The Militia 

Retyped from Beers' History of Greene County, by Annette Campbell.

The organization of the militia of this county has been similar to that of other sections of the State.  The following militia officers took the required oaths of office at the dates affixed. These oaths were, first, allegiance to the State of New York; second, to support the constitution of the United States; third, freedom from any conspiracy or concern in any duel, heretofore or hereafter; and fourth, faithfully to perform the duties of the office.
Platt Adams, Colonel 49th Reg---June 15th
Joel Peck, Captain---June 29th
John Jenkins, Captain---June 26th
Frederick Plank, Major---June 27th
Hervey Chittendon, Captain---June 27th
Jeremiah Miller, Captain---July 7th
Clark Fuller, Lieutenant---July 7th
Samuel Theater, Lieutenant---July 8th
Peter Schermerhorn, Ensign---July 9th
Hobart Bulles, Ensign---July 9th
Olford Lockwood, Lieutenant---July 9th
William Bliss, Lieutenant---July 11th
William VanHoesen, Lieutenant---July 11th
William Darby, Lieutenant---July 11th
Dayton Cook, Ensign---July 11th
Stephen Scovill, Lieutenant   July 14th
William Stimson, Lieutenant  July 22nd
John Green, Ensign   July 22nd
Michael Bronk, Lieutenant  August 4th
Abel Avery, Ensign   August 8th
John Wildie, Adjutant  August 8th
John Spoor, Captain  August 15th
Andrew VanBuskirk, Ensign  August 15th
Benjamin Davenport, Ensign   August 17th
Anthony C. Houghtaling, Captain   August 19th
Martin G. VanBergen, Lieutenant  August 19th
Benjamin Townsend, Ensign   August 20th
Daniel D. Howel, Quartermaster  Aug 22nd
William Regeia, Lieutenant   August 22nd
Anthony M. VanBergen, Ensign  August 22nd
Aaron Steel, Captain  September 1st
Perez Steel, Jr., Captain  September 1st
William Tolley, Captain   September 1st
Wyllys Hosford, Captain   September 11th
Isaac McCagg, Lieutenant  September 16th
David Johnson, Jr., Lieutenant   September 25th
Isaac Slover, Ensign   September 30th
Lemuel Stimpson, Ensign  October 5th
Norman Ticknor, Ensign   October 7th
Jonathan Miller, Ensign   November 4th
Lamon Pritchard, Captain---January 28th
George G. Hardenburgh, Lieutenant---April 19th
Barent Dubois, Jr., Ensign---April 19th
Ira Canfield, Jr., Ensign---April 19th
Addison Porter, Lieutenant---April 21st
A. VanVechten, Captain---April 22nd
Enoch Blakeslee, Lieutenant Colonel---April 24th
Frederick Plank, Lieutenant Colonel---April 30th
Abraham Overbaugh, Captain---May 3rd
Casper VanLoon, Captain---May 3rd
Samuel Miller, Jr., Ensign---May 5th
Henry Bagley, Ensign---May 8th
George Wickes, Lieutenant---May 13th
Daniel D. Howell, Adjutant---May 13th
Ambrose Kirtland, Captain---May 20th
Sylvester Nichols, Captain---May 20th
William F. Fraser, Lieutenant---May 20th
Charles B. Benton, Lieutenant---May 20th
Gilbert Pierce, Ensign---May 21st
William Norton, Captain---May 24th
Samuel Baldwin, Paymaster---May 25th
Henry Laraway, Captain---May 25th
Levi Tremain, Lieutenant---May 25th
Hiram Carter, Ensign------June 3rd
William McHinch, Captain---June 3rd
Charles S. Hitchcock, Quartermaster---June 4th
Ambrose Chapman, Ensign---June 4th
Jacob Petrie, Ensign---June 5th
Matthew Williams, Ensign---June 5th
James Wildey, Lieutenant---June 11th
Christian O'Brine, Lieutenant---June 18th (possibly misspelling of O'Brien)
Jehial Tuttle, Brigadier General---June 19th
Cyrenius Lennon, Major---June 19th
Orrin Parsons, Ensign---June 29th
Peter Schermerhorn, Lieutenant---June 30th
Lyman Strong, Captain---July 2nd
Deliverance B. Hervey, Lieutenant---July 8th
Daniel Rowley, Captain---July 10th
William Stimson, Captain---July 17th
Michael Bronk, Lieutenant---July 22nd
Orin Kinsley, Ensign---July 31st
Isaac McCagg, Captain---July 31st
Abraham H. Houghtaling---July 31st
John L. Decker, Captain---August 1st
Levi H. Alden, Adjutant---August 24th
William Darby, Captain---August 28th
Bartholomew Gedney, Major---August 30th
Absalom Gedney, Lieutenant---August 30th
Jonathan Miller, Captain---August 30th
Jesse Miller, Ensign---August 30th
Benjamin Maben, Lieutenant---September 1st
Russell Judson, Ensign---September 2nd
John R. Cheritree, Lieutenant---September 3rd
D. Alanson King, Lieutenant---September 3rd
James Robertson, Colonel---September 7th
John Green, Lieutenant---September 8th
Anthony VanBergen, Quartermaster---September 8th
Samuel King, Lieutenant---September 8th
Buell White, Lieutenant---September 9th
Abram Bruir, Ensign---December 9th
John Tuttle Jr., 2nd Lieutenant---December 30th
William W. Edwards, Captain---February 18th
Apollos Cooke, Captain---February 28th
S. A. Baker, 1st Lieutenant---March 28th
Hiram Comfort, 2nd Lieutenant---March 28th
Wells Finch, Captain---May 2nd
Reuben Adams, Captain of rifle company---May 2nd
John Pline, Ensign---May 5th
John C. Johnston, Captain of rifle company---May 17th
Joseph Clark, Lieutenant of rifle company---May 17th
John M. Donnelly, Ensign of rifle company---May 17th
Amos Botsford, Surgeon---May 22nd
Joshua G. Houghtaling, Ensign---May 24th
Jacob Sharpe, Quartermaster---May 30th
William Bliss, Captain---June 3rd
Thomas Burroughs, Ensign---June 3rd
Clark Lawrence, Lieutenant---June 3rd
Addison Porter, Brigade Major and Inspector---June 7th
Walter Secor, Captain---June 8th
Henry Townsend, Ensign---June 8th
Spencer Palmer, Lieutenant---June 8th
Jacob Patrie, Lieutenant---June 9th
Leonard Lampman, Lieutenant---June 10th
John Commer, Ensign---June 12th
Andrew VanBuskirk, Captain---June 15th
William Jerome, Ensign---June 15th
Anthony C. Houghtaling, Major---June 21st
Anthony M. VanBergen, Lieutenant---June 21st
Hiram Carter, Judge advocate---June 28th
Jesse Miller, Lieutenant---June 29th
Henry Williams, Ensign---June 29th
Jason Mapes, Captain---July 1st
Abraham Ramsen, Ensign---July 1st
Mark Spencer, Major---July 5th
John Laraway, Lieutenant---July 21st
Andrew Decker, Ensign---July 21st
Michael Bronk, Captain---July 25th
Neely Lawrence, Captain---August 3rd
William Requea, Captain---August 5th
Andrew T. VanSlyke, Ensign---August 5th
Robert Bulles, Lieutenant---August 7th
Abraham Hall, Colonel---August 16th
John Munson, Ensign---August 19th
Havillah Blakeslee, Quartermaster---August 19th
Alanson Saxton, Lieutenant---August 22nd
Seth Dutcher, Ensign---August 28th
Albert Parsons, Ensign---August 31st
John Rice, Ensign---September 1st
THE YEAR 1821:
Anthony C. Houghtaling, Lieutenant Colonel---May 14th
Ephraim A. Bogardus, Ensign---May 14th
George G. Vandenburgh, Captain---May 16th
William W. VanVechten, Lieutenant---May 16th
Francis N. Wilson, Adjutant---May 16th
Benjamin VanLoan, Ensign---May 17th
Abraham Richtmeyer, Captain---May 17th
Jacob S. Scofield, Captain
Samuel King---May 19th
David Fraser, Jr., Lieutenant---May 24th
Deliverance B. Hervey, Captian---May 25th
John Cammer, Lieutenant---May 25th
Roland Root, Captain---May 28th
Ransom Barker, Ensign---May 28th
Henry Camp, Surgeon---May 28th
Ambrose Kirtland, Major---May 28th
Jacob Patrie, Captain---May 30th
Orrin Parsons, Captain---May 30th
Joseph H. Miller---May 30th
Ezekiel Griffin---May 31st
Jacob Krieskern, Ensign---May 31st
Horace Austin, Lieutenant---June 1st
David Cornwall, Ensign---June 1st
Olford Lockwood---June 1st
James Freeland--- Quartermaster
Henry Mers
Joel Dickerman, 1st Lieutenant, June 5th
David Johnson, Lieutenant---June 5th
P. U. McKean, Ensign---June 5th
Obadiah Caldwell, Lieutenant---June 11th
David Hall, Ensign---June 11th
Ebenezer Brocket, Jr.---June 11th
William Post, Captain---June 11th
Alvin Bushnel, 1st Lieutenant---June 18th
Gilbert Pierce, Lieutenant---June 18th
Zadock Pratt, Captain---June 28th
Smith Hopkins, Captain---June 29th
Timothy Baldwin---July 12th
Wyllys Hosford, Major---July 12th
Henry Edwards, Ensign---July 26th
Darius Winans, Lieutenant---July 26th
Ira T. Day, Major
THE YEAR 1822:
George Wickes, Quartermaster---April 23rd
Calvin Balis, Lieutenant---April 23rd
Richard Titus, Captain---April 23rd
David Bush, Lieutenant---April 23rd
John R. Osborn, Paymaster---May 6th
Benjamin P. Burhans, Ensign---May 6th
George Hawley, Captain---May 9th
Benjamin Comfort, Lieutenant---May 9th
M. D. VanLoan, Ensign---May 9th
Ira Dubois, Adjutant---May 11th
Samuel Atwater, Captain---May 15th
John Kinyon, Lieutenant---May 15th
Christian O'Brine, Captain---May 20th
David G. Abeel, Colonel---May 20th
J. VanValkenburgh, Lt. Colonel---May 20th
W. Telfair Gifford, Surgeon---May 20th
James Stoutenburgh, Jr., Captain---May 21st
Seth Dutcher, Lieutenant---May 25th
Abraham Overbaugh, Major---May 25th
Albert Buel, Paymaster---May 25th
Russell Judson, Lieutenant---May 25th
Ralph Olmstead, Captain of Artillery
Martin Wetzel, Lieutenant
William H. DeWitt
THE YEAR 1823:
Lewis Benton, Aid-de-Camp---September 24th
THE YEAR 1826:
William Bask---October 22, 1826
THE YEAR 1827:
Harvey B. Webb, Captain---June 4th
Ebenezer Jennings, Lieutenant---June 4th
John Bogardus, Lieutenant
Thomas Bishop, Ensign---August 8th
THE YEAR 1828:
James Olmsted, Major 120th Reg
Cornelius Rouse, Captain---July 30th
Horatio W. Orcutt, Hospital Surgeon---August 5th
William McKinstry---August 30th
John H. Demorest, Ensign---September 10th
THE YEAR 1829:
Martin Wetsell, Captain---June 20th
Benjamin Sherman, Lieutenant---June 20th
James Olmsted, Lt. Colonel 120th Reg---August 5th
William Wilder, Jr., Captain---August 5th
Nathaniel H. Hinman, Ensign---August 5th
William C. McKinstry---August 12th
Peter VanVechten, Colonel 120th Reg.---September 3rd
Edward Sherman, Lieutenant---September 8th
THE YEAR 1830:
C. N. Botsford, Paymaster---August 20th
Jesse H. Miller, Lieutenant---July 20th
James D. Gardiner, Lieutenant---August 31st
THE YEAR 1831:
James Olmsted, Colonel---March 31st
Francis Corbine, Lt. Colonel---March 31st
Hiram Clark---April 12th
John Wardell---August 31st
Samuel Ormsbee---August 31st
John H. Martin---September 6th
Levi Plank---September 6th
A Notice issued by Brigadeer General William Salisbury at Catskill, under date of August 16th 1844, called upon the officers and musicians of the several regiments of the 37th brigade to meet and drill two days previous to the meeting of the regiments for training and review.  This brigade, as will appear below, was comprised mostly within this county.complying with the brigade orders the 120th regiment of officers assembled for preliminary drill August 26th and 27th at the house of Z.B. Osborn in Catskill; the 116th regiment on August 27th and 28th at the house of P. Hunt in Windham Center; the 49th regiment on August 28th and 29th at the house of Edgar Russell in East Durham; the 110th regiment on August 29th and 30th at the house of Mr. Shears in the town of Coeymans; the 6th regiment on August 30th and 31st at the house of Jason Mapes in Coxsackie. The regiments assembled for inspection, review and drill in military exercises soon afterward; the 6th Colonel, C. H. Houghtaling, September 30th at the house of Jason Mapes in Coxsackie; the 110th, Colonel David McCarty, October 1st at the house of Mr. Shears in Coeymans; the 49th, Colonel C. L. Kiersted, October 2nd, at the house of Mr. Dickinson in the village of Prink; the 116th, Colonel H. Kipp, October 3rd, at the house of H. Kinsley in Scienceville; the 120th, Colonel F. D. Freligh, October 5th, at the house of D. Smith in Leeds.

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