Birth Records of Slaves

From Beers' History of Greene County, 1884

Most of the old landed proprietors continued to hold slaves up to the time of the final act of manumission, passed in 1823, and the books of the town clerk contain brief records relative to the births of the slaves, as follows:
NAME                                  BORN                             OWNER
Jack                                   b.  1 Feb 1802               a boy of Henry Person
Deon                                 b. 14 Jun 1803              a girl of James Gale
Abraham                          b. 3 Oct 1803                a boy of William F. Salisbury
Flora                                 b. 19 Sep 1804              a girl of Henry Person
Peg                                    b. 19 Nov 1804            a girl of James Gale
Samuel                             b. 28 Feb 1806              a boy of William Salisbury
Dine                                  b. 3 Mar 1807               a girl of James Gale
Saxe                                  b. 21 Jan 1808                a boy  whose mother's name was Ann
Cesar                                b. 21 Jan 1808                a boy of Wessell Salisbury
Nan                                  b. 18 Mar 1815               a girl of James Gale

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