Military Minutes of the Council
of Appointments of the State of New York

Council of Appointment
Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York
Four Volumes

Compiled and Edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian
Published by the State of New York

Greene County appointments extracted by Ron Hasenkopf and transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

October 11, 1793 

His Excellency the Governor having signified to the Council that in consequence of a report made to him by the adjutant general he had thought it expedient and proper to form the regiment lately organized in the southern part of Albany county consisting of the militia of the towns of Coeymans, Cocksackie, Freehold and the militia of the town of Catts-Kill into a brigade –RESOLVED, that David McCarty be and is hereby appointed brigadier general thereof: that Daniel G. Van Antwerp be and is hereby appointed lieutenant colonel commandant of the regiment of militia in the town of Coeymans, in the county of Albany, vice McCarty, promoted:

Anthony Egbertse, first major, vice Van Antwerp, do: James Bennet, second do, vice Egbertse, do.

Noadiah Judson, captain, vice Bennet, do.

In order to effect an arrangement of a regiment of militia in the town of Catskill – RESOLVED, that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed for the same, to wit:

Anthony Abeel, lieutenant colonel commandant;

Shadrach Sill, first major; George Hale, second do; William Van Bergen, adjutant.

John Shepmous, captain; Henry Freleigh, lieutenant; Cornelius Myer, ensign.

Abraham Salisbury, captain; Peter Oosterhoudt, lieutenant; James Brown, ensign.

Samuel Haight, captain; Wilhelmus Schuneman, lieutenant; Noah Everist, ensign.

Waldron Dumont, captain; John Sole, lieutenant; Ignatius Van Orden, ensign.

Eli Nichols, captain; Enoch Hide, lieutenant; Benjamin Foster, ensign.

Peter Raymond, captain of light infantry; Benajah Woolcot, lieutenant do; John Done, ensign, do.

September 26, 1793 – His Excellency the Governor having signified to the Council his intention of forming the militia of the town of Coxsackie, in the county of Albany, into a regiment – RESOLVED, that the following officers be and are hereby appointed to compose the said regiment:

Philip Conine, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant.

Leonard Bronk, first major; Peter A. Van Bergen, second major; Benjamin Moor, adjutant; Paul Sherman, quartermaster; Martin G. Van Bergen, paymaster

Jonas Bronk, captain, light infantry; Andrew N. Heermance, lieutenant do; Dirck Conine, ensign, do.

Robert Burrel, captain light infantry; Aaron Hall, lieutenant do; Jehiel Slawson, ensign do.

Richard R. Van den Bergh, captain; Peter H. Van Bergen, lieutenant; Edward Wills, ensign.

John McIntire, captain; Jeremiah Canniff, lieutenant; James Litchfield, ensign.

Mathise Van den Bergh, captain; Coenradt Houghtaling, junior, lieutenant; Peter Conine, ensign.

Jacob N. Heermance, captain; Joshua Baker, lieutenant; Frederick H. Dedrick, ensign.

James Van Valckenburgh, captain; Nicholas J’s Van Loon, lieutenant; Isaac Spoor, junior, ensign.

Samuel Reed, captain; Isaac Rosa, lieutenant; Caspar Colyer, ensign.

Aaron Hull, captain; Robert Palmer, lieutenant; William Mitchel, ensign.

Reuben Farman, captain; John Balis, lieutenant; Abel Trowbridge, ensign.

His Excellency the Governor having signified to the Council his intention of forming the militia of the town of Coeymans, in the county of Albany, into a regiment –RESOLVED, that the following officers for the said regiment be and they are hereby appointed:

David McCarty, lieutenant colonel commandant.

Daniel G. Van Antwerp, major of first battalion; Anthony Egbertse, major of second do; Stephen Hanes, adjutant; John Colvin, quartermaster; Garit Cluet, paymaster; Worthington Ely, surgeon; James Rue, surgeon’s mate.

John Van Dalfsen, captain; Salmon Skinner, lieutenant; Jonas Bronck, ensign.

Levi Blaisdell, captain; John Ten Eyck, lieutenant; James Waldron, ensign.

Isaac D. Verplanck, captain; Andrew Van der Zee, lieutenant; Peter Hogan, ensign.

Abimel Robins, captain; John Badgely, lieutenant; John Stanton, ensign.

James Bennet, captain; Charles Stewart, junior, lieutenant; Nathaniel Scofield, ensign. Jacob J. Schermerhorn, captain; Peter D. Groot, lieutenant; John Widbeck, ensign.

Casparus Ackerman, captain; Elijah Towner, lieutenant; John Green, ensign.

Storm Hoghtaling, captain; Henry Gage, lieutenant; Zacariah Whitmarsh, ensign.

Thomas Whiton, captain; William Manning, lieutenant; Peleg Burdick, ensign.

That the counties of Albany, Saratoga, Montgomery, Schoharie, Delaware and Greene shall compose the fourth division of the militia.

April 17, 1800

Peter A. Van Bergen, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Leonard Bronk, resigned:

Jonas Bronk, first major, vice P.A. Van Bergen, promoted.

Casper Colyer, lieutenant, vice J. Rosa, removed; Jeremiah Chavelier, ensign, vice C. Colyer, promoted; Obadiah Titus, lieutenant, vice J. Litchfield, removed; Peter Wolf, ensign, vice O. Titus, promoted; Enos Collins, lieutenant, vice W. Mitchell, removed; Nathan Botsford, ensign, vice E. Collins, promoted.

April 18, 1800

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant George Hale’s regiment:

Joseph Graham, lieutenant, vice N. Bennet, removed; Caleb Croswell, ensign, vice B. Nichols, do; William Southard, ensign, vice, J. Blanchard, do.

Macky Croswell, quartermaster, vice W.W. Wetmore, do

January 22, 1802:

It appearing to the Commander-in-chief that the militia of the county of Greene in the town of Windham and those parts of the towns of Catskill and Freehold which are situated on the west side of the Catskill mountains have not hitherto been properly organized; and it being represented to him that they consist nearly of five hundred men subject to militia duty and are rapidly increasing; the Commander-in-chief has, therefore, thought proper to form them into a distinct regiment– RESOLVED, that the following persons be and they are hereby appointed officers of said regiment, viz:

Stephen Simmons, lieutenant colonel commandant;

George Stinson, first major; Jesse Gifford, second major; Ephraim Stimson, adjutant; Reuben Hofford, quartermaster; Ephraim Turney, paymaster; Abraham Camp, surgeon.

First company – Daniel Gunn; captain; Amherst Andrews, lieutenant; Seth Beach, ensign.

Second do – Benjamin Chamberlain, captain; Aaron Bushnell, lieutenant; Benjamin Chase, ensign.

Third do – Hermon Mason, captain; Moses Townsend, lieutenant; Josiah T. Ellis, ensign.

Fourth do – William Parker, captain; Ichabod Andrews, lieutenant; Isaac Buel, ensign.

Fifth do – Justus Squier, captain; Enos Baldwin, lieutenant; Caleb Miller, ensign.

Sixth do – Martinus Laraway, captain; Richard Decker, lieutenant; David Van Dyke, ensign.

Seventh do – Argulus White, captain Levi Babcock, lieutenant; Caleb Hubbard, ensign.

Eighth do – Jehiel Tuttle, captain; Jairus Munson, lieutenant; Minor Cobb, ensign.

Ninth do – Peter Van Orden, captain; Cornelius Fuller, lieutenant; Matthew B. Auger, ensign.

March 27, 1802:

Abraham Salsbury, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice George Hale, who was appointed sheriff.

Samuel Haight, first major, vice Abraham Salsbury, junior, promoted; Waldron Dumond, second do, vice Samuel Haight, do.

John Van Orden, captain, vice Waldron Dumond, do; John Pierson, junior, lieutenant, vice John Sole, moved; Wilhelmus Overbagh, junior, ensign, vice Ignatius Van Orden, irregularly resigned.

William Moore, captain, vice John Fraleigh, do; Peter Wynkoop, lieutenant, vice William Moore, promoted; Hezekiah Myer, ensign, vice Justice Blanchard, moved.

John Reaves, captain, vice W. Schuneman, irregularly resigned; Orin Dey, lieutenant, vice John Reaves, promoted; Adonijah Sherman, ensign, vice Orin Dey, do.

March 31, 1802

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Peter A. Van Bergen’s regiment:

Joseph Picket, captain, vice Joseph Baker, resigned; Silas Rockwell, lieutenant; vice Joseph Picket, promoted.

Casper Collyer, captain, vice Samuel Read, moved away; Jeremiah Chevelier, lieutenant, vice Casper Collyer, promoted; Jesse Barber, ensign, vice Jeremiah Chevelier, do.

John Balis, captain, vice Reuben German, moved away; Joseph Shepherd, lieutenant, vice John Balis, moved; Augur Tredwell, ensign, vice Joseph Shepherd, promoted.

Obadiah Titus, captain, vice John McIntyre, moved away; Peter Wolf, lieutenant, vice Obadiah Titus, promoted; Noah Wheeler, ensign, vice Peter Wolf, do.

Derick Conine, captain, vice Jonas Bronk, do; Philip L. Conine, lieutenant, vice Derick Conine, do; Derrick Collins, ensign, vice Philip L. Conine, do; William Ray, ensign, vice Edward Wells, resigned for age; Henry C. Hoghtaling, ensign, vice john Plumb, moved away.

March 3, 1803

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Stephen Simmons’ regiment:

David Van Slyke, captain, vice Martinus Laraway; Jeremiah Barber, lieutenant; Peter Becker, ensign.

Henry Goslee, captain, captain; Nathan Osborn, lieutenant; Jairus Strong, ensign – of a company of light infantry.

Seth Beach, lieutenant of do; Jonathan Ford, ensign of do.

March 18, 1803

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Abraham Salisbury’s regiment:

Matthias Van Loon, second major, vice (Waldron) Dummond, declining to accept.

John Brandow, captain, vice Van Loon, promoted; Simeon Franklin, lieutenant, vice Brandow, do; William Warner, ensign, vice (Amos) mix, moved.

Cornelius Myers, captain, vice (William) Moore, resigned; Timothy Lawrence, lieutenant, vice (Peter) Wynkoop, declining to accept; John Remsen, ensign, vice (Hezekiah) Myer, do; David Johnston, do, vice (Adonijah) Sherman, do.

Garrit Van Hoesen, junior, captain, vice (John) Ellis, moved, and (John) Rouse, resigned; Joel Bellamy, lieutenant, vice (John) Rouse, resigned; George Pollock, ensign, vice Van Hoesen, promoted.

Stephen Root, quartermaster, vice (Macky) Croswell, exempted by law.

April 3, 1803

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Peter A. Van  Bergen’s regiment:

Henry C. Houghtaling, lieutenant, vice Peter Conine, resigned; John Brown, ensign, vice H.C. Houghtaling, promoted; Jonathan Warren, do, vice William Ray, refusing to serve.

October 8, 1803

Moses I. Cantine, brigade of militia of the county of Greene and part of the county of Albany, whereof David McCarty, esquire, is brigadier general, to serve also as brigade major with the rank of a major, in the room of Benjamin Moore, moved.

January 18, 1804

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper to order the raising of a company of light infantry in the regiment whereof Abraham Salisbury is lieutenant colonel commandant – RESOLVED, that Jacob Haight be captain, James Pinckney, lieutenant, and John Wolcott, ensign thereof.

February 14, 1804

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Daniel Brown, junior’s regiment:

John Reynolds, first major, vice Elihu Hart, declining; Elon Norton, second major, vice John Reynolds, promoted.

Williams Avery, captain; Ezra Post, lieutenant, vice Williams Avery, promoted; Phinehas Tyler, junior, ensign, vice Ezra Post, promoted.

Darius Phelps, captain; Othniel Phelps, lieutenant; Charles Tucker, ensign.

Isaac Haight, captain, vice Richard Olmsted, absent; Luke Clary, lieutenant, vice Isaac Haight, promoted.

George Fowler, captain of light infantry; Josiah Doan, ensign of do, vice Silas S. Fordham, exempt from age.

Alexander Calhoon, captain, vice Elon Norton, promoted; Freeman Calhoon, lieutenant, vice Alex’r Calhoon, promoted; Abraham Post, ensign.

Joshua Nowlin, captain; Joseph Cadwell, lieutenant; Amasa Thompson, ensign.

James Ranne, captain; Jesse Wood, lieutenant; Stephen Lockwood, ensign.

February 29, 1804

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Stephen Simmons’ regiment:

Enos S. Baldwin, captain, vice (Justus) Squires, moved; Truman Hinman, lieutenant; Ephraim Parks, ensign.

Moses Townsend, captain, vice (Hermon) Mason, moved; Josiah F. Alles (T.Ellis), lieutenant; James Paddock, ensign; Ezra Dibble, do.

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Abraham Salisbury’s regiment:

Orrin Day, captain, vice (John) Reeves, resigned; David Johnstone, lieutenant, vice O. Day, promoted; Joseph Kline, junior, ensign, vice D. Johnstone, promoted.

 April 6, 1804

 In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Peter A. Van Bergen’s regiment:

Peter Wolf, captain, vice O. Titus, moved; Noah Wheeler, lieutenant, vice Peter Wolf, promoted; Richard McCarty, ensign, vice N. Wheeler, promoted; John K. Brown, do, vice H.C. Houghteling, promoted; Stephen Warren, do; Jafeth Collins, do; vice N. Burchford, resigned; James Stephens, do, vice T. Rockwell, promoted.

April 8, 1805:

In the brigade of militia in the county of Greene:

In the regiment lately commanded by Peter A. Van Bergen:

Jonas Bronk, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice P.A. Van Bergen, deceased;

Richard R. Van Denbergh, first major, vice Jonas Bronk, promoted.

Peter H. Van Bergen, captain, vice R.V.C. Bergh, promoted; Henry Steebergh, lieutenant, vice P.H. V. Bergen, promoted; Peter Bogardus, ensign.

Nicholas T’s Van Loon, second major.

Isaac Spoor, captain, vice Nich’s T’s Van Loon, promoted; John D. Spoor, lieutenant, vice Isaac Spoor, promoted; John Out, ensign, vice John D. Spoor, promoted; John K. Brown, do; Jesse Barker, junior, lieutenant, vice Jeremiah Chevalier, moved; Nathan Hubble, ensign, vice Jesse Barber, junior, promoted; Richard McCarty, lieutenant; George Conkley, ensign; John J. Brando, do of light infantry.

Thaddeus Parker, surgeon; Aaron Dibble, surgeon’s mate.,

In the regiment commanded by Ab. Salisbury, junior:

Henry Ritter, captain, vice (John) Brandow, moved; William Dobson, lieutenant, vice (Simeon) Franklin, appointed paymaster; Thomas Stitts, ensign, vice (William) Warner, moved.

Merchant Lawrence, captain, vice (William) Moore, resigned; Martin G. Van Bergen, lieutenant, vice T. Lawrence, declining; Martin Eaton, ensign, vice (John) Remsen, declining.

Jehiel Preston, captain, vice (Orrin) Day, resigned; Ezra Hawley, lieutenant, vice David Johnstone, moved; Joel Austin, ensign, vice (Joseph) Klein (Kline), declining.

April 10, 1805

Daniel Brown, junior, brigadier general of the brigade of militia of the county of Greene and part of the county of Albany, in the room of David McCarty, appointed first judge.

March 31, 1806

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Brown, junior;

Regiment lately commanded by Daniel Brown, junior;

John Reynolds, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice D. Brown, junior, promoted.

Darius Phelps, first major, vice Reynolds, promoted; Adijah Dewey, second do, vice Elon Norton, moved.

Solomon Cowly, captain, captain, vice Bill Toney, resigned; James Utter, lieutenant, vice S. Cowles, promoted; Leveritt Chittenden, ensign, vice J. Utter, promoted.

Ezra Post, captain, vice Wm. Avery, moved; Phineas Tyler, lieutenant, vice, E. Post, promoted; John Shepherd, ensign.

Selah Strong, captain, vice A. Dewey, promoted; Daniel Cornwell, lieutenant, vice Martin Kirtland, moved; Daniel Kirtland, junior, ensign.

Jacob Hallenbeck, captain, vice D. Phelps, promoted; Richard Parks, lieutenant, vice Tucker, resigned; Seth Dean, the third, ensign; Stephen Lockwood, lieutenant; Gilbert Salisbury, ensign, vice Lockwood, promoted.

Eliakim Stannard, captain light infantry, vice light infantry, vice A. Jones, moved; Jabez Bushnel, lieutenant, do, vice E. Stannard, promoted; Jason Hotchkiss, ensign.

Jabez Olmstead, captain, vice Isaac Haight, moved; Moses Olmstead, lieutenant; Judson Minor, ensign; Levi Austin, quartermaster, vice Jabez Bushnel, promoted.

Regiment commanded by Jonas Bronk:

Henry C. Hoghteling, captain, vice C. Hoghteling, resigned;; John K. Brown, lieutenant, vice H.C. Hoghteling, promoted; Daniel Wainwright, ensign, vice J.K. Brown, promoted.

Enos Collins, captain, vice R. Palmer, resigned; Japhet Collins, lieutenant, vice E. Collins, promoted; Daniel Baldwin, ensign, vice J. Collins, do; Nathan Hubble, lieutenant, vice J. Barber, junior, resigned; Asa Palmer, ensign, vice N. Hubble, promoted; John Lusk, ensign.

In the regiment lately commanded by Abraham Salisbury, junior:

Samuel Haight, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Salisbury, junior, resigned.

Mathias Van Loon, first major, vice Haight, promoted; John J. Van Orden, second major, vice Van Loon, do.

Eli Brooks, captain, vice Benj. Foster, moved; Warren J. Hamlin, lieutenant, vice Brooks, promoted; Richard Grimes, junior, ensign, vice (Francis) Gee, moved.

John Person, captain, vice Van Orden, promoted; William Overbagh, junior, lieutenant, vice Person, promoted; John A. Overbagh, ensign, vice W. Overbagh, promoted.

Philo Day, captain, vice (David) Van Hoesen (junior), moved; Garret Person, lieutenant, vice Joel Bellamy, resigned; John Van Vechten, ensign, vice (George) Pollock, do; Henry White, ensign; James Pinckney, adjutant, vice Beman Brockaway, resigned.

Cavalry – His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having ordered the raising of a new troop in the second squadron of the fourth division of the cavalry of this State; thereupon RESOLVED, that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed:

Thomas P. Grosvenor, captain; Thomas B. Cook, first lieutenant; Lemuel Hotchkiss, second, do; Shadrack Hinman, cornet.

In the regiment (lately) commanded by Abraham Salisbury, junior: John T. Lacey, captain; James Weed, lieutenant; Henry Clark, ensign – of a new company of light infantry.

April 2, 1806

Captain (Peter) Van Slyck’s late company:

Peter C. Bronck, captain, vice Van Slyck, promoted; Garrit T. Van Slyk; first lieutenant; Samuel Hamilton, second, do.

April 6, 1807

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

Ezra Hawley, captain, vice (Jehiel) Preston, resigned; Joel Austin, lieutenant, vice Ezra Hawley, promoted; Reuben Sanderson, ensign, vice Joel Austin, promoted ; Joseph Klein, junior, adjutant, vice (James) Pinckney, resigned; Isaac Dubois, lieutenant of light infantry, vice (James) Pinckney; John Buel, ensign, do.

April 6, 1807

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk’s regiment:

Henry Steenburgh, captain, vice P.H. Van Bergen, resigned; John Lusk, lieutenant, vice H. Steenburgh, promoted; Josiah Griffin, ensign, vice J. Luck, do.

Silas Rockwell, captain, vice J. Pecket, resigned; James Stephens, lieutenant, vices. Rockwell, promoted; William Pitts, ensign, vice J. Stephens, do; Joshua Cowell, ensign, vice D. Baldin, removed; Adries A. Vanderzeay, ensign, vice D. Wainright, removed; George Coonley, ensign, vice Richd. McCarty, promoted.

April 6, 1807

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Simmons’ regiment:

Augustus White, second major, vice J. Gifford, moved.

Jonathan Ford, captain; George Babcock, lieutenant; Jotham Smith, ensign.

Levi Babcock, captain, vice A. White, promoted; John H. Bront, lieutenant, Isaac Halleny, ensign.

Cornelius Fuller, captain, vice P. Van Orden, resigned; Ezra Dibble, lieutenant vice C. Fuller, promoted; Abraham bush, ensign; Ephraim Park, lieutenant; James Coe, ensign.

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynold’s regiment:

Amasa Thompson, lieutenant of light infantry; Elijah Hawley, junior, ensign, do.

Richard Parks, captain; Seth Dean, third, lieutenant; Samuel Eliss, ensign; Wm. Morriss, do.

Josiah Dana, captain of light infantry; Elkanah Percival, lieutenant, do; John Geddens, ensign, do.

Paul Wilmore, ensign.

Levi Austin, adjutant, vice Spencer, removed; John Adams, quartermaster, vice Levi Austin, promoted.

April 4, 1808

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk:

John D. Spoor, captain; Matthew Miller, lieutenant; Caspar J. Hallenbake, ensign – new company of Light infantry.

April 4, 1808

Second brigade of Cavalry:

Lieutenant Colonel Electus Backus’ regiment in the fourth division:

Apollos Cook, adjutant; Stoddard Smith, quartermaster; Andrew Backus, paymaster; John Ely, surgeon.

April 4, 1808

Thomas B. Cook, captain, vice (Thomas P.) Grosvener, moved; Stephen Bentley, first lieutenant, vice Thomas B. Cook, promoted; Shadrach Henman, second Lieutenant, vice Stephen Bentley, do; Russel Hamilton, cornet, vice Shadrach Henman, do.

April 4, 1808

Regiment whereof Jonas Bronk is lieutenant colonel commandant:

Jacob Jansen, ensign, vice Jno. D. Spoor, promoted.

June 13, 1808

Brigadier General Daniel Brown, junior’s brigade:

Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

John M. Canfield, paymaster, vice Van Orden, resigned; Thomas Stitt, ensign light infantry, vice Clark, resigned.

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Simmons.

George Stimson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Stephen Simmons, resigned.

Jehiel Tuttle, first major, vice George Stimson, promoted; William Parker, second major; John C. Carpenter, ensign; James Coe, lieutenant; Adonijah Ford, junior, ensign.

James Munson, captain, vice Tuttle, promoted; Minor Cobb, lieutenant, vice James Munson, do; James Robertson, ensign, vice Minor Cobb, promoted; James Paddock, lieutenant; Wooster Parkins, ensign.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk’s regiment:

John I. Brandow, captain light infantry, vice Coyne, resigned; Joseph B. Silvester, lieutenant, do, vice John I. Brandow, promoted; Martin C. Hallenbake, ensign, do.

Japhet Collins, captain, vice Enos Collins, resigned; Paul Crego, lieutenant, vice Japhet Collins, promoted; Ithamar Cobb, ensign, vice Crewel, moved.

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynold’s regiment:

Salmon Cowles, second major, vice A. Dewey, resigned.

Josiah Doan, captain of light infantry, vice J. Dana, erroneously appointed, with rank from April 6, 1807.

Leverett Chittenden, captain, vice Salmon Cowles, promoted; Eliab Skeel, lieutenant, vice Leverett Chittenden, promoted; Josiah Gilbert, ensign.

Abraham Post, captain, vice Calhoun, moved; Jacob Roggen, paymaster; Gideon Hickock, lieutenant, vice Abraham Post, promoted; Hervey H. Stone, ensign, vice Gideon Hickock.

Stephen Lockwood, captain, vice Ranney, moved; William Morrison, lieutenant, vice Stephen Lockwood, promoted; Ebenezer Carter, junior, ensign.

Moses Olmstead, captain, vice J. Olmstead, moved; Judson Minor, lieutenant, vice Moses Olmstead, promoted; George Minor, ensign, vice j. Minor, do; Eli Wheeler, ensign, vice Wildman, moved.

Amasa Thompson, captain, vice J. Nowlan, moved; Elijah Hawley, junior, lieutenant vice Amasa Thompson, promoted; Reuben Atwater, ensign, vice Hawley, promoted: Amos Hamlin, surgeon.

In Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson’s regiment:

Isaac Mallery, lieutenant, vice John H. Brout, resigned; John H. Prout, ensign.

June 13, 1808

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk’s regiment:

Isaiah Griffen, ensign, vice Josiah Griffin, to rank from 6th April last.

Brigadier General Gerrit W. Van Schaick’s brigadier:

Leonard H. Gansevoort, brigade quartermaster.

General Paul Todd’s brigade:

Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey’s regiment:

John Hutchinson, captain, vice S. Sweet, resigned.

Joseph Conner, captain, vice L. Day, do; Elisha Miller, lieutenant, vice J. Conner, promoted; David Vermilyea, do, vice J. Hutchinson, do; Philip Myer, junior, do, vice W. Bardsley, resigned; Montgomery Mackey, ensign light infantry, vice Geo. Cooly, moved; Jedediah Pratt, do, vice A. Bennet, do; Alpheus Reynolds, do, vice David Vermilyea. Promoted; Andrew Lawson, do, vice P. Myer, junior, do; Alexander Barthwic, do vice E. Miller, do.

Lieutenant Colonel Johan Jost Deitz’s regiment:

Anthony Talman, captain, vice J. Sears, moved.

Jacob J. Weidman, captain, vice Reinhardt, resigned; Michael J. Overacker, lieutenant, vice T. Denison, do; Lewis Sherman, do, vice A. Talman, do; Artemas Morris, ensign, vice Lewis Sherman, promoted; George Gallup, do; William A. Deitz, do; Gabriel Secor, do.

Major Silas Marsh’s battalion:

Silas Marsh, major commandant, vice P. Doty, superseded April 6, 1807, to rank from that period.

Joseph Briggs, captain, vice S. Marsh, promoted.

Hugh McCollum, captain, vice J. Tullock, resigned; Gilbert Hunt, lieutenant, vice Hugh McCollum, promoted; James Frost, do, vice J. Briggs, do; George Hare, do light infantry, vice J. Rector, resigned; Joseph Gage, ensign, vice James Frost, promoted; Job Sherman, do, vice G. Hare, do; Amos Bennet, do, vice J. Widger, resigned; Joseph Harris, do, vice G. Hunt, promoted.

John McClave, captain; James McClave, ensign, to rank from April 6, 1807.

June 13, 1808

Brigadier General Daniel Brown, junior’s brigade:

Richard McCarty, brigade quartermaster.

February 9, 1809

Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry:

Lemuel Hotchkiss, captain, vice J. Cooley, resigned; Foster Morse, first lieutenant, vice Lemuel Hotchkiss, promoted; Charles Johnson, second lieutenant, vice Foster Morse, promoted; Abijah Stone, cornet, vice Charles Johnson, promoted.

March 6, 1809

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

Jacob Haight, first major, vice (Matthias) Van Loon, resigned; Merchant Lawrence, second major, vice (John J.) Van Orden, resigned.

Martin G. Van Bergen, captain, vice Merchant Lawrence, promoted; Amos Eaton, lieutenant, vice Martin G. Van Bergen, promoted; Richard Thomas, ensign, vice M. Eaton, moved.

Warren J. Hamlin, captain, vice (Eli) Brooks, moved; Richard Grimes, junior, lieutenant, vice Warren J. Hamlin, promoted; Henry J. Phillips, ensign, vice Richard Grimes, promoted.

Isaac Dubois, captain light infantry, vice Haight, promoted; John Buel, lieutenant do, vice Isaac Dubois, promoted; John Merrifield, ensign do, vice John Buel, promoted.

William Overbaugh, junior, captain, vice (John) Peirson (Person), dead; John A. Overbaugh, lieutenant, vice W. Overbaugh, promoted; John Fiero, ensign, vice J.A. Overbaugh, promoted; Silas Person, lieutenant light infantry, vice (James) Weed, moved; Calvin Bailes, ensign do, vice T. Stills, resigned.

March 18, 1809

First battalion, fifth regiment of artillery:

Jared Stocking, first lieutenant, vice Samuel Hamilton, promoted.

Samuel Hamilton, captain; James Bogardus, junior, second lieutenant.

March 21, 1809

Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson’s regiment:

Ensigns – John Stone, Cornelius L. Decker, John Henson.

March 23, 1809

Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson’s regiment:

Ichabod Andrews, captain, vice Parker, promoted; Isaac Buel, lieutenant, vice Ichabod Andrews, do.

Jeremiah Barber, captain, vice David Ban Dyke, who is hereby removed from that office; Peter Becker, lieutenant, vice Jeremiah Barber, promoted; Jairus Strong, lieutenant, vice Osborn; Enoch Blakeslee, ensign, vice Jairus Strong, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynold’s regiment:

Jabez Bushnell, captain, vice Stannard, infirm; Eli Wheeler, lieutenant, vice Jabez Bushnell, promoted; Benjamin Wright, ensign, vice Eli Wheeler, promoted; Simeon Morse, ensign, vice Stone, moved; Nathaniel Stone, ensign, vice Shepherd.

March 25, 1809

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk’s regiment:

Casper Colyer, second major, vice N.J. Van Loon, resigned.

Nathan Hubbel, captain, vice Casper Colyer, promoted; Asa Palmer, lieutenant, vice Nathan Hubbel, do.

George Conolly, captain vice P. Wolf, resigned; Aaron Veal, lieutenant, vice George Conolly, promoted; Phillip Yeomans, ensign.

James Stevens, captain, vice Rockwell, resigned; William Pitts, lieutenant, vice James Stewart, promoted; Nathaniel N. Fancher, ensign, vice William Pitts, do; Jacob Johnson, lieutenant, vice J. Out, resigned; Peter Groom, ensign, vice Jacob Johnson, promoted.

March 12, 1810

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

Garret Person, junior, captain, vice Day, resigned; John Van Vechten, lieutenant, vice Garret Person, promoted; William Sturges, ensign, vice John Van Vechten, do

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine’s regiment:

Company of fusiliers – John Brush, captain, vice Rudd, resigned; James Wilson, lieutenant, vice John Brush, promoted; Edmond G. Perlee, ensign, vice Herrick, resigned.

February 11, 1811

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

Merchant Lawrence, first major, vice (Jacob) Haight, appointed sheriff; Ezra Hawley, second do, vice Lawrence, promoted.

Mark Spencer, paymaster, vice (John M.) Canfield, moved.

Joel Austin, captain, vice Hawley, promoted; Reuben Sanderson, lieutenant, vice Austin, promoted; John Merefield, lieutenant light infantry, vice (John) Buel, moved; David G. Abeel, ensign, do, vice Merefield, promoted; Richard Thomas, lieutenant, vice (Amos) Eaton, indicted; Peter P. Sacks, ensign, vice Thomas, promoted.

Agur A. Tredwell, captain, vice (John) Balis, resigned; Jonas Finch, lieutenant, vice Tredwell, promoted; William Post, ensign, vice Finch, promoted.

William Dobson, captain, vice (Henry) Ritter, resigned; Henry White, lieutenant, vice Dobson, promoted; Benjamin H. Haviland, ensign, vice White, promoted.

Thomas Howe, captain light infantry, vice (John T.) Lacy (Lacey), moved.

February 11, 1811

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynold’s regiment:

Darius Phelps, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Reynolds, resigned.

Ezra Post, first major, vice Phelps, promoted; Abraham Post, second do, vice E. Post, promoted.

Phinehas Tyler, junior, captain, vice Post, promoted; Nathan Stone, lieutenant, vice Tyler, promoted.

Daniel Cornwall, captain, vice (Selah) Strong, resigned; Daniel Kirtland, lieutenant, vice Cornwall, promoted; Walter Field, ensign; Frederick Leet, lieutenant, vice (Judson) Minor, resigned; Martin Burhans, ensign.

Wilson Phelps, captain, vice Burhans, resigned; Johnson Feero, lieutenant, vice Ellis, resigned; Francis Winne, ensign.

Elijah Hawley, junior, captain, vice (Amasa) Thompson, resigned; Samuel Nowlin, lieutenant; James Ressequie, ensign.

John Adams, captain light infantry, vice (Jabez) Bushnel, resigned; Benjamin Wright, lieutenant do, vice (Eli) Wheeler, moved; Micah Pierce, ensign, do, vice Wright, promoted.

Elkanah Percival, captain do, vice (Josiah) Doan, resigned; John Gidius (Geddeus), lieutenant, vice Percival, promoted; Samuel Chapman, ensign, vice Gidius, promoted.

Gideon Hecock, captain, vice post, promoted; Simeon Morse, lieutenant, vice Hecock, promoted; Seth Newell, ensign; Edward Henman, lieutenant, vice Skeels, promoted; Daniel Page, ensign; Asahel Peck, ensign, vice Stone, promoted; William Chapman, quartermaster.

February 11, 1811

Brigadier General Daniel Brown’s brigade:

John Marshall, captain of a rifle company; Storm A. Vanderzee, lieutenant do, Zaccheus Lenon, ensign, do.

February 11, 1811

Second squadron – Stephen Bently, captain, vice (Thomas B.) Cook, deceased; Russel Hamilton, first lieutenant, vice Bentley, promoted; Reuben Byington, second do, vice Hamilton, promoted; Rufus Byington, cornet.

Foster Moss, captain; Abijah Stone, first lieutenant; Aaron Steele, second do; Bennet Osborne, cornet.

Charles Johnson, first lieutenant, vice Moss, promoted; Edward Daley, second do, vice Johnson; Lenthel Eells, cornet, vice Stone, promoted.

April 10, 1811

In a new regiment of artillery organized by the Commander-in-chief, to be called the Third regiment of the third brigade (organized by General Order, April 9, 1811.):

Samuel Hamilton, first major.

Jared Stocking, captain, vice Hamilton, do; James Bogardus, first lieutenant, vice Stocking, do; Daniel Sands, second do, vice Bogardus, do.

(Infantry) regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk, in the county of Greene:

Asa Palmer, captain, vice (Nathan) Hubbel (Hubble), resigned; Aaron Roberts, lieutenant, vice Palmer, promoted; John Rosa, ensign; Elmer Chase, lieutenant; Bartholomew Gidney, ensign.

Andrew A. Vanderzee (Andries A.Vanderzeay), lieutenant, vice (John K.) Brown, resigned; James Lumberree, ensign.

Jacob Johnson (Jansen), captain, vice Spoor, resigned; Peter Groom, lieutenant, vice Johnson, promoted; John Spoor, ensign, vice Groom, promoted; Martin C. Hallenbeck, lieutenant light infantry; John Brett, ensign of light infantry, vice Hallenbeck, promoted; Garret A. Hoghtaling, quartermaster, vice (Paul) Shearman (Sherman), resigned; Henry Adams, surgeon’s mate.

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Stimpson:

Jehiel Tuttle, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice G. Stimson, resigned.

William Parker, first major, vice Tuttle, promoted; Cornelius Fuller, second major, vice Parker, promoted; Reuben Hosford, adjutant, vice E. Stimpson, resigned; Ephraim Jurney, quartermaster, vice Hosford, promoted; Justus Coe, paymaster.

George Mills, captain; Alvin Ford, lieutenant; Charles Peck, ensign.

Nathaniel Miller, ensign of light infantry.

Jairus Strong, captain of light infantry, vice H. Gasler (Henry Goslee), resigned; Enoch Blaskesley, lieutenant of do; Wills Finch, ensign of do.

Eli P. Robinson, captain, vice C. Fuller, promoted; Jeru Loomis, lieutenant, vice P. Robinson, promoted; Jeremiah Miller, ensign.

James Robertson, captain, vice J. Munson, resigned; John Stone, lieutenant, vice J. Robertson, promoted; Jacob Hitchcock, ensign.

Isaac Buel, captain, vice J. Andrews, resigned; Cornelius Duker, lieutenant, vice I. Buel, promoted; Thomas Becker, lieutenant.

Aaron Bushnel, captain, vice Benjamin Chamberlin, resigned; Benjamin Chace, lieutenant, vice Bushnel, promoted; Tenent Peck, ensign.

James Paddock, captain; Waslic Perkins (Wooster Parkins), lieutenant, vice Paddock, promoted; James McGregor, ensign.

June 5, 1811

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

John Hazen, surgeon, vie (Jonathan) Keyes, resigned.

February 29, 1812

Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Brown:

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight’s regiment:

Peter P. Sax, lieutenant, vice Thomas, removed; Jacob Barringer, ensign, vice Sax, promoted; John S. Olcott, paymaster, vice Spencer, declined.

Light Infantry – Silas Pierson, captain, vice Howe, resigned; Calvin Balis, lieutenant, vice Pierson, promoted; John Williams, ensign, vice Balis, do; Reuben Saunderson, captain, vice Austin, resigned.

Nathaniel Cooke, lieutenant, vice Saunderson, promoted; Cornelius Dubois, ensign, vice Cook, promoted.

Henry White, captain, vice Dobson, resigned; George Clinton Hamilton, lieutenant, vice White, promoted; William Y. Green, ensign, vice Haviland, deceased.

Henry White, captain, vice Dobson, resigned; George Clinton Hamilton, vice White, promoted; William Y. Green, ensign, vice Haviland, deceased.

Lieutenant Colonel Darius Phelp’s regiment:

Levertt Chittenden, second major, vice (Abraham) Post, removed.

Edward W. Hinman (Henman), captain, vice Chittenden, promoted; Seth Newel, lieutenant, vice Hinman, promoted; Frederick Plank, ensign; Gideon Richtmire, ensign; Asher Morse, do; Martin Burhans, do; Cyrenus Linnen, lieutenant; Abraham Lindsley, ensign.

Nathaniel Stone, captain, vice Tyler, resigned; Asahel Peck, lieutenant, vice Stone, promoted; William Lewis, ensign; Seth Williston, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel Jehiel Tuttle’s regiment.

Cornelius Fuller, first major, vice Parker, declined; Levi Babcock, second major; Enoch Blakesly, adjutant, vice Hosford, declined; Abel Babcock, quartermaster, vice Turney, declined; Russel Gladding, paymaster, vice Coe, declined.

Thomas Becker, captain, vice Barber, removed; Jacob Soles, lieutenant, vice Becker, promoted; Gideon Wolcott, ensign.

Alvin Ford, captain, vice Baldwin, removed; Rufus Beach, lieutenant, vice Ford, promoted; Henry Avery, ensign.

Isaac Buel, captain, vice Miles, declined; Abel Holcomb, lieutenant; Wyllys Hosford, ensign; Arnold Newcomb, do of light infantry.

John H. Prout, captain, vice Babcock, promoted; Joseph Hamilton, lieutenant; Benjamin Kingsley, ensign.

Woster Perkins, captain, vice Paddock, removed; James McGregor, lieutenant; Sumner Parmenter, ensign.

February 29, 1812

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Brown:

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk’s regiment:

John Lusk, captain, vice Steenberg, resigned; Agur Noble, lieutenant, vice Lush, promoted; Peter R. Van Den Berg, ensign.

Paul Crego, captain, vice Collins, resigned; Ithamar Cobb, lieutenant, vice Crego, promoted; Bartholomew Gidney, lieutenant; Edward D. Lake, ensign, vice Cobb, promoted; Samuel Dodge, ensign; John Rosa, lieutenant; John Jenkins, ensign; John Betts, do.

May 23, 1812

One hundred and Twentieth regiment – Samuel Haight, lieutenant colonel:

James Finch, captain, vice Treadwell, removed from county; James Earl, lieutenant, vice Finch, promoted; Benjamin Sayre, ensign, vice Post, declined; Mark Spencer, quartermaster, vice Root, resigned.

May 23, 1812

Second squadron, Fifth regiment cavalry:

Bennet Osborne, second lieutenant; Aaron Steele, cornet – with rank from 11 February, 1811.

May 23, 1812

Sixth regiment – (late) Jonas Bronk, lieutenant colonel:

Richard R. Van Derbergh, lieutenant colonel, vice Bronk, resigned.

Casper Calyer, first major, vice V.D. Burgh, promoted; Martin G. Van Bergen, second major, vice Calyer, promoted; Boman Cartil, adjutant.

May 23, 1812

Forty-ninth regiment – Darius Phelps, lieutenant colonel:

Micah Pease, lieutenant, vice Wright, resigned; Platt Adams, ensign.

May 23, 1812

Thirty-seventh brigade:

Samuel Haight, brigadier general, vice Brown, appointed in army.

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment – (Late) Sam’l Haight:

Merchant Lawrence, lieutenant colonel, vice Haight, promoted.

Ezra Hawley, first major, vice Lawrence, promoted.

May 23, 1812

Fifth regiment of artillery, third brigade:

William Dickson (of Albany county), lieutenant colonel, vice (Abel) Watkins (of Delaware county), resigned; Samuel Hamilton (of Greene county), first major.

August 11, 1812

Sixth regiment:

Matthew Miller, adjutant, vice Cartil, appointed by mistake.

March 2, 1814

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Ezra Post, lieutenant colonel, vice Phelps, resigned; Leveret Chittenden, first major, vice Post, promoted; Luther W. Hart, surgeon, vice Hamlin, resigned.

Daniel Kirtland, junior, captain, vice Cornwall, do; Walter Fields, lieutenant, vice Kirtland, promoted; Daniel Stocking, ensign, vice Fields, promoted; Judah Leming, junior, ensign, vice Russeque (James Ressequie), moved.

Judson Cheritree, captain, vice Hickok, resigned; Noah Norton, lieutenant, vice Morse, moved; John Lester, ensign; David Richmond, ensign, vice Rightmyer (Gideon Richtmire), moved.

March 2, 1814

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment – (Merchant Lawrence, lieutenant colonel):

Isaac Dubois, first major, vice Hawley, resigned; Joseph Klein, second major, vice Dubois, promoted; Mark Spencer, adjutant, vice Klein, promoted; William Haight, quartermaster, vice Spencer, appointed adjutant.

John Merrifield, captain of light infantry, vice Dubois, promoted; David G. Abeel, lieutenant do, vice Merrifield, promoted; John Van Valkenburgh, ensign do, vice Abeel, promoted.

Cornelius Dubois, captain, vice Sanderson, resigned; Charles Baker, lieutenant, vice Cook, moved; Benjamin Maltby, ensign, vice Dubois, promoted; John Williams, lieutenant of light infantry, vice Bales, resigned.

Sixth regiment – (Richard R. Vandenbergh, lieutenant colonel):

Casper J. Hallenbeck, captain; John Van Wie, lieutenant; Zebulon Hallock, ensign.

Agur Noble, captain; Peter R. Vandenberg, lieutenant; Henry M. Vandenberg, ensign.

Ithamar Cobb, captain; Edward D. Lake, lieutenant; Andrew Hawley, ensign.

Bartholomew Gedney, captain; Samuel Dodge, lieutenant; Isaac Winn, ensign.

March 2, 1814

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment (Jehiel Tuttle, lieutenant colonel):

Wells Finch, captain of grenadiers, vice J. Strong, resigned.

March 2, 1814

Sixth regiment (Richard R. Van Denbergh, lieutenant colonel):

William Besac, paymaster, vice D. Kirtland, resigned.

Peter Groom, captain, vice Johnson, resigned; John Spoor, lieutenant, vice Groom, promoted; William Van Hoesen, ensign, vice Spoor, promoted.

March 2, 1814

Fifth regiment of cavalry (Walter T. Livingston, lieutenant colonel):

Abijah Stone, captain; Bennet Osborn, first lieutenant; Aaron Steel, second lieutenant; John Beach, cornet.

Russel Hamilton, captain, vice Bently, absent; Rufus Boynton, first Lieutenant; Abel Blackman, second lieutenant; Underhill Budd, cornet.

April 6, 1815

One Hundred and Tenth regiment of infantry (J.T. Van Dalfsen, lieutenant colonel):

Benjamin Foster, captain, vice Weed, resigned; John W. Prosser, lieutenant, vice B. Foster, promoted; Abraham Haguman, ensign, vice J.W. Prosser, do.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry (Ezra Post, lieutenant colonel):

Elijah Hawley, first major, vice Chittenden, resigned; Wilson Phelps, second major, vice E. Hawley, promoted; William Chapman, adjutant, vice Austin, resigned; Jacob Roggin, quartermaster, vice Chapman, promoted; John Wileda, paymaster, vice Roggin.

James M. Sanford, lieutenant, vice Stannard, resigned; Silas Pierce, ensign.

Simeon Reynolds, captain, vice Hawley, promoted; William Reynolds, lieutenant, vice Nawler, moved.

William Morris, captain, vice Lockwood, resigned; Ebenezer Carter, lieutenant, vice W. Morris, promoted; Matthew W. Salisbury, ensign, vice W. Morris, promoted; Matthew W. Salisbury, ensign, vice E. carter, promoted; William Lewis, lieutenant, vice R.N. _______, moved; Theodosius Van Tassel, junior, ensign, vice W. Lewis. Promoted.

Dennis Stocking, captain, vice Kirtland, resigned; Lyman Strong, lieutenant, vice Fields, do; Deliverance Hervey, ensign, vice Stocking, promoted.

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry (M. Lawrence, lieutenant colonel):

Garret Person, junior, second major, vice Klein, resigned.

John A. Overbagh, captain, vice Overbagh, resigned; John Fiero, lieutenant, vice J.A. Overbagh, promoted; James C.D.S. Voorhis, ensign, vice J. Fiero, promoted.

Ebenezer Hall, captain, vice Hamlin, resigned; Joel Curtis, lieutenant, vice Grimes, do; Isaac Curtis, ensign, vice Phillips, do.

William Y. Green, captain, vice White, dismissed; Willard Wells, lieutenant, vice W.Y. Green, promoted; William H. Northrop, ensign, vice W. Wells, do.

John Van Vechten, captain, vice G. Person, junior, promoted; David Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Van Vechten, do; James Bostwick, ensign, vice Sturges, moved.

Abraham Laman, captain, vice Van Bergen, resigned; Neely Lawrence, lieutenant, vice Sax, resigned; Tobias Brett, ensign, vice Barringer, do; William Tolley, lieutenant, vice Williams, moved; Benjamin H. Haviland, junior, ensign.

One hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry (Jehiel Tuttle, lieutenant colonel):

Isaac Buel, second major, vice Fuller, resigned.

Henry R. Avery, lieutenant, vice Beach, moved; Caleb Carr, ensign, vice H.R. Avery, promoted.

Abel Holcomb, junior, captain, vice I. Buel, promoted; Wyllis Hosford, ensign, vice W. Hosford do.

Isaac Van Valkenburgh, captain, vice Bushnell; Aaron Bushnell, lieutenant, vice Van Valkenburgh, promoted; Daniel Rowley, ensign, vice A. Bushnell, promoted.

Joseph Hamilton, captain, vice Prout, resigned; Benjamin Kinsley, lieutenant, vice J. Hamilton, promoted; Samuel Ives, junior, ensign, vice B. Kinsley, do.

April 6, 1815

Jared Stocking, major, vice Hamilton, resigned.

James Bogardus, captain, vice Stocking, promoted; Daniel Sands, first lieutenant, vice Bogardus, promoted; Oliver P. Ashley, second lieutenant, vice Sands, promoted.

April 6, 1815

In the militia of this state: Moses I. Cantine, a lieutenant colonel.

Thirty-seventh brigade of infantry: Mark Spencer, brigade inspector, vice Cantine, promoted.

April 20, 1815

Fifth regiment of artillery, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Dickson:

New company – Philetus Reynolds, captain; Willis Finch, first lieutenant; Ambrose C. Blakesley, second lieutenant.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry (E. Post, lieutenant colonel):

Edward Hinman, second major, vice Hawley, removed.

Seth Newall, captain, vice Hinman, promoted; Frederick Plank, lieutenant, vice Newall, promoted; Hervey Chittenden, ensign, vice Plank, do.

March 22, 1816

Fifth regiment of cavalry:

Abner Flower, captain, vice Johnson, resigned; Abraham Richtmyer, first lieutenant, vice E. Daily, resigned; Alfred Hand, second lieutenant, vice Richtmyer, promoted; Sylvester Humphrey, cornet.

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Resolved, that Richard R. Vandenbergh be no longer lieutenant colonel of the Sixth regiment of infantry, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly.

Casper Collier, lieutenant colonel, vice Vandenbergh, superseded; Martin G. Van Bergen, first major, vice Collier, promoted; Asa Palmer, second major, vice Van Bergen, promoted.

Peter R. Van Den Bergh, captain, vice Nobles, deceased; Henry N. Vandenbergh, lieutenant, vice Vandenbergh, promoted; Benjamin Van Orden, ensign, vice Vandenbergh, promoted.

Andrew Hawley, captain, vice Cobb, resigned; Jason Mapes, lieutenant; John C. Dawson, ensign.

Andrew A. Vanderzee, captain, vice Hooghtaling, resigned; Tunis B. Van Slyck, lieutenant; Anthony C. Hooghtaling, ensign.

Nathaniel N. Fancher, captain, vice Stevens, resigned; Ezra Baker, lieutenant, vice Pitts, resigned; Walter Secor, ensign, vice Fancher, promoted.

John Rosa, captain, vice Palmer, promoted; John Jenkins, lieutenant, vice Rosa, promoted; William Bliss, ensign, vice Jenkins, promoted.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry (E. Post, lieutenant colonel):

Edward W. Hinman, first major, vice Hinman, promoted; John Wildee, quartermaster.

Light Infantry – James M. Sanford, captain, vice Adams, promoted; Silas Pierce, lieutenant, vice Sanford, promoted; Daniel D. Howe, ensign, vice Pierce, do.

Frederick Plank, captain, vice Newell, deceased; Harvey Chittendon, lieutenant, vice Plank, promoted; Stephen Scoville, ensign, vice Chittendon, promoted.

William Lewis, captain, vice Stone, resigned; Theodorus Van Tassel, junior, lieutenant, vice Lewis, promoted; William T. Howell, ensign, vice Van Tassel, promoted.

John Lester, lieutenant, vice Norton, moved; James R. Stanton, ensign, vice Lester, promoted.

Solomon Fiero, captain, vice Phelps, moved; Davis Richmond, lieutenant, vice Fiero, promoted; William McKinch, ensign, vice Richmond, promoted.

Cyrenus Lenning, captain, vice Burhans, resigned; Abraham Linsley, lieutenant, vice Lenning, promoted; Peter J. Moriquot, ensign, vice Linsley, promoted; Asa Thomson, ensign.

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment (M. Lawrence, lieutenant colonel):

John Van Valkenburgh, adjutant, vice M. Spencer, promoted; Jacob Van Voorhis, paymaster, vice Olcott, moved.

Light Infantry – David G. Abeel, captain, vice Merrifield, resigned; Anthony Abeel, junior, lieutenant, vice D. Abeel, promoted; Luke Kiersted, ensign, vice Van Valkenburgh, do.

Joel Curtis, captain, vice Hall, deceased; Isaac Curtis, lieutenant, vice J. Curtis, promoted; Lewis Phileo, ensign, vice I. Curtis, promoted; Benjamin Storey, junior, ensign.

March 22, 1816

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Amaziah Foster, captain of light infantry.

July 8, 1816

Fifth regiment of artillery (new company):

David Scott, captain; Frederick Fitch, first lieutenant; Anthony Colley, second lieutenant.

July 8, 1816

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

William W. Van Loon, quartermaster, vice Spencer, promoted.

November 6, 1816

New company of riflemen being organized in the Forty-ninth regiment, the following officers were appointed (from Schoharie and Greene Counties):

Giles Hubbard, captain; Daniel Griffen, lieutenant; Daniel McGarry, ensign.

Sixth regiment of infantry (Greene County):
Light Infantry – Ambrose Kirtland, lieutenant; Samuel King, ensign.

November 6, 1816

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment:

Light Infantry – William Tolley, captain, vice Pierson, resigned; Benjamin H. Haviland, lieutenant, vice Williams, resigned; Isaac Slover, ensign, vice Haviland, promoted.

February 13, 1817

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Daniel B. Wilcox, captain of light infantry, vice Foster, resigned.

February 13, 1817

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

Cornelius Dubois, major, vice Person, declined.

Charles Baker, captain, vice Dubois, promoted; Benjamin Maltby, lieutenant, vice Baker, promoted; Abraham Van Vechten, ensign, vice Maltby, promoted.

A new rifle company – Ira T. day, captain; William Hamilton, lieutenant; Jesse Allen, ensign.

March 4, 1817

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Enock Blakeslee, major, vice Robertson, promoted; Abel Babcock, adjutant, vice Blakeslee, do; Russel Gladden, quartermaster, vice Babcock; Henry Gosley, paymaster, vice Gladden.

Captains – Jacob Hitchcock, vice Stone, moved; Sumner Parmenter, vice Perkins, resigned; Abel Holcomb, vice Buel, resigned.

Lieutenants – Arad Lewis, vice Hitchcock, promoted; Leman Prichard, vice Parmenter, do; Jeremiah Miller, vice Loomis, deceased.

Ensigns – William Stimson, vice Lewis, promoted; Martin Hanor, vice Soles, do; Joel Peck, vice Avery, do; Edward Boardman, vice Miller, do; Jeremiah Hummel, vice Prichard, promoted; John L. Decker, vice Kinsley, do.

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment:

Cornelius Dubois, major, vice Person, resigned.

Charles-Baker, captain, vice Dubois, promoted; Benjamin Maltby, lieutenant, vice Baker, do; Abraham Van Vechten, ensign, vice Maltby, do.

David Smith, captain, vice Van Vechten, resigned; John Rouse, junior, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; James Stoutenburgh, junior, ensign, vice Botswick, moved; Abraham Overbagh, lieutenant, vice Fiero, resigned; Christian Obrian, ensign, vice Voris, moved.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Judson Cheritree, major, vice Adams, promoted.

James R. Stanton, captain, vice Cheritree, promoted; William Norton, lieutenant, vice Lester, moved; George, ensign, vice Stanton, promoted.

Peter I. Merriquot, lieutenant, vice Linsley, resigned; William Derby, ensign, vice Merriquot, promoted.

James Tyler, captain, vice Lewis, resigned; Rowland Root, lieutenant, vice Van Tassel, resigned; Truman H. Bagley, ensign, vice Howell, moved.

Perkins King, captain, vice Morris, resigned; John Andrews, lieutenant, vice Carter, do; Stephen Renney, ensign, vice Salisbury, moved.

Light Infantry – William Post, lieutenant, vice Howe, moved; Silas Stannard, ensign, vice Pierce, do.

March 4, 1817

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Richard McCarty, colonel, vice Collier, resigned; Peter Groom, major, vice Van Bergen, promoted; Thomas W. Gay, lieutenant and adjutant, vice Miller, moved; Erastus Hamilton, surgeon, vice Adams, moved.

March 4, 1817

Thirty-seventh brigade of infantry:

Robert Dorlon, brigade quartermaster, vice McCarty, promoted.

June 25, 1817

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Platt Adams, lieutenant colonel, vice Post, promoted.

Riflemen – Reuben Adams, lieutenant, vice D. Griffin; Peter Bonker, ensign, vice D. McGarry.

Second rifle regiment:

Captains – Daniel Townsend, vice A. Conklin, moved; Henry A. Williams, vice D. Olmsted, junior, moved.

Lieutenants – Ananias Boyse, vice D. Townsend, promoted; John Taylor, junior, vice H. Williams, promoted; Jacob Frat, vice Burrows, moved.

Ensigns – Zachariah Miller; Peter C. Gansevoort, vice N. Judson, junior, resigned.

April 24, 1818

Fifth regiment of cavalry:

Aaron Steele, captain.

John Beach, first lieutenant.

John Tuttle, second lieutenant.

Perez Steele, junior, cornet.

April 24, 1818

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Harry Hosford, quartermaster, vice Glading, resigned; Daniel Rowley, paymaster, vice Gosley, declined.

Captains – Jacob Sales; Lemon Prichard, vice Parmer, declined; Jeremiah Miller, vice Robertson, resigned; Benjamin Kinsley, vice Hamilton, resigned; Joel Peck, vice Ford, resigned; Wyllys Hosford, vice Holcomb, resigned.

Lieutenants – Martin Hanor, vice Sales, promoted: David Johnson, junior, vice Hosford, promoted; William Stimson, vice Lewis, declined; Clark Fuller; Benjamin McGregor, vice Prichard, promoted; Samuel Atwater, vice Peck, promoted; John L. Decker, vice Kinsley, promoted.

Ensigns – Orrin Johnson; Jacob Christler, vice Hanor, promoted; Norman Tickney, vice Peck, promoted; Abraham Rowley; Benjamin Mabin, vice Rowley, promoted; Lemuel Stimson; Benjamin Davenport, vice Decker, promoted; John Parker, vice Hosford, promoted.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Platt Adams, colonel, vice Post, resigned; Simeon Reynolds, lieutenant colonel, vice Adams, promoted; Frederick Plank, major; John Wildie, adjutant, vice Chapman, resigned; Daniel D. Howe, quartermaster, vice Wildie, promoted.

Harvey Chittenden, captain, vice Plank, promoted.

Lieutenants – Stephen Scoville, vice Chittenden, promoted; William Darby; Alfred Lockwood; John McKinch, vice Thompson, resigned.

Ensigns – Samuel Baldwin, vice Scoville, promoted; Abel Avery; Dayton Cook, vice Darby, promoted; Benjamin Townsend; Peter Schermerhorn, vice McKinch, promoted; John Green.

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Captains – John Spoor, vice Groon, promoted; Anthony C. Houghtailing, vice Vanderzee, resigned; John Jenkins, vice Rosa, resigned.

Lieutenants – William Van Hoesen, vice Spoor, promoted; William Requa, vice Van Slyck, resigned; William Bliss, vice Jenkins, promoted; Isaac McCagg.

Ensigns – Andrew Van Buskirk, vice VanHoesen, promoted; Jonathan Miller; Anthony M. VanBergen, vice Houghtailing, promoted; Robert Bulles, vice Bliss, promoted; Michael Bronk.

April 24, 1818

Moses I. Cantine is appointed judge advocate general of his State.

March 27, 1819

Thirty-seventh brigade of infantry:

Jehiel Tuttle, brigadier general.

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

James Robertson, colonel; Enoch Blakeslee, lieutenant colonel; Jacob Hitchcock, major.

March 27, 1819

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

Abraham Overbagh, resigned; Christeo O’Brien, lieutenant, vice Overbagh, promoted.

Sylvester Nicolls, captain, vice Green, resigned; Charles B. Benton, lieutenant, vice Wells, resigned; Ira Canfield, ensign, vice O’Brien, promoted; William F. Fraser, ensign.

Abraham Van Vechten, captain, vice Baker, resigned; Addison Porter, lieutenant, vice Van Vechten, promoted; George G. Hardenbergh, ensign, vice Porter, promoted.

Riflemen – Jesse Adams, lieutenant, vice Hamilton, moved away; Henry Bagley, ensign, vice Adams, promoted.

George G. Hardenbergh, lieutenant; Barent Dubois, junior, ensign.

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Peter Groom, lieutenant colonel, vice VanBergen, declined; Bartholomew Gedney, major, vice Groom, promoted.

Light Infantry – Ambrose Kirtland, captain, vice Wilcox, moved; Samuel King, lieutenant, vice Kirtland, promoted; Russell Judson, ensign, vice King, promoted.

Jonathan Miller, captain, vice Gedney, promoted; Absalom Gedney, lieutenant; Jesse Miller, ensign.

Isaac McCagg, captain, vice Vandenbergh, resigned; Michael Bronk, lieutenant; Abraham H. Houghtailing, ensign.

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Levi H. Alden, adjutant, vice Babcock, moved; Horace V. Beach, surgeon; Samuel Baldwin, paymaster, vice Rowley, promoted.

William Stimpson, captain, vice Hitchcock, promoted; Lemuel C. Stimpson, lieutenant, vice Stimpson; Justin Brainard, ensign, vice Stimpson, promoted.

Daniel Rowley, captain, vice Van Valkenburgh, moved; Benjamin Mabin, lieutenant, vice Rowley, promoted.

Ensigns – John Klein, vice Mabin, promoted; Orrin Parsons; Abraham Brewer, vice McGregor, promoted.

John L. Decker, captain, vice Kingsley, declined; Burl White, lieutenant, vice Decker, promoted; Frederick Tiel, ensign, vice Davenport, promoted.

Henry Laraway, captain, vice Becker, resigned; George Weeks, lieutenant, vice Sole, resigned; Laban R. Robinson, ensign.

One Hundred and Tenth regiment of infantry:

Peter Coonley, captain, vice Shear, resigned; Leonard Coonley, lieutenant; Leonard Woodbeck, lieutenant; Archibald Stevens, junior, ensign.

Fifth regiment of artillery:

Wells Finch, captain, vice Reynolds, moved; Ambrose C. Blakesley, first lieutenant, vice Finch, promoted; John Miller, second lieutenant, vice Blakesley, promoted.

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment:

Casper Van Loon, captain; William F. Fraser, lieutenant; Samuel Miller, junior, ensign.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Frederick Plank, lieutenant colonel, vice Reynolds, moved; Cyrenus Linnen, major, vice Plank, promoted; Daniel D. Howe, adjutant, vice Wildie, resigned; Charles S. Hitchcock, quartermaster, vice Howe; Amos Botsford, surgeon, vice Hart, resigned.

Lyman Strong, captain, vice Stocking, moved; Deliverance B. Harvey, lieutenant, vice Strong, promoted; Ambrose Chapman, ensign, vice Harvey, promoted.

William McHinch, captain, vice Fiero, resigned; Peter Schermerhorn, lieutenant, vice McHinch, promoted; Jacob Petre, ensign, vice Schermerhorn, promoted.

William L. Norton, captain, vice Stanton, resigned; John Green, lieutenant, vice Norton, promoted; Mather Williams, ensign, vice Greene, promoted; Abel Avery, lieutenant, vice Root, moved; Orrin Linsley, ensign, vice Avery, promoted; Gilbert Pierce, ensign; Levi Tremain, lieutenant, vice Scovill, resigned; Hiram Carter, ensign, vice Tremain, promoted.

William Darby, captain, vice Linnen, promoted; James Wildie, lieutenant, vice Darby, promoted.

July 8, 1819

Eighth division of infantry:

Anthony Van Bergen, division quartermaster.

July 8, 1819

Fifth regiment of calvary:

Rufus Byington, captain; John R. Cheritree, first lieutenant; Alanson King, second lieutenant; Abraham Hall, cornet.

February 5, 1820

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Riflemen – William W. Edwards, captain; John D. Meers, lieutenant; Horace Morse, ensign.

February 5, 1820

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

John C. Johnson, paymaster, vice Voorhees, resigned.

Neely Lawrence, captain, vice Layman, resigned; Clark Lawrence, lieutenant, vice N. Lawrence, promoted; Abraham Ramsen, ensign, vice Storey, resigned; Seth Dutcher, ensign, vice Phillo.

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Jacob Sharp, quartermaster, vice Houghtailing, resigned.

Andrew Van Buskirk, captain, vice Spoor, resigned; Leonard Lampman, lieutenant; William Jearms, ensign.

Michael Bronk, captain, vice McCagg, moved; Abraham H. Houghtailing, lieutenant, vice Bronk, promoted; Peter Wyngard, ensign, vice Houghtailing, promoted; Jesse Miller, lieutenant, vice Gedney, moved Henry Williams, ensign, vice Miller, promoted.

William Bliss, captain, vice Jenkins, moved; Robert Bullis, lieutenant, vice Bliss, promoted; Thomas Burroughs, ensign.

Walter Secor, captain, vice Fancher, moved; Spencer Palmer, lieutenant, vice Secor, promoted; Henry Townsend, ensign.

Jason Maples, captain, vice Hovy, resigned; Harvey Hall, lieutenant, vice Maples, promoted.

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Riflemen – Reuben Adams, captain, vice Hubbard, resigned; Peter Bunker, lieutenant, vice Adams, promoted; Elisha L. Smith, ensign, vice Bunker, promoted.

Jacob Patre, lieutenant; John Commer, ensign, vice Patre, promoted; Joshua G. Houghtailing, ensign, vice Cooke, resigned.

February 5, 1820

Battalion of riflemen in the thirty-seventh brigade:

Mark Spencer, major; John D. Meers, surgeon.

Chester Hall, junior, lieutenant, vice Meers, surgeon.

February 5, 1820

Apollos Cook, captain, vice James Bogardus, junior, who is hereby superseded and a supersedeas directed accordingly.

February 5, 1820

Samuel A. Baker, first lieutenant, vice Daniel Sands, who is hereby superseded and a supersedeas directed accordingly.

February 5, 1820

Hiram Comfort, second lieutenant, vice Ashley, resigned.

February 5, 1820

Rifle company in the thirty-seventh brigade:

John C. Johnson, captain; Joseph Clark, lieutenant; John M. Donnelly, ensign.

June 3, 1820

Thirty-seventh brigade of infantry:

Addison Porter, brigade major and inspector, vice Spencer, promoted.

June 3, 1820

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Bartholomew Gedney, lieutenant colonel, vice Groom, deceased; Anthony C. Houghtailing, major, vice Gedney, promoted.

William Requa, captain, vice Houghtailing, promoted; Anthony M. Van Bergen, lieutenant, vice Requa, promoted; Andrew T. Van Slyck, ensign, vice Van Bergen, promoted.

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Havillah Blakeslee, quartermaster.

Lieutenants – Alanson Saxton, vice Fuller, moved; John Laraway, vice Weeks, moved.

Ensigns – Albert Parsons, Andrew Decker, John Munson, John Rice.

Thirty-seventh brigade of infantry.

Hiram Carter, brigade judge advocate.

March 17, 1821

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry:

James Tyler, major.

Captains – Deliverance B. Harvey, William Post.

Gilbert Pearse, lieutenant; Pierce U. McKean, ensign.

Alfred Lockwood, captain; Darius Winans, lieutenant; Jacob Kniskern, ensign, David Cornwell, ensign.

Roland Root, captain; David Francis, junior, lieutenant; Ebenezer Brackett, junior, ensign; Ransom Barker, ensign.

Jacob Patrie, captain; John Commer, lieutenant; Horris Austin, lieutenant.

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Wyllys Hosford, major; Harvey Camp, surgeon.

David Johnson, junior, captain; John Rice, lieutenant; Asahel Whitcomb, ensign.

Jacob S. Scofield, captain; Joseph H. Miller, lieutenant; Ezekiel Griffen, ensign.

Smith Hopkins, captain; Timothy Baldwin, lieutenant; Fowler Newton, ensign.

Orrin Parsons, captain.

Fifth regiment of artillery:

Zadock Pratt, junior, captain; Alvin Bushnell, first lieutenant; Ransom Wolcut, second lieutenant.

Battalion of riflemen attached to the Thirty-seventh brigade (commanded by Major Mark Spencer);

Francis N. Wilson, adjutant; William Haight, paymaster.

David Winans, captain; Stephen F. Cheritree lieutenant; Zadock Newman, ensign.

George Wickes, captain; Benjamin P. Burhans, lieutenant; Zerah Jenkins, ensign; Henry Edwards, ensign.

Sixth regiment of infantry:

Anthony C. Hoghtaling, lieutenant colonel; Ambrose Kirtland, major.

Light Infantry – Samuel King, captain; Russell Judson, lieutenant; Ephraim A. Bogardus, ensign.

Obadiah Caldwell, lieutenant; David Hall, ensign; Charles Bartlett, ensign.

One Hundred and Tenth regiment of infantry:

John McCarty, colonel; John W. Prosser, lieutenant colonel; Andrew Whitbeck, major; Abraham Verplanck, adjutant; Charles McMullen, quartermaster; Barent Ten Eyck, paymaster.

Archibald Stephens, junior, captain; Abraham Snyder, lieutenant; Samuel Niles, ensign.

March 17, 1821

Fifth regiment of cavalry:

Henry Myers, adjutant; James Freeland, quartermaster.

Perez Steele, captain, vice A. Steele, resigned; Joel Dickerman, first lieutenant, vice Tuttle, resigned; Sidney Tuttle, second lieutenant; Baret Osborne, cornet.

Abraham Rightmire, captain, vice Flowers, resigned; Sylvester Humphries, first lieutenant; Henry Egbertson, second lieutenant; Daniel Wright, cornet.

March 17, 1821

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

George G. Hardenbergh, captain, vice Van Vechten, resigned; William W. Van Vechten, lieutenant, vice Hardenbergh, promoted; Benjamin Van Loan, ensign, vice W. Van Vechten, promoted.

March 16, 1822

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry:

David G. Abeel, colonel, vice Lawrence, resigned; John Van Valkenburgh, lieutenant colonel, vice Dubois, resigned; Abraham Overbaugh, major, vice C. Dubois, resigned; Ira Dubois, adjutant, vice Van Valkenburgh, promoted; Roswell M. Lawrence, quartermaster, vice Van loan, promoted; John R. Osborn, paymaster, vice Johnson, promoted; William T. Gifford, surgeon, vice Hazen, moved.

Light Infantry – George Hawley, captain, vice Abeel, promoted; Benjamin Comfort, lieutenant, vice A. Abeel, resigned; Matthew D. Van Loan, ensign, vice Kiersted, resigned.

Isaac Curtis, captain, vice Joel Curtis, resigned; Seth Dutcher, lieutenant, vice Isaac Curtis, promoted; William Pierson, ensign, vice Dutcher, promoted.

James Stoutenburgh, junior, captain, vice (David) Smith and (Lieutenant John) Rouse (junior), resigned; John Kenyon, lieutenant, vice Stoutenburgh, promoted; Peter Van Vechten, ensign, vice Stoutenburgh, promoted.

Samuel Miller, junior, lieutenant, vice Benton, moved; Hiram D. Nichols, ensign, vice S. Miller, promoted.

Chrisitan O. Bryan (Obrian, Christeo O’Brien), captain, vice Overbagh, promoted; Ira Canfield, lieutenant, vice Bryan, promoted; Benjamin P. Dubois, ensign, vice Canfield, promoted.

March 16, 1822

Battalion of riflemen in the county of Greene lately commanded by Mark Spencer:

Ira T. Day, major commandant, vice Spencer, resigned; George Wickes, quartermaster.

Henry Bagley, captain, vice Day, promoted; Calvin A Balis, lieutenant, vice Bagley, promoted; Benjamin P. Burhans, ensign, vice Balis, promoted.

Richard Titus, captain; David Bush, lieutenant; Peter D. Tryon, ensign.

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry:

Albert Buel, paymaster, vice Baldwin, moved; Henry B. Stimpson, chaplain.

Samuel Atwater, captain, vice Peck, resigned; Norman Ticknor, lieutenant, vice Atwater, promoted; Calvin Ford, ensign; Asahel Whitcomb, lieutenant; William Gausley, ensign, vice Rice declining; Hezekiah Johnson, ensign, vice Newton, declining.

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