-1866)of Big Hollow.  Platt and Emerett had 5 children, the oldest, Eva S. Hitchcock (1861-1891), who was a teacher, became ill and died shortly before her wedding day.
In the back row:  Margaret MacGlashan Hitchcock (1872-1947), my grandmother.  Next to her is her husband (my grandfather), Alfred Dwight Hitchcock (1874-1918);   William Henry Hitchcock (1878-1972) and his wife, Grace Olive Crandell (1886-196610.  She was the daughter of William and Emma Barnum Crandell of Big Hollow.
Middle row:  Roswell S. Vining (1872-1944), son of Scott and Estelle Miles Vining;  his wife, Julia Vestina Hitchcock Vining (1875-1941); Platt and Emerett Hitchcock;  daughter, Rose E. Hitchcock Hitchcock (1865-1948) and her husband,  Zalmon Hitchcock (1855-1930).  They were 2nd cousins.
Bottom row:  Robert Lucius Vining, Rev. (1907-1996);  Scott Vining (1901-1991);  William Elwood Hitchcock (1908-2004), son of William and Grace;  Austin Hitchcock (1904-1959), son of Rose and Zalmon;  Alfred Vining (1908-1982);  and Alice Hitchcock, my aunt, (1905-2003), dau. of Dwight and Margaret.  My father, her brother was not born until 1914. 
The house in the picture is the present Hitchcock farm home in Big Hollow and was built in 1900 for Platt's family by his brother,  businessman, Dwight Baldwin Hitchcock.  It has been in the family for 4 generations.

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  1. Taken in the mid 1890's;  From left to right: Platt O. Hitchcock, Will Hitchcock, Rose Hitchcock, Alfred Dwight Hitchcock (called Dwight), Emerett Atwater Hitchcock, and Aunt Eurania Atwater (1832-1903), (unmarried sister to Emerett and living with Platt's family).  This house is the one the family lived in until they built the large farm house in 1900.  It was next to the new one, just up the road  and is still being lived in although painted red and greatly renovated.  The farm buildings can be seen in the background.

  2. William and Grace Crandell Hitchcock, married Nov. 9, 1904;  probably a wedding picture

  3. From left to right:  Will Hitchcock, Emerett Atwater Hitchcock, Rose Hitchcock, and Platt O. Hitchcock;  I believe this one was taken in about the same era, 1890's.

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1.    Eva S. Hitchcock (1861-1891), She went to Albany Normal School  and taught school.
From note in Alice Hitchcock's 1981 diary (July 16): "Aunt Eva taught before that at Sutton Hollow and spent some week ends at Dr. Mead's in Ashland. He had daughter Eugenia who married Addie Hill. The girls must have been about same age. Dr. Mead's wife related to Atwaters."
Eva was engaged to Frank Sillman of Hobart but she became ill and died shortly before her wedding day.
2.    Rose E. Hitchcock (1865-1948), married her 2nd cousin, Zalmon Hitchcock.  Had one son, Austin.  She taught school for more than 25 years.  She later lived with her son and his wife in Kingston.
William Henry Hitchcock.  He attended the grade school in Big Hollow for a few years & worked on his father's farm without wages until he was 21. He operated the family farm with his brother Dwight until Dwight's death in 1918. He then bought the entire farm and operated it alone for many years and then with his son Wilfred, before his retirement.


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  1. Alfred Dwight Hitchcock, my grandfather.  He and his brother, William, took over the family farm in 1915  by buying their sisters' share in it.  They formed a partnership known as "The Hitchcock Brothers".  Dwight had previously been a businessman dealing in cattle, sheep and hogs, becoming a butcher and meat dealer in Big Hollow.  The two brothers did well with the farm until tragedy struck.  Dwight became ill with cancer and died in 1918 leaving his wife with 2 young children.

  2. Taken in 1886:  Alfred Dwight Hitchcock, 12 years old, and William Henry Hitchcock, 8 years

  3. Dwight Baldwin Hitchcock (1830-1902), brother to Platt Hitchcock.  He and his 2nd wife, Sarah Barney Hitchcock built the 14 room house in 1900 for his brother and his large family for $6,000.  He was a businessman in the firm of Hitchcock and Patterson in Windham.  They had no children.

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  1. Austin Platt Hitchcock (1904-1959), son of Rose and Zalmon Hitchcock.  He married Helen Campbell of Ashland.  They had no children.  He attended Oneonta Teachers College and taught school for a few years.  He was an excellent mechanic; owned and ran a very successful garage in Kingston, NY.

  2. Platt Hitchcock and son Dwight.  J.W. Heller of Albany is in the back seat.

  3. Platt Hitchcock and sons.  Standing behind the horse is Dwight.  In the seat is Will.
    4.    Left to right:  Eva Hitchcock, Elwood Hitchcock, Edwin Hitchcock; taken about 1914.

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    1. My aunt, Alice Hitchcock and my father, Herbert Hitchcock, taken 1914. 
      2.   Margaret MacGlashan Hitchcock and Alfred Dwight Hitchcock with daughter, Alice Elizabeth Hitchcock.  (my grandparents and aunt, taken before my father was born, taken about 1907)
      3.   Margaret MacGlashan Hitchcock, Alice and Herbert Dwight Hitchcock (1914-1963).  Taken about 1920.  Herbert was my father and married Doris Woodworth of Hensonville.
      4.    Austin and Helen Campbell Hitchcock;  probably a wedding picture.  They were married in 1930.  No children.

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  1. Margaret MacGlashan Hitchcock Cryne (my grandmother) and her 2nd husband, James Cryne  (1871-1948);  They married in 1920. After her 1st husband (Dwight) died, she and her two children moved to Windham on 5 Nov 1919. She worked at a boarding house next door to where they lived. After a short time, she took some money left to her by her late husband (probably also the $3,500 Dwight's brother Will had paid for Dwight's share of the farm) and bought a boarding house in Windham on Mitchell Hollow Road (just up past the cemetery). She added to it and it prospered. They ran it from 1920 to 1944.  That was the house where Herbert was raised. Alice only lived at the boarding house for a short time before she was married.  It has since burned down.
    2.    Cryne boarding house on Mitchell Hollow Road in Windham.
    3.    Herb Hitchcock, about 1938,  and his prized movie camera. He had a great interest in movies and had been a projectionist at the Hensonville theater for years.  We have movies he had taken in the late 1930's and even colored movies when I was a baby in the early 1940's.  I still have the camera!
    4.  The 1936 Plymouth owned by my father, Herbert Hitchcock.  At the time he had the license plate number "36-H" which my mother kept all of her life.  We passed it down to our son and now he has that number in the state of Georgia.  My husband and I have it in South Carolina, and one of my daughters has it in the state of Virginia.  We are "working" on our other 2 daughters to get in in their states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina. 


    The Hitchcock farm in Big Hollow (looking south), possibly taken about 1886. (?)  The old home is in the center and is still there, although painted red.  The new 14 room home was built in 1900 just to the right of the barns in the picture and is still in the Hitchcock family.

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