Land Records

One Rod = 16.5 feet or 198 inches
One Chain = 66 feet or 100 links or 792 inches
One link = 7.92 inches 
(Courtesy of Peter Rice)

1 perch = 1 sq. rod (16.5 feet by 16.5 feet)
160 sq. rods = 1 acre

LOCUS SIGILLI  1. The place of the seal.  2. In many of the states, instead of sealing deeds, writs, and other papers or documents requiring it, a scroll is made in which the letters L. S. are printed or written, which is an abbreviation of Locus Sigilli.  This in some of the states has all the efficacy of a seal, but in others it has no such effect.
On many deeds beside the signature you will find L.S. which is defined above. Definition from the Bouviers Law Dictionary, 1856 edition and submitted courtesy Steve Henry.




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